devcom 2020

Damian Reed
10. June 2020
5 min

GPORTAL are going to devcom!

That’s right, this year GPORTAL will be attending devcom and things look a little different in 2020. We all know the implications of Covid-19 and the impact it’s had around the world to various industries, and whilst the gaming industry has thrived – every single physical tech show has been cancelled. Some have drawn a line under this year, and others have gone down the digital route; that’s where devcom have chosen to go.

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devcom has changed their approach, typically devcom in its physical form would be a two-day show, however they have chosen to extend the show to last two weeks! It’s not just the duration that has changed, much of the content will be changing. Previously the show would be a platform for developers, but this year devcom will be the business hub of gamescom; where all b2b booths, speakers, and content will be showcased.

devcom is scheduled to run from August the 17th to the 30th

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That’s where GPORTAL step in! At devcom, we will have a 30-minute speaker slot and a digital booth.

During our 30-minute speaker slot, we’ll showcase all the great things that are currently going on at GPORTAL, our amazing services, and how we can help launch games with our experience and partnered influencers.

For the entirety of devcom, we will be doing something quite ambitious; our digital booth will be showing content for all the two weeks – 24hrs a day! We will have live streams, video casts, featured videos, game-play of our most popular games by some of our influencers, and game-play exclusives from new games that will be utilising our servers.

Additionally, we plan to redistribute our content to our YouTube channel, so that our content is available for everyone and not just the attendees of devcom.

As we get closer to the event, we will be releasing more information here

More information coming soon….


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