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The Prison Game servers are now available at GPORTAL


The Prison Game - Survive as an outcast prisoner in a walled, deserted city for survival.

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The Prison Game is a new survival game with crafting elements. You are a prisoner sentenced to death. To avoid this penalty, the government offers you to participate in a TV show. You are with toher inmates in a deserted, secluded city. The fight for survival begins. Fight alone and be the last survivor, or join with your friends to master this challenge. Team up, build protective buildings and share your loot.

But not only the inmates are your problem, but also the government. They want to increase the profit and make your life hell with special events that increase TV ratings. Protect yourself, your friends and your possessions against the lurking dangers.


Rent your own The Prison Game server at GPORTAL today and enter the fight for survival. Set the server according to your wishes and manage it easily via our webinterface.


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