Palworld Bellanoir (Libero) Guide with all versions Background

Palworld Bellanoir (Libero) Guide with all versions

April 26, 2024
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At the moment, everyone is talking about the latest Palworld update and there is virtually only one subject on the agenda: the Raid Bosses. Bellanoir (Libero) is the sonorous name of the first Raid Boss and you can find out everything you need to know about Bellanoir and its versions in the GPORTAL Blog.

The versions of Bellanoir

Bellanoir - Level 30


There are different versions of the first raid boss Bellanoir, which you can summon with the appropriate slabs at the Summoning Altar, among other things. There is the normal version of Bellanoir, which requires a slab with a light blue eye so that you can summon him. The normal version of Bellanoir has level 30, is of the Dark type like all other versions of Bellanoir and drops these items, among others, after a successful battle:

  • Huge Dark Egg: even if you can't catch Bellanoir in battle, this egg will give you the opportunity to get a Bellanoir of your own
  • Ancient Civilization Core
  • Multiclimate Shirt
  • Training Manual

However, don't be fooled by the level 30 of the normal version of Bellanoir, as the battle will still be difficult and, above all, lengthy. Regardless of the Bellanoir version, it is always important to make sure that you have plenty of free space to summon it so that no objects such as chests, workstations, buildings or even your Palbox or, even worse, Pals that are not supposed to fight are damaged.

Bellanoir Libero - Level 50


The second version of Bellanoir not only has a smooth level 50, but the appearance of Bellanoir Libero also differs from the normal Bellanoir version. Bellanoir Libero appears even more mystical with dark pink and purple tones - the Raid Boss is slightly reminiscent of an evil witch who wants to fight you with her powerful spells. In order to summon Bellanoir Libero, you must also find four slab fragments as with the standard Bellanoir version. However, instead of a light blue eye, the finished slab has a dark eye that glows purple-pink. Bellanoir Libero is also a Dark Pal and drops the following items after the battle:

  • Huge Dark Egg: gives you the chance to hatch a Bellanoir Libero
  • Ancient Civilization Core
  • Multiclimate Shirt
  • Fruits: Bellanoir Libero drops 3 fruits to boost the strength, defense and health of your Pals
  • Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab: this gives you the opportunity to summon the third version of Bellanoir

The fight against Bellanoir Libero is of course no less unpleasant than against the standard Bellanoir, quite the opposite. You will notice the biggest difference in the duration of the fight, as Bellanoir Libero has almost twice the amount of health points as the normal version and towards the end of Bellanoir Libero's health. Once the Raid Boss has almost passed away and his health is down to 1 HP, there is a surprising twist. He transforms into an Ice Pal, rendering all your Dragon Pals ineffective and striking them down without much effort. So prepare yourself well by not only having strong Dragon Pals in your pack, Fire Pals are also more than advisable here. An overview of strong Palworld Pals can of course also be found in the GPORTAL blog.

Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) - Level 50

And that brings us to the last version of Bellanoir. To summon it, you need the slab that you receive after the battle against Bellanoir Libero. The slab is very similar to that of Bellanoir Libero, but for the Ultra version it has a red flaming background. Even though the level doesn't change and this version also turns into an Ice Pal at 1 HP, the fight is still different to the one against Bellanoir Libero. Not only the double HP points with a number of 900,000 cause headaches, but also the length of the battles against all versions of ten minutes mean that you not only need to have strong Pals, but also enough food in the form of healing supplies, etc. in your back pocket. You will receive the following drops from Bellanoir Libero (Ultra):

  • Witch's Crown (Ultra): a legendary item that serves as armor for the head and is only available by successfully fighting Bellanoir Libero (Ultra). Apart from that, the crown offers 80 Health, 30 Defense and the effect of Dragon Damage Reduction
  • Huge Dark Egg: unfortunately, you cannot breed a Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) with this, only a Bellanoir Libero
  • Ancient Civilization Core
  • Multiclimate Shirt
  • Fruits


Which Pals to use against Bellanoir

Since Bellanoir is initially a Dark Pal in any version, Dragon Pals are of course a very good choice. However, if Bellanoir Libero and Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) turn into Ice Pals, you should use Fire Pals. Here's a list of the Pals that we think are best suited to fighting Bellanoir:

  • Jetragon: this Pal is not only practical because you can use it as a flying mount, but the possibility of using the additional missile launcher is not to be despised at a distance against Bellanoir. It can also deal even more Dragon damage against Bellanoir with its passive ability
  • Chillet: another Pal that you can use as a mount, as you need to dodge individual attacks from Bellanoir quickly. The partner ability is particularly important here, as Dragon damage is added to your attacks while you are mounted on Chillet
  • Astegon: simultaneously a Dark and Dragon Pal, which can also be used as a mount. The resistance to Dark damage is particularly interesting here
  • Jormuntide and Jormuntide Ignis: Jormuntide is valuable as a Dragon Pal with high damage and Jormuntide Ignis is doubly important because, in addition to Dragon type, it also has Fire type. Very important when Bellanoir Libero and Libero Ultra turn into Ice Pals. Fire attacks increase while you are riding Jormuntide Ignis
  • Orserk: Orserk is also a Dragon Pal and can deal a lot of damage against Bellanoir
  • Quivern: also a Dragon Pal with a lot of power, can also be used as a flying mount and while riding it, dragon attacks are boosted
  • Blazehowl Noct: here we have another Pal that is of the Dark and Fire type, so it should be used especially at the end against Bellanoir Libero and Libero Ultra, as Fire damage is important and it can protect against Dark attacks
  • Ragnahawk: perfect for Ice transformation, as it is Fire type and can be used as a mount in flight. Fire damage is added to your attacks while you are flying on it

The skills and suitabilities of Bellanoir

After you have finished working with the slabs and, above all, crafting them and collecting the individual fragments from dangerous dungeons, you are naturally wondering whether it is even worth having a Bellanoir or a Bellanoir Libero on your team. We can definitely say yes, and we'll list the stats we know so far for Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero:


  • Partner Ability: when activated, Bellanoir fires a powerful nightmare beam at an enemy, dealing a lot of damage
  • Active Abilities: Bellanoir has 7 attacks, the most effective one being 140 power
  • Suitabilities: Handiwork Level 2, Medicine Production Level 4, Transporting Level 2

Bellanoir Libero

  • Partner Ability: similar to Standard Bellanoir's attack, Bellanoir Libero fires beams at his opponent that appear in a kind of bloom
  • Active Abilities: Bellanoir Libero also has 7 attacks, but here the most effective one has 160 power
  • Suitabilities: the suitabilities are identical to those of standard Bellanoir. In addition to their impressive appearance, both versions are therefore perfect for producing medicine

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