Minecraft Speedrun Background

Minecraft Speedrun

September 1, 2022
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Is there a special goal in Minecraft? Not really, because Minecraft is an open-end game. But ...

Minecraft Speedrun

Many players enjoy the creative side of the game and just want to peacefully build and design their landscapes. Others go on exciting adventures where they challenge various opponents. They collect XP in survival mode to finally be able to face a kind of end boss: the ender dragon. This boss monster is a real challenge for fans and not an easy opponent. To win this battle, you'll need not only tools, but also preparation. So you shouldn't rush headlong into the battle!

In a way, the Minecraft speedrun refers to the shortened version of this journey. Instead of searching, farming and building forever, there are faster ways to get important materials. So what is the goal of this challenge? Players compete to see who can 'finish' the game the fastest, that is, defeat the ender dragon the fastest. If you are now motivated and want to start your adventure, don't forget that you can benefit from a few little tips and tricks!

How To Speedrun Minecraft

Every player’s dream speedrun has one thing in common: the shortest possible duration! The most important thing here is preparation. So don't underestimate the first steps, because they will eventually bring you to the dragon. So before you face the monster, it's worth running a few errands in other areas.

First Steps: Collect & Craft

If you're lucky, you'll find a village near where you spawned! There, you can quickly pick up many things that will help you later. If you kill an iron golem on the way, that would be perfect. Some villagers might also trade you helpful eye of ender! Finally, before you continue your Minecraft speedrun, you should have filled a few slots in your inventory, including:

Off to the Nether!

Your path in the Minecraft speedrun will then lead you to the Nether. Maybe you'll find a broken portal near your spawning place and can repair it. If not, you'll have to build one yourself. Water and lava for obsidian, build the right form and you're ready to go! In the Nether, you have to collect, trade and craft again:

  • Collect gold (at least 40 gold nuggets)
  • Find a nether fortress
  • Defeat blazes & collect blaze rod (at least 7)
  • Look out for chests
  • Trade ender pearls/eye of ender (at least 12) with piglins
  • Make eye of ender from blaze powder and ender pearls

The End: The Minecraft Speedrun’s Way to Your Destination

Here we go! You are prepared and can search for the End! You are much closer to the ender dragon and the tension is rising. How do you find the End now? The portal is hidden in a fortress. You have to find it, because it can't be crafted.

  • Leave the Nether through your portal
  • Throw eye of ender in the air & go in the direction they are looking at
  • Enter the fortress & search for the library
  • Collect cobwebs
  • Craft a bow & arrows (min. 40)

The fight is on! Find the dragon and do your best. He only takes damage from explosions and direct attacks, so you should use that. He also heals himself with the crystals on the pillars, therefore:

  • Destroy the crystals with arrows first
  • Place a bed, a block next to it and yourself behind it
  • right click on the bed -> it explodes, because you can't sleep in the End
  • The dragon takes damage
  • Attack it in between with the sword
  • Repeat the attacks & defeat the dragon

Now, you want to challenge an ender dragon yourself and see how long your personal Minecraft speedrun takes? Try it out on one of G-Portal's servers! Maybe you can even break the Minecraft speedrun world record? Have fun!

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