Palworld - Pal variations and the strongest Pals Background

Palworld - Pal variations and the strongest Pals

February 14, 2024
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It's no longer a secret that Palworld has a wide variety of options for you. Build a base, collect resources, level up and, of course, win Pals for yourself and use them as workhorses or fighting machines. But which Pal variations are actually available and which are the strongest Pals?

These Pal variations are available in Palworld

You have probably already noticed that there are all sorts of different Pals to discover in Palworld. But it's not just the appearance and class of the Pals that differ; some Pals can also be extremely different from others in terms of size and abilities. In addition to the normal Pals, there are two other versions in Palworld: the Alpha Pals and the Lucky Pals.

From a very well-known Japanese game, in which you have the opportunity to catch and collect cute little creatures, we already know Shiny versions, which stand out from the normal figures, for example, through a different color. This is not the case in Palworld. The Alpha Pals are much bigger than the normal Pals and represent the bosses in the world, which you can fight and also catch. They have a lot of health and can therefore only be defeated with good equipment and a slightly higher level. The Lucky Pals, on the other hand, are somewhat reminiscent of the above-mentioned Shiny versions from the other game, but these are also only bigger than the other Pals, although they have better statistics in terms of their abilities and attacks.


Note: There is theoretically a third Pal variant, the Fusion Pals. However, we'll leave this one out for now, as you can't catch them, you have to make them yourself by breeding a few Pals.

Which Pals are the strongest?

Below we list the top 10 of the currently strongest Pals in Palworld and tell you what abilities they have and, above all, where you can find them.

Jormuntide (Ignis)


Jormuntide is actually a Pal of the types or elements water and dragon and is already very large and intimidating in the normal version. Its partner ability ensures that you can use it as a mount on the water, allowing you to cover long distances over open water without draining your stamina. From level 30 Jormuntide has a triple lightning attack, from level 40 he learns the ability Hydro Laser, with which he can shoot water under high pressure around him very quickly. At level 50, he gains an attack with which he summons many small meteorites and fires them at enemies with full force.


Unlike the normal version, Jormuntide Ignis is a dragon and fire pal. You can also use him as a mount, but on land, and the effect of any fire attacks is increased while he is mounted. Fire-type Pals are some of the strongest Pals you can currently catch and use in Palworld. At level 40, Jormuntide Ignis receives the attack Fireball, which creates a huge fireball and hurls it at an opponent, exploding in a large radius on impact.

Jormuntide can be found in exactly two locations in Palworld, once in the northern west of the starting point and once very far to the east, almost at the edge of the world map. Jormuntide Ignis, on the other hand, can only be found in one location and this is very far north of the starting point and is surrounded by a lot of open water. A mount that can fly is therefore the best way to get to the location safely. Both Pals are Alpha Pals and have a very high level. So make sure that you not only have strong Pals in your team, but also enough healing, food and some strong Pal Spheres.



This Pal appears as a kind of centaur and is also known as the holy knight of legend. It moves in a group with other Necromus Pals and both look very similar, only the color and the head differ slightly. Paladius can be used as a mount and has a triple jump. Its active abilities include not only neutral attacks, but Paladius also has ice attacks. His strongest attack is a beam of light charged with destructive energy, which he shoots forward with full force. Paladius also has a number of passive abilities, the best of which is "Legendary". Legendary means that every Pal with this ability gets a boost to their attacks, defense and speed. It is particularly important to note that the passive ability can be passed on to the resulting Pal during breeding - so you can put together a pretty strong Pal team.

We have already explained how you can successfully breed Pals here in the blog. You can find Paladius together with Necromus in the north of the map and in the far east of the starting point in the desert. However, you should be very well prepared and have suitable, strong Pals with you, as Paladius is an Alpha Pal and is level 50.



The appearance of this Pal is reminiscent of a large griffin, which has a really intimidating effect. Shadowbeak is of the dark type and can also be used as a mount with a suitable saddle. When used as a mount, it increases the effect of all dark attacks. From level 40, Shadowbeak learns an attack that adds the most damage. The ominous disaster consists of balls of light that automatically catch enemies and then burst into a firework of laser beams. Just like Paladius, Shadowbeak also has the Legendary passive and is therefore perfect for breeding with other Pals. Similar to Paladius, you will also find Shadowbeak in the far east of the starting point in a tower as a boss fight. Another similarity to Paladius is Shadowbeak's level, as he is also level 50 and an Alpha Pal. So again, make sure you have the best equipment and Pals with you.



This aerodynamic friend is called Jetragon and is more reminiscent of a jet plane than a Pal due to its turbine-like legs, its tail, which strongly resembles the end of an airplane, and its speed. Fortunately, the dragon-pal can be used as a flying mount and can even fire a manufactured rocket launcher at enemies. In addition to its powerful dragon, dark and fire attacks, its speed and above all its rocket launcher make it one of the strongest and best Pals in Palworld. Like Shadowbeak, Jetragon also has the Legendary passive ability. At level 50, Jetragon is just as difficult to obtain as an Alpha Pal as almost all the Pals in our list. However, with a strong Pal team and one or more Pals who can perform heavy ice attacks, you should have a good chance of adding Jetragon to your team soon. Jetragon's location is in the far west of the map in the Volcano area.



We continue directly with the next legendary Dark Pal called Necromus. As mentioned above with Paladius, you will find Necromus in the same location. You can tell Paladius and Necromus apart by their names, of course, but otherwise Necromus is more of a dark pal with a black and red appearance. Once you have unlocked and crafted Necromus' saddle, you can also use this Pal as a mount, but unlike Paladius, Necromus only has a double jump. The dark knight of legend, as Necromus is also known, also has level 50, so please only take the path with very good equipment and a suitable team.



Now we come to a Pal, which may not have the highest level, but it is practically the mascot of Palworld and is very reminiscent of a little yellow buddy who also uses electricity a lot. Grizzbolt's main feature is his famous minigun, which he can fire when you use him as a mount. However, you can only unlock the minigun relatively late at level 40 and it also requires all kinds of high-quality resources, some of which are difficult to find or obtain. In addition to the minigun, Grizzbolt also has other attacks that make him a strong Pal, but Grizzbolt can also be used well as a working Pal, as he has Craftsman among his passive skills, which ensures that he can work 50% faster. You can find Grizzbolt at the very bottom of the Palworld map, on a deserted island that you can reach with a floating or flying Pal at best. You also have to compete against Zoe and Grizzbolt in the tower of Rayne Syndicate, where you can try to catch him.



Blazamut is a fire-type Pal and can be used as a mount with a suitable saddle, increasing the fire attacks of itself and you as the player. In addition to this partner ability, you can also use Blazamut very well to work in your camp, because with kindling fire at level 3 and mining minerals, etc. at level 4, he is very well suited as a worker. All his passive skills, which primarily increase his work speed, also support the idea that Blazamut is a perfect fit for the Pal team of workers. Blazamut can be found in the Volcano region of Palworld and on a deserted island in the far north-east of the map. With a level of 49 and as an Alpha Pal, Blazamut is of course not that easy to get, but with strong Pals of the Water type and all kinds of Pal Spheres, you should still be able to catch Blazamut.



Anubis is not actually available until later in the game, but you can also add it to your team earlier by breeding it. In addition to his powerful attacks, he is also good for working in your camp and collecting resources with Crafting at level 4, Mining at level 3 and Transporting at level 2. As Anubis is level 47, it is rather difficult to weaken him and then catch him. However, there is the option of breeding him with suitable Pals, which you can obtain much earlier before you head out into the desert to Anubis. His partner ability is that he adds ground damage to your attacks as a player and he can dodge in battle with a quick sidestep. Anubis also has powerful active abilities such as a high jump in the air that ends with a powerful punch on the ground or a rock spike that sprouts from the ground under an opponent.



This Pal looks like a Pegasus and is of the Ice type. Its partner ability is that it converts your attacks into ice attacks and increases them for you and itself while you use it as a mount. With the highest cooling aptitude at level 4, you can use a Frostallion very well in your base, for example to support cool boxes so that your food spoils more slowly, to cool your base if you have built one in the desert or volcano region or to cool eggs while you hatch them. Of course, you can find Frostallion in the north of Palworld in the snow region. However, you should proceed with caution, because here we are again dealing with a legendary Pal at level 50. Ideally, you should take one or more strong Fire Pals with you on your way to Frostallion so that you have a good chance against him and can catch him safely.



Now we've reached the last Pal in our list and it's another Ice Pal. Cryolinx has a unique partner ability, because as long as you have him with you in battle and defeat Dragon-type Pals, his ability ensures that the Dragon Pals drop more items. Cryolinx can also be put to good use in your base with his cooling aptitude at level 3, but lumbering at level 2 and crafting at level 1 are also among his aptitudes when it comes to work. However, its passive abilities suggest that it should mainly be used in combat and as a mount, as it can climb high rocks with its long claws without any problems. Just like Frostallion, you can find Cryolinx in the north of Palworld in the snow region, but Cryolinx has more spawn points than Frostallion and should therefore be quicker to find and catch. However, you can of course also get Cryolinx by breeding or buying them from a black market trader. In addition to enough money, you should also bring some patience with you, as rare and high-level Pals in particular change hands at the dealers and it takes some time before you find the Pal you are looking for.

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