Enshrouded: Metal scraps and ores to find Background

Enshrouded: Metal scraps and ores to find

March 14, 2024
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As in almost every other game in the survival genre, you have to find all kinds of resources in Enshrouded so that you can craft lots of items, weapons and armor. Ores and metal scraps are particularly important here. You can find out how and where you can find ores and metal scraps in the GPORTAL blog.

Finding metal scraps and processing them

Right from the start, metal scraps are one of the most important resources in Enshrouded. Whether for crafting various items, weapons or armor or even when building your base - you should always have a sufficient supply of metal scraps and never lose sight of it. In Enshrouded, you have several ways to obtain metal scraps, including killing so-called scavengers, searching abandoned locations such as camps or ruins or destroying items and objects that contain metal.

As you make your way through the world of Embervale, you will eventually come across abandoned villages or ruins. You should take a good look around and keep an eye out for chests or other treasures, as you can not only find interesting items in the chests, but also the necessary metal scraps. Sometimes it's just lying around, but it's usually difficult to spot, as the piles of metal sometimes blend in more than well with their surroundings. If you are lucky enough to see objects that contain metal, such as furniture, barrels, etc., you can destroy them and have a small chance of obtaining metal scraps from them.

Another way to collect metal scraps is to kill scavengers. After you have successfully defeated them, you can get metal scraps as well as other loot from them. You can find them mainly in the vicinity of Shroud areas and in their camps, which usually consist of abandoned ruins, where you can find whole containers full of loot.


What do I need the metal scraps for?

As mentioned above, you need metal scraps in Enshrouded, especially at the beginning, to make your first stronger tools and weapons and metal scraps are also an important resource for your first real armor. Once you have freed the blacksmith as one of the first NPCs, you will also need metal scraps to build the forge. In addition to the blacksmith, there are four other interesting NPCs in Enshrouded. You can find an overview of the Enshrouded NPCs and their locations in our corresponding GPORTAL blog. Once you have built the forge, you can use metal scraps to produce the higher-ranking metal plates, which you can in turn use for better armor and more.

Find the Enshrouded ores



One of the ores in Enshrouded is tin, which you can primarily find and mine in the Nomad Highlands. However, you should proceed with caution and not travel to the Nomad Highlands without strong equipment and too early, as there are some uncomfortable enemies there who are not keen on visitors and small talk. You can recognize tin by the fact that it protrudes from the ground or walls in many small and rather flat, dark stones. In the Nomad Highlands, you can find a cave north of the Ancient Spire at a shroud root where you can find an increased supply of tin, and a good distance to the west you will find a mine shaft that also has some tin in store for you. If you're not keen on the Nomad Highlands or aren't strong enough yet, you can also head to a small mine to the west of Umber Hollow. You will encounter fewer enemies there, but there is also no fast travel point in the immediate vicinity - use a Flame Altar, for example, to return there again and again.

Hint: Many tin mining locations are in the immediate vicinity or even in the Shroud. So prepare well and use some potions with the help of the alchemist so that you have enough time to prevail not only against enemies, but also against the Shroud.



The next ore you can find and mine in Enshrouded is copper. You can recognize copper quite easily by its orange color with shimmering blue and green spots. To find this ore, you need to go to the Revelwood biome. If you have already activated the fast travel point, you can go to two locations that are quite close to the fast travel point. One location is called the Mark of Sameth, a mine that contains a lot of ore as well as some scavengers who will not only attack you, but have also placed many traps. So if you are brave enough to enter this mine, make sure you are well equipped with strong weapons, good armor and potions to strengthen you on the way. However, to be less stressed, you can also make your way to the carpenters' camp. This is a little to the east of the mine and holds far fewer dangers for you, but also less copper ore.



Another ore is obsidian, which is needed later in the game and is not found in very large quantities. You can find it in the Nomad Highlands. First, however, you should have unlocked the fast travel point there so that you can use a glider, the double jump and perhaps also the grappling hook to get to the obsidian sources. There are two places where you can mine the ore: one is slightly south-east of the fast travel point, where you will find a small stone arch and a chest, and the second is slightly north-west of the fast travel point. You will also find a stone arch here. Obsidian reminds you of a large pile of huge, shiny pieces of charcoal.



We have already arrived at the last ore that you can currently mine in Enshrouded: Iron. From the look of it, you could easily mistake it for tin, but iron ore tends to "grow" from small round balls of stone and is therefore easier to distinguish from tin. Iron is found in the Kindlewastes biome. Of course, there is just as much going on here as in other biomes, but just like in the Nomad Highlands, there are some strong opponents waiting for you here. So, if you don't want to go through countless battles and want to get to the iron ore quickly, you can at best unlock the fast travel point in the Kindlewastes and travel from there to two locations in the vicinity. One is to the north, where you will find a small cave where you can mine iron, not much, but also much less dangerous than the second location. This is located to the southwest of the fast travel point and is the Ridgeback Mine. Here you will find vast amounts of iron, but the mine is also located in the Shroud and is therefore surrounded by numerous enemies just waiting for a visit.

Advice: In addition to strong equipment and revitalizing potions, you will of course also need a pickaxe. It doesn't have to be a specific one, but we recommend that you craft a high-level pickaxe so that you don't have to spend longer than necessary mining the ore and staying in dangerous areas.

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