Palworld: New Pals with “Sakurajima” update Background

Palworld: New Pals with “Sakurajima” update

June 10, 2024
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Pocketpair released a new trailer over the weekend as part of the Summer Game Fest, showcasing the upcoming “Sakurajima” update. We take a look at what will be in it.

Stroll through Asian cherry blossom tree alleys

The first new thing you can discover in Pocketpair's trailer is a presumably completely new region that embodies the atmosphere of Asia. Between the pink trees you can also see Asian lanterns, which should be a great help, especially at night. You will also get a glimpse of a well-known red Asian gate called Torii Gate, which are usually located in front of Asian shrines. Who might be inside? We are very curious to see whether Pocketpair will reveal the approximate direction in which the visuals of the game will continue to move in the future with this insight. The pretty little trees with their falling petals certainly put us in a good mood and we can definitely say that the leaves play a major role, as they can be seen throughout the trailer.

In addition to the new Asian-themed area, there will apparently be another new area (biome), which is covered in huge mushrooms and has numerous swamps. In the trailer, there are also new Pals to be discovered, which seem to have made themselves very comfortable there.

New friends and old friends in a new look

In the slightly older teaser trailer and the new trailer from the Summer Game Fest, Pocketpair shows a series of unique Pals that we haven't seen before. These include:

  • A frog who appears to be a good close combat fighter, as he wears a black belt, possibly suggesting that he has mastered Asian combat skills. He also carries a stick in his hand and can shoot water balls at enemy opponents. The green guy is pretty impressive
  • Next you see a Pal, which resembles an ostrich and wears a red cape with a matching cap. It stamps on the ground, screams loudly and two huge stone spikes shoot out of the ground like explosions. We can well imagine that they really hurt when you get hit by them
  • The third new Pal looks like a fox meditating in a temple. It may have mental powers that he uses to take out his opponents, because after it turns around, you get a pretty grim look from the Pal
  • Lastly, you'll see an absolutely cute-looking, squeaky green dino wearing mushrooms for a hat and tail tip. You're sure to find this Pal often in the swamp area mentioned above, which is overgrown with giant mushrooms

But of course that's not all, there's a lot more to see in the trailer, such as a kind of knight pal. How many new Pals have you discovered?

But not only completely new Pals find their way into the game. Pocketpair also surprises us with new subspecies of existing Pals. In the new Summer Game Fest trailer, for example, we see a fire version of Katress and a shadow version of Wixen.

How many new subspecies we will get is still uncertain, but which Pal would you like to see a new variant for?

New raid, stronghold and new bosses

Fans of big challenges can also look forward to a completely new raid. In the trailer, we see a stone altar from which a rather beefy and large Pal emerges after a few moments. The Pal looks like a mixture of a fox, with a bit of armadillo and a few neat horns. It's definitely a wild mix and there's no doubt that the Pal will keep us on our toes.

As with the Bellanoir raid, there will certainly be several difficulty levels and rewards. We are very excited to see what attacks our friend has up his sleeve.

The trailer also showed an oil platform on which we apparently have to fight an enemy group, and they seem to be quite a force to be reckoned with, as they are covered up to the neck in thick armor and even have really big automatic turrets. It doesn't look like it's going to be an easy fight for us. However, we don't know yet where this oil platform is and how to get there. But it could be a new faction, which is also briefly mentioned in the trailer.

In the last few seconds of the trailer, we then see a new boss enemy with his “trainer”. A young woman sits on a crescent moon, which presumably belongs to the Pal, who floats next to her in an elegant robe and they both treat themselves to a cup of tea. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether the crescent moon and the Pal are connected, whether the moon is perhaps a weapon of the Pal or whether the crescent moon has nothing to do with the Pal itself.

New weapons and what kind of statue is that?

In addition to apparently two new areas and four new Pals, we can probably also look forward to two new weapons in Palworld. There's the flamethrower, which can deal a lot of damage at quite a long distance, and a laser weapon that not only looks cool, but is certainly powerful enough.

One last thing we noticed: At the end of the “Summer Update Teaser Trailer”, the game character and a Cattiva walk together towards the Asian temple. As they walk through the Torii gate, there are one or two Foo Dog statues at the edge of it. Of course, we're not sure if this means something or if they were simply placed as decoration to match the temple, but the Chinese guardian lions would also make great pals or possibly even new raid bosses. So could we maybe even get 2 new raids and they just didn't want to reveal everything beforehand? We already know the previous Palworld Raid Boss Bellanoir and have introduced him to you in the GPORTAL blog.

The older “Summer Update Teaser Trailer” from the ID@Xbox event in April 2024 can be found below.

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