Enshrouded NPCs: Locations and more Background

Enshrouded NPCs: Locations and more

March 7, 2024
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There is so much to do and discover in Enshrouded that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. However, you can get support from some NPCs and win them over. You can find out which NPCs there are, where you can find them and what they can do in the following GPORTAL blog.

The Enshrouded Blacksmith Oswald Anders

After you have completed your first period in Enshrouded, you will soon come across the first NPC who will be of great help to you - a blacksmith called Oswald Anders. You'll find the blacksmith in his ancient spire, a tower near a scavenger outpost. The ancient spire is located to the west after the Braelyn Bridge, once you have crossed it to the north.

Once you have defeated enemy foes, the path to Oswald Anders is clear and you can take him to your base by equipping the Summoning Staff. However, before you can place the NPCs in your base, you need to conjure up a roof over their heads. Ideally, you should build a small hut for each NPC so that they feel comfortable and are happy to help and advise you. The blacksmith will unlock the workbench, where you can craft the glider, grappling hook and more. In our Enshrouded Fast Travel Blog you can find out what the glider is used for and which glider variants are available in Enshrouded.

In addition to the workbench, the blacksmith also unlocks other additional stations such as the forge, the charcoal kiln and the smelter. But there are also some quests in his repertoire, which primarily ensure that you can continue to discover the game and, of course, collect valuable rewards. With the blacksmith, you can not only improve your tools and weapons, but also get your first armor to strengthen you in battle against enemies.


The Enshrouded Alchemist Balthazar

Another NPC in Enshrouded is the alchemist named Balthazar. He can help you with everything to do with magic, be it weapons and their ammunition, potions or spells, Balthazar is your contact person. You can find Balthazar in the northern west, directly near the fast travel point, the ancient spire in the Spring Lands.

You also need to create a nice spot for Balthazar so that he can spread his full effect. The quests from the alchemist are, of course, just like all the other quests from the other NPCs, there for you to get to know the game better, but also to unlock recipes and other magical items and, for example, the carpenter. Just like the blacksmith, Balthazar also has stations that can be crafted: an alchemy station, grinding stones and a laboratory. He can also produce a large number of potions for healing and mana production, which is of course particularly useful if your character in Enshrouded is a mage.


The Enshrouded Hunter Athalan Skree

The name already gives it away: The Enshrouded Huntress Athalan Skree knows her way around weapons, ammunition and armor, which is of course particularly interesting for you. You can find the huntress in the ancient spire after you have crossed the Braelyn Bridge to the north and are heading east. If the Huntress has also been integrated as an allied NPC, she also has several quests for you, which unlock the Farmer or the Loom, for example.

In addition to the quests, the Huntress has four other stations that belong to her and can be built: The hand spindle, where you can process flax into linen, the loom, which is used to make cloth from linen, the tanning station, which allows you to make leather, and the drying rack, which can produce dried fur from salt and animal fur, which in turn allows you to increase your inventory in the form of a backpack. Athalan Skree also has a great deal of knowledge about bows and arrows. She can make you all kinds of arrows with practical features that will make your ambush or ranged attacks even better. She can also provide you with armor and practical items, for example for treating wounds.


The Enshrouded Farmer Emily Fray

The fourth NPC you can free in Enshrouded and bring to you is the farmer Emily Fray. As soon as she is your ally and settled in your base, she can help you with valuable recipes for dishes that give you valuable buffs for combat or your health. A small fireplace or an oven are also among the items that you can unlock with the Enshrouded Farmer. Thanks to them, you can cook simple dishes or the buff-granting dishes mentioned above. The farmer's location is quite far up north and northwest of the alchemist Balthazar.

Emily also has a few quests for you, which, in addition to a good amount of experience points, will unlock the fireplace, a "planting calendar" (in-game: Almanac of Plants and Seedlings, an object to put on display so that Emily can offer more recipes) for plants and seedlings for the farmer or the oven. The farmer also has several stations: the oven mentioned above, the seedbed to obtain seedlings from plants or food, which you can then plant yourself, and a honeybee hive with the corresponding beekeeper's whistle. The seedbed is particularly helpful, as it means that the days of searching for plants, herbs, etc. are finally history and, once you have successfully grown seedlings, you can grow virtually anything yourself, from tea to fruit to flax, which is particularly important for the huntress's hand spindle in order to produce enough linen.


The Enshrouded Carpenter Cade Hawthorn

And we have already arrived at the last NPC: the carpenter named Cade Hawthorn. In order to rescue the carpenter, you must first complete the associated quest from the alchemist Balthazar. The carpenter's tasks mainly involve comfort, i.e. furnishings for your base such as tables, chairs or beds, which will greatly improve your recovery. You can also unlock further production options such as a water well and later an "improved water well", which is your own source of water, an upgrade to the Hunter's Hand Spindle, the spinning wheel or a kiln. The carpenter's location is in the slightly southern east of the map and is fairly close to the starting point of the game, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get through to the carpenter.

With the quests from Cade Hawthorn, you can get circular saw blades for his table saw, among other things, and above all get the advanced glider, which is particularly cool because it is an upgrade to the normal glider with its improved range and faster speed. Otherwise, the carpenter has the aforementioned table saw as a station, which you use to make boards from logs, which in turn ensure that the carpenter can unlock more skills, and he has a kiln, which he uses to make fired bricks from clay and firewood. In addition to the numerous furniture and decorative items, the carpenter can create larger storage chests and, above all, magical chests in which you can pack your treasures and use them for crafting without them having to be in your inventory. Sounds cool? It really is! Finally, no more packed bags and endless searching. In addition to the advanced glider, the carpenter can also help you with the other variants of your glider, which is particularly important in the further course of the game so that you can make good progress.


What you need to keep in mind on the way to the Enshrouded NPCs

As soon as you have unlocked the blacksmith as your first NPC and thus have the workbench at your disposal, you should get the glider and grappling hook. Even if not every path to every NPC is risky, there will always be numerous enemies and other dangers lurking just waiting to knock you down. However, the glider and grappling hook are important from the Hunter onwards at the latest, because to get to her you will at least have to cross lava and swimming through it might not be a good idea.

If you want to free the farmer Emily Fray, you not only need the glider and grappling hook, you should also have unlocked the skill double jump in the skill tree and be able to use it well. The most challenging route, however, is to get the carpenter. Before you can even reach the ancient spire, numerous and damned bad-tempered enemies stand in your way. This doesn't get any better inside the spire, in fact it gets even more thrilling, as even more enemies, traps and more await you inside, which doesn't exactly make you feel at ease. So it's not only important that you have the right equipment and strong skills in your bag, merciless weapons are also essential if you don't want to get killed and successfully free all the NPCs and bring them to you.

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