V Rising "Secrets of Gloomrot" is here! Background

V Rising "Secrets of Gloomrot" is here!

May 17, 2023
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Developer Stunlock Studios has been teasing us for a long time with previews and info about the Gloomrot update, and finally it's here with all the new content and new features.

Discover the new area Gloomrot

At the core of the update is the name-giving new area Gloomrot. Here you'll see many areas infested with green slime, strange pulsating electricity, terrible creatures and monsters. There is a mystery to unravel in this area, but what will you find here? Now it's time to find out.

Tons of new features

The "Secrets of Gloomrot" update not only brings a new area to the game, but also a whole truckload of changes, revisions and new features. We have already written a number of news articles about this, which we link to below.

In addition, we'll list the most important changes once again, so that you have a quick overview of the most significant ones:

  • New area Gloomrot
  • Reworking of the old areas
  • New weather effects and environmental effects (e.g. lightning strikes)
  • Trading posts
  • Revision of magic classes
  • New magic class "Storm"
  • Greatsword and double pistols as new weapons
  • Legendary weapons
  • 13 new bosses and 30 new enemy types
  • Create multiple levels for your castle
  • New objects and decorative items for your castle
  • And much more …

Create your vampire on your V Rising GPORTAL server

The time has come for the vampires to take back their kingdom and you can be a part of it. With the Gloomrot update, there are so many new ways to shape your domain. Grab a V Rising GPORTAL server, gather your vampire friends and head out into the world of Varodran.

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