How to summon the Palworld Raid Boss Bellanoir Background

How to summon the Palworld Raid Boss Bellanoir

April 11, 2024
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Last week, Pocketpair suddenly and surprisingly released the first major Palworld update and it's all about Raid Bosses. Bellanoir is the name of the first Raid Boss and here in the GPORTAL Blog you can find out how to summon Bellanoir.

How to build the Summoning Altar

To summon Bellanoir, you need the new Summoning Altar, which was added to the game with the Palworld Update v0.2.0.6. You can unlock the recipe for the altar from level 33 in the technology menu. The Summoning Altar appears in the purple column on the right called "Ancient Technology" and must be unlocked by you for 3 Ancient Technology Points. The recipe for the altar consists of just two resources:

  • 100x Stone
  • 20x Paldium Fragments

You will find these two items right from the start in Palworld and you will see that they also play an important role later on in the game, so it is advisable to always have a sufficient amount of both resources at hand. You can obtain stones simply by mining chunks of stone with a good pickaxe or you can find stones while you are looking around in the world of Palworld and going on tours. You can also get paldium fragments by mining chunks of stone, but they glow a striking blue color. However, you can also find paldium fragments randomly scattered around the world.

To be able to summon a Raid Boss, you not only need the altar - you also have to assemble the matching Slab. Once you have summoned a powerful Raid Boss by using the Summon Altar and sacrificing the Slab, the Altar and the Slab will be destroyed. As Bellanoir will probably not be the last Palworld Raid Boss, it is therefore more than advisable to collect and hoard stones and paldium fragments.


Finding Slab Fragments and crafting the Raid Boss Slab

Now that you know how to build the Summoning Altar, it's time to craft the appropriate Slab for Bellanoir. The Slabs for the Raid Bosses consist of four individual Slab Fragments, which you can find in all kinds of chests in Palworld, but especially in rare chests. So set off and pay a visit to dungeons in particular, open the chest and with a bit of luck you will have found the four fragments in no time at all.

However, before you can make the Slab from the individual fragments, you need to build the Production Assembly Line II. However, make sure that you have a power source for the assembly line, so make a power generator and place a Pal with the "Electricity" skill on it. You can unlock the recipe for this from level 42 in the technology menu and will need the following resources to create it:

  • 100x Refined Ingots
  • 30x Nails
  • 10x Circuit Boards

If you have already come across the Slab Fragments and found two different ones, there is a simple explanation for this. The fragments for the Raid Boss Slabs can be found in two different types:

  • Normal Raid Boss Slab: here you need four normal Slab Fragments. You can then use the finished Slab to summon a Raid Boss with level 30
  • Libero Raid Boss Slab: you will also need four of these fragments. Once you have made the Slab, you can summon a level 50 Raid Boss. An example here would of course be Bellanoir Libero, which is of the Dark type


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In addition to the exciting Raid Bosses, the first Palworld update has even more to offer, take a look at our Blog on the first Palworld update. Now that you know how to summon Raid Bosses, it's high time to try it yourself. Face Bellanoir and show off the strength of you and your Pals!

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