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Ylands server are now available at GPORTAL


You can rent your own Ylands server now to play with your friends to colonize new worlds! Or you can now create your own game in Ylands, do you want to build a racing simulator or a complexe RPG? Do it in Ylands.

Order here:

The next Bohemia Interactive game is Ylands, a huge sandbox game with really unique features.

Ylands gives you a creative survival gameplay which really deserves it's name. The developers promise: "In this game you can do anything" and it looks like they are right. You wanna be a pirate captain? No problem. You wanna build oldtimer anno 1920? No Problem. You want to earn the love of the princess as a mighty Knight? Could be harder. You wanna find hidden treasures on the tracks of Indiana Jones? You better start preparing now! 

Create your own game

Besides that you can also use the creator mode, which let you create your own game. It gives you all the tools you need to create a very unique gameplay experience on your server for your friends and even strangers. Rent your server and create your own game on it! Build your racing game, your RPG or action adventure. Or just an easy jump and run map for the start. Your creativity has no limits!

Bohemia promises many more features for the future like:
- Mod support
- NPCs living in the world
- animal followers
- complex machines
- programmable robots
- more features for the creator mode, to build even more complex games


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