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The Warhorn server available at GPORTAL now!


It is time! Have you always dreamed of leaving home and embarking on a great adventure into new realms? Now, in The Warhorn, you can!

Bored by your life as a woodcutter, you set out on a quest to find a unique relic that bestows immortality - The Warhorn. On your journey you can solve puzzles, build a village, and fight against animals, beasts, and enemy villagers. There are different biomes with seasons, along with desert and jungle landscapes.  Make yourself a picture of the setting:

The Warhorn is a hybrid of urban design and RPG with elements of open world, puzzles, and exploration. On the more difficult puzzles, you often have to rely on one or more helping hand. You can get resources from your villagers or learn new skills, but you'll need to win their trust or pay them royally. Go on a quest for The Warhorn today and experience fantastic adventures. Rent your own The Warhorn Gameserver at GPORTAL today. 


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