ARK Dinosaurs: The Therizinosaurus Background

ARK Dinosaurs: The Therizinosaurus

February 14, 2023
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ARK: Survival Evolved offers you all sorts of creatures, dinosaurs and other creatures. Some of them you can tame, use wonderfully to your support and use their abilities for you and your tribe. In our blog we would like to introduce you to some of them, and today we will talk about the Therizinosaurus dinosaur.

Characteristics of the Therizinosaurus

The wolf in sheep's clothing

Thanks to its rather jovial appearance, the feathered body down to the legs and no previous bad encounter, you might think that the Therizinosaurus is a friendly companion. But this impression is very misleading.

As long as the Therizinosaurus has its peace and no one steps near it, it is a cozy dinosaur, usually roaming alone, ignoring all other creatures around it. Should you get too close to the Therizinosaurus or accidentally provoke it, there's really only one thing left to do: take your legs in your hands and run!

Until the bitter end

Once you have attracted its aggro, it will chase you until it grabs you and becomes one of the deadliest killers you will encounter in ARK: Survival Evolved. So you should either give him a wide berth or be well prepared before attacking the Therizinosaurus.

Theri with the scissor hands

The Therizinosaurus is a herbivore that expertly uses its three long claws at the end of its two large claws to tear leaves from trees, which it uses as food. A true multi-talent, he can equally use his claws to knock trees out of the way and, in battle, pierce any armor, the strongest protection, and even stone walls.

Even though its snout reminds of an oversized duck's mouth, its appearance and especially its strength strongly resemble a T-Rex. The power of the Therizinosaurus is probably the only reason why the other creatures on the island have left it alive so far.

Flexible Companion

Once you've tamed a Therizinosaurus, you'll have one of the most flexible mounts in the game. With its long claws, it will serve you as an efficient farm hand, harvesting wood, fiber or any other resources you need in no time.

Although he can only carry a small amount of weight, he absolutely makes up for it with his flexibility. In addition, you can level up his weight-bearing abilities or have another, more suitable dinosaur accompany you, which can carry more weight and thus support you in the best way possible.

Fighting against the Therizinosaurus

The biggest difficulty in fighting the Therizinosaurus is its strength and relentless chases. However, its strength is also one of the biggest points, which is why many like to tame it. With its sharp claws, few and short blows are enough to bring certain death to its respective opponent.

For riders and their mounts, his claws are also an intimidating weapon that you should have great respect for, because once he has killed your too low leveled mount, he will incapacitate or even kill you just as effortlessly.

Strategies in battle

Look for a high cliff or rock that is steep enough, as the Therizinosaurus can climb some uneven terrain without any effort to shoot it down more easily from a sufficient distance.

Additionally, a fast mount like the Pteranodon or Raptor is a wonderful support that you can put to good use to quickly escape from the aggressive Therizinosaurus and save yourself.

How to tame the Therizinosaurus

Food for the Therizinosaurus

The favorite food of each creature can sometimes shorten the duration of taming enormously. Exceptional Kibble or Kibble from a Megalosaurus egg is the favorite food of the Therizinosaurus, but if you don't have either of these foods with you, you can also give it the following food:

  • Mejo berries
  • Fresh barley
  • Fresh and dried wheat
  • Soybeans
  • Berries

Taming tactics

One way to capture the Therizinosaurus is to place bear traps on the ground around you and provoke him to chase you and run into the traps. Once he is stuck, you can shoot him from a safe distance and thus stun him.

Otherwise, you can also use the tactic with the Therizinosaurus with the enclosure of gates and a bear trap in the middle. Provoke the dinosaur to turn its fury on you and chase you, and let it run into the enclosure and the trap. Close the last side of the enclosure with another gate arch and shoot the Therizinosaurus. If you need more information about taming in ARK, take a look at our ARK Taming Guide.

Tips during taming

Since the Therizinosaurus is a prey animal for other creatures, it is a good idea to tame it near the beach, use the enclosure tactic or put spikes around it to protect it from external attacks.
The dinosaur's energy runs out very quickly. This ensures that he will wake up pretty quickly if you are too distracted. So be sure to take enough anesthetic with you so that the taming of the Therizinosaurus will be successful.

Don't forget that you need the saddle for the dinosaur to be able to use it as a mount. For this you need to reach level 69 and have 40 engram points. Additionally, you will need the following resources:

  • 285 leather
  • 160 fibers
  • 120 wood
  • 55 metal ingots

Breed your own baby Therizinosaurs

To breed your own therizinosaurs, you'll need to build an enclosure large enough and place a female and male in each. Set them to "wander" or "mate", but you must stick with it, otherwise the mating will be aborted. Need more information about breeding in ARK? Take a look at our ARK Breeding Guide.

If the process was successful and you now have a fertilized egg, it needs an ambient temperature of 26 to 32 degrees or in the egg incubator a temperature of 29 degrees. The Theri baby will hatch after about two hours. After that, it will require about 11.5 hours of your attention, during which time you will need to keep putting food in its inventory.

In "adolescent" status, the offspring can then eat from troughs on its own. The general gestation period of a baby Therizinosaurus is just under four days and 20 hours.


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