Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
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Minecraft tools

Without tools, you can hardly get ahead in Minecraft. While you can mine some basic materials with your bare hands, the majority of resources can only be mined with the appropriate Minecraft tools. But which tools do you need at the beginning? Which tools are available at all and which are worth carrying around? Here we’ll give you an overview of Minecraft tools, how to make them, and their uses.

What counts as a Minecraft tool?

Minecraft tools include everything you need to mine resources and for activities like farming and navigation. Minecraft tools do not include weapons and armor!

Tools are essential for the progress in the game. Tools allow you to mine and process resources. You use them to grow food, dig tunnels or mine certain materials like obsidian. Tools are also very useful for constructing your own buildings or stables for horses.

What Minecraft tools are there?

The selection of different tools is extensive. While the Minecraft diamond pickaxe has gained cult status by now, lighter and scissors are far less known and yet very important for the game progress. The following tools are available in Vanilla Minecraft:

  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Shears
  • Fishing rod
  • Flint and Steel
  • Compass
  • Clock 
  • Map
  • Anvil
  • Bucket
  • Bowl
  • Lead

The Minecraft pickaxe

Minecraft pickaxes allow you to mine rocks and ores faster. You first need a wooden pickaxe to mine stone. From this you can then craft a stone pickaxe, which in turn can be used to mine iron ore. In this way, you can crave your way up the material hierarchy until you reach the diamond pickaxe, which is the only tool that can mine obsidian. There are wooden pickaxes, stone pickaxes, iron pickaxes, gold pickaxes and diamond pickaxes in Minecraft.

Minecraft pickaxe crafting recipe

2x sticks + 3x wood / stone / iron ingots / gold ingots / diamonds = 1 pickaxe

Craft pickaxe

The main materials must be used in the top row of the crafting window, the two sticks in the bottom left and right.

The Minecraft Axe

The Minecraft axe is a fairly simple tool that can be used to cut down trees. Depending on the material used, the axe speeds up this process. With a diamond axe, you are the king of logging and cut down trees with maximum efficiency.

Minecraft Axe crafting recipe

2x sticks + 3x wood / stone / iron ingots / gold ingots / diamonds = 1 axe

Axe crafting

The main materials must be used in the top left, top center, and center left. The sticks, on the other hand, must be placed in the middle and bottom center of the crafting field.

The Minecraft Shovel

The Minecraft shovel can be used to mine earth, sand, gravel, clay, snow and soul sand faster. Similar to the axe, the quality of the crafting material determines the speed of the tool.

Minecraft shovel crafting recipe

2x sticks + 1x wood / stone / iron ingots / gold ingots / diamonds = 1 axe

crafting a shovel

For the shovel, you need to place the main material at the top center and the two sticks directly below it.

The Minecraft Hoe

If you want to do some farming, the Minecraft hoe is the tool of your choice. You can use it to dig up blocks of earth and grass and turn them into farmland that can then be planted. This way you can build your own Minecraft farm.

Minecraft hoe crafting recipe

2x sticks + 2x wood / stone / iron ingots / gold ingots / diamonds = 1 axe

Hoe crafting recipe

Place the main materials in the crafting field in the top left and center, and the sticks in the center and bottom center.

The Minecraft Shears

With the Minecraft Scissors you can extract wool from sheep without killing them. Also, you can use them to mine foliage and then place it back as a block, carve pumpkins and cut tripwire hooks.

Minecraft Shears crafting recipe

2x iron ingots = 1 pair of scissors

shears crafting

Simply place the iron ingots diagonally to each other in the crafting field.

The Minecraft Fishing Rod

The fishing rod in Minecraft is quite self-explanatory and is needed for fishing fish and other items from the sea.

Minecraft Fishing Rod Crafting Recipe

3x sticks + 2x string = 1 fishing rod

Craft a fishing rod

Place the sticks diagonally from bottom left to top right in the crafting field. The threads must be placed in the free spaces of the right column.

The Minecraft Flint and Steel

Fire in Minecraft can become a dangerous thing as it spreads. So the pyromaniacs among you will have a lot of fun with the Minecraft Flint and Steel. It can be used to ignite blocks and set fires.

Minecraft Flint and Steel crafting recipe

1x iron ingot + 1x flint = 1 Flint and Steel

How to craft flint and steel

The Minecraft Compass

The Minecraft compass is essential for navigating the Minecraft world. It is held in your hand and always points in the direction of your spawn point. It is also needed for making Minecraft maps. Unlike most tools, the compass in Minecraft doesn’t wear out and doesn’t work in the Nether.

Minecraft Compass Crafting Recipe

4x iron ingots + 1x redstone = 1 compass

Compass crafting

Place the iron bars on the top, bottom, left and right of the crafting field and the redstone in the middle.

The Minecraft Clock

Clocks in Minecraft don’t show the exact time, but the position of the sun and the moon to the horizon. So you have an approximate time orientation and can get to safety in time before sunset. Similar to the compass, the watch does not wear out and will let you down in the Nether. There, of course, the time of day does not matter much anyway.

Minecraft Clock Crafting Recipe

4x gold bars + 1x redstone = 1 clock

How to craft a clock in Minecraft

Place the gold bars on the top, bottom, left and right of the crafting field and the redstone in the middle. So the crafting recipes for compass and clock are the same except for the use of iron bars or gold bars.

The Minecraft map

A Minecraft map allows you to plot your surroundings, gradually mapping out sections of your Minecraft world. All you have to do is hold it in your hand. You can expand the map by adding 8 pieces of paper. The map allows you to get an overview of your surroundings and plan routes.

Minecraft map crafting recipe

8x paper + 1x compass = 1 map

How to craft a map in Minecraft

Place the compass in the center of the crafting space and distribute the paper to the remaining spaces.

The Minecraft Anvil

If you want to repair or rename tools or other items, the Minecraft Anvil is your best friend. To repair items, you need two copies of them and invest experience points.

Minecraft Anvil Crafting Recipe

3x iron block + 4x iron ingot = 1 anvil

anvil crafting

Place the iron blocks in the top row, the iron ingots in the bottom row and the last iron ingot exactly in the middle of the crafting field.

The Minecraft Bucket

Anyone who has ever tried to carry lava with their bare hands will be aware of the difficulties. Here, of course, the tool of choice is the Minecraft bucket. A bucket can be used to transport liquids such as water, milk and lava, as well as powder snow and live fish and axolotl. The bucket in Minecraft is one of the few tools that doesn’t wear out. Right-click to fill and empty the bucket.

Minecraft Bucket Crafting Recipe

3x iron bars = 1 bucket

bucket crafting

Place the iron ingots left and right in the middle row and centered in the bottom row.

The Minecraft Bowl

Bowls are used in Minecraft for making soups. Beyond that, you won’t have any use for them, since they aren’t suitable for transporting liquids like the bucket is. You can take food from the bowl by right-clicking on it.

Minecraft Bowl Crafting Recipe

3x wooden planks = 4 bowls

Craft a bowl in Minecraft

Place the wooden planks like the iron bars for the bucket: left and right in the middle row and centered in the bottom row.

The Minecraft Leash

With the Minecraft leash you can leash some creatures, lead them around and tie them to fences. So if your Minecraft dog can’t behave once again, this tool will remedy the situation.

Minecraft Leash Crafting Recipe

4x string + 1x slimeball = 2 leash

leash crafting

To make the leash, you need to place the threads in the top row center and right, the middle row right, and the bottom row left. The slimeball must be placed exactly in the middle of the crafting field.

A little guide to Minecraft tools

It is advisable to start working with wooden tools right at the beginning of the game. The axe and pickaxe are especially important here, as they make it much easier to get resources. As soon as you have enough stone, you should switch to stone tools. Now you also have your first weapons at your disposal. In the medium term, you should start looking for iron to get even more efficient tools. Stone tools may be sufficient at first, but their durability is very limited. Iron tools are best for regular use and their production is definitely worth it.

Gold tools may seem beautiful and valuable, but they have relatively low value and wear out quickly. It is not worth mining and processing gold to make tools. So better save your gold for the Piglins.

The pickaxe and the axe are the only tools that are actually worth making high-value variants of. The Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe is not so popular without reason and possibly the most useful tool in the game.

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