The best Minecraft seeds for winter Background

The best Minecraft seeds for winter

December 18, 2022
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If you want a little variety on your Minecraft server in keeping with the season, here are a few suggestions for you to turn your Minecraft world into a Winter Wonderland. Check out our roundup of some cool Minecraft winter and snow seeds.

Up the hill

You'll have to go up high with this seed for Minecraft. You spawn at the start of one of the biggest mountains and you'll have to be prepared to prove your endurance during a daring climbing adventure. Collect wood for a first base, explore the numerous caves in the area and watch out for ravines and cliffs.

The seed for the impressive view high in the clouds is: -8169697951202909253

Snow Covered Mountains

If you're not a fan of lots of snow and ice, but still like to have the mountains full of snow in your area, this is the seed for you. Adventure is also provided, as right at the spawn point is the entrance to a huge underground tunnel system.

The seed to experience some snow and adventure is: -7649949940957896961


Dripstone cave in the middle of the snow

This seed lets you spawn in a canyon in the middle of the snow. Explore the surroundings and travel to the impressive Dripstone Cave (coordinates: X: -258, Y: 163, Z: 377), where numerous adventures and resources await you.

The seed for the hidden and gigantic dripstone cave in the snow is: -98990689


Deep Dark-Biom Snow Landscape

If you are looking for a real challenge, we have the right seed for you. You spawn in a snowy landscape and should prepare yourself properly and stock up on all sorts of important resources for your journey. Descend into the deep canyon and discover the Deep Dark biome and perhaps find an ancient city - but be careful, because this seed is truly not for the faint of heart. If you want to learn more about the Deep Dark Biom in Minecraft, we have a lot of information for you here in our blog.

The seed for the canyon with the Deep Dark biome and all kinds of surprises is: -561772

Frozen ocean with small village

This seed offers you a beautiful winter landscape. A small village with all kinds of animals and citizens, a huge frozen lake in the middle and snowed-in mountains and trees provide a cozy winter feeling. On the ocean you are surrounded by icy hills and peaks rising to lofty heights - even polar bears join you.

The seed for the icy winter landscape is: 8321409909842567410


Snowy winter village

With this seed you spawn directly in a snowy little winter village with many inhabitants and animals. Directly bordering the village is an Ice Spikes biome, which provides an icy feeling and lots of discoveries. Beautiful views and gorgeous landscapes ensure a lot of fun with this seed.

The seed for the snowy winter village with adjacent Ice Spikes is: 4459971005980344548


What are Minecraft seeds useful for and how do I use them?

If you've never heard of Minecraft Seeds before, or only fleetingly, we have helpful tips and tricks on where to get seeds and how to use them here in our Minecraft Seeds Blog.

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