Frogs in Minecraft Background

Frogs in Minecraft

October 13, 2022
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The cute passive mob enjoys its life and at the same time represents a first in the world of blocks.

Minecraft Frog

With the 1.19 update 'The Wild', Mojang provided us with a small creature that happily and unimpressedly hops around: the Minecraft frog. As the first animal in the game, the Minecraft frog doesn't grow from a smaller adult version, but instead develops from tadpoles, just like its equivalent from the real world. However, if you think the MC frog has no other special features, you're wrong!

All Good Things Come in Threes, Even the MC Frog

Many animals in the Minecraft world appear in several variants. So it would be pretty boring if the Minecraft frog jumped through the world in green only, right? Instead, the game gives us diversity: the MC frog comes in three colors! Depending on the temperature conditions in the biome in which the tadpole develops into a frog, it can be either orange, green or white. In neutral biomes and the swamp, frogs are orange; in cold biomes green; and in warm or fiery areas, they are white. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you breed an orange MC frog with a green one, or with another orange one. The color of the frog is independent of the adult’s appearance. Oh, and don't forget: even if you change biomes with them, they keep their color! So the game of colors can begin!

Just a Single Minecraft Frog, or Would You Rather Have a Whole Frog Army?

Of course you can breed the Minecraft frog! It also appears in the long list of animals whose offspring you can enjoy. So, theoretically, nothing keeps you away from your own colorful frog army. It’s the opposite, once prepared, it's a piece of cake to expand your Minecraft frog population in no time! So here are the most important tips for creating your frog brigade:

  1. Find slimes and kill them to collect as many slime balls as possible.
  2. Search for frogs in the swamp or mangrove swamp. There they spawn in orange.
  3. Feed them with slime balls to make them enter love mode. One of them will drop frog eggs on the nearest water surface. Shortly after, several tadpoles will spring from them.
  4. Wait or feed the tadpoles with slime balls several times to speed up the development process. You can also move them in buckets to another biome to get a different color.
  5. Repeat the last two steps and expand your frog farm.

Compared to other animals, the Minecraft frog is ideal to fulfill your dream of having a small colorful army that will hop after you as soon as you hold a slime ball in your hand.

Why the Minecraft Frog Breeding Runs by Itself

The MC frog is also your best accomplice in creating your frog gang! On the one hand, with these animals you can ignore the simple rule that two parents have one baby. Since you gain several tadpoles from one mating process, the army can be built much faster needing fewer steps. On the other hand, your frogs will also help you speed up this process. If you manage to get your Minecraft frogs close to slimes, you just have to crush them. The MC Frog prefers to feed on small slimes, which he eats all by himself. If he does this, he drops slime balls that you can pick up and use to initiate mating. So the little bouncers are not only cute to look at, but also really useful.

With Our Powers Combined! Your Minecraft Froglight challenge

Don’t you already know the froglight? Then it's about time! Feed your Minecraft frog with small magma blocks and enjoy the result. Don't worry, nothing will happen to him! Your friend will enjoy it and drop you a nice block, the froglight. This block serves as a light source, looks good with its pastel colors and creates a refreshing contrast to dark stone walls. Besides, you can repeat the process as often as you like! Try it out with frogs of different colors so you can enjoy all three froglight variants. Last but not least, if you have all three froglights in your inventory, you can expect a new achievement: 'With our powers combined'!

Why not give it a try? Find out how high the Minecraft frog can jump; enjoy the quacking animations or try your hand at creating your own little army. Of course, the best way to do this is on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! Have fun!

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