Palworld Sakurajima Update and Xbox Server Background

Palworld Sakurajima Update and Xbox Server

July 9, 2024
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With this update, Pocketpair not only brings a wealth of new content and improvements to the game, but also the long-awaited availability of Palworld Xbox servers. As one of the leading game server hosters, we are of course ready to tell you all the new information about the update.

What the Palworld Sakurajima update contains

The Palworld Sakurajima Update is one of the biggest and most exciting updates released to date. It expands the world of Palworld with a beautiful new region called Sakurajima, introduces numerous new Pals just waiting to be caught and used by you, and of course there are many more new features to discover.

New region: Sakurajima

The new Sakurajima region is a truly breathtaking area inspired by the beauty and splendor of cherry blossoms and the region of Asia. In addition to the picturesque landscapes characterized by blossoming cherry trees and majestic mountains, you can of course discover and catch new Pals and also encounter a new enemy group called "The Moonflowers". They are located in a tower on the scenic island and don't take kindly to strangers invading their territory. Set off to free Sakurajima from the angry enemies and seize control of the tower.

Discover the new Pals in the Sakurajima update

With the Sakurajima update, you will of course also find many new Pals. These unique creatures have special abilities and characteristics that enrich and expand your gameplay. You can find some of the new Pals here:

  • Croajiro: An apparently cute frog who wanders around with a stick in his hand and a black belt around his waist. But don't underestimate him, with his powerful attacks, he can really hurt you
  • Chillet Ignis: This new Pal has made fire its friend and provides you with fire damage while you use it as a mount. Its appearance is reminiscent of an overgrown mixture of axolotl and weasel
  • Katress Ignis: Things get hot here too, because Katress Ignis, like Chillet Ignis, will try to bring you down with fire attacks. Its appearance and demeanour are very deliberate and the striking red clothing makes it easily recognizable
  • Shroomer: Similar to Croajiro, Shroomer looks more cute than dangerous and is also slightly clumsy and confused. You should watch out for his spores, because if you inhale too many of them, you can quickly become dizzy

More weapons to choose from and a new raid boss

When new Pals come into play, who have all kinds of attacks at the ready, new weapons should of course not be far away. That's exactly why Pocketpair has not let itself get carried away and has developed and introduced some new weapons into the game. Below we list all the new Palworld Sakurajima weapons:

  • Laser Rifle
  • Flamethrower
  • Gatling gun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Guided Missile Launcher
  • Multi-guided Missile Launcher
  • Meteor Launcher

And yes, this list not only sounds brutal and fun, it will definitely be in the game, we promise!

Not only have new Pals, weapons and many other things been added in the Palworld Sakurajima update, but a new raid boss has also apparently arrived. Blazamut Ryu is the name of the latest danger in Palworld and is just waiting to be found and challenged by you. If you would like to find out more about the first Palworld Raid Boss Bellanoir, you can do so in the corresponding GPORTAL blog article.


More new features of the Palworld Sakurajima update at a glance

  • Cosmetic Hats: New hats for players and Pals to customize their characters
  • New Pal Skins: Various new skins for your Pals to give them a unique look
  • New Buildings: New buildings and structures that can be constructed in the world of Palworld
  • New building materials: New materials and building options that make building and designing your base even more diverse
  • New Pal Skills: Introduction of new skills for Pals that further enhance gameplay and strategy
  • Arena battles: In multiplayer, you now have the opportunity to compete with other players thanks to an arena
  • Player level: The level for your character has been raised to 55, meaning you can discover and explore even more, yay!
  • Tower bosses: You can now put these nasty critters in Hardcore mode and fight them in their ultimate form
  • New merchant and new items: Find all kinds of new items that offer you progress in the game and a merchant who also has a new item ready for you


You can take a look at the complete Palworld Sakurajima Patch Notes at your leisure, because the above list is definitely not all that Pocketpair has released.

Palworld Xbox Server now available

In addition to the extensive Sakurajima update, we are of course pleased to announce that Palworld Xbox servers are now available! This is of course great news for all Xbox players who now have the ability to host and manage their own servers. With our GPORTAL Palworld Xbox servers you can enjoy an excellent gaming experience. The GPORTAL Palworld Xbox servers offer you the perfect opportunity to experience the new Palworld Sakurajima update to the fullest - from the comfort of your sofa, for example!

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