Skiing in Minecraft Background

Skiing in Minecraft

August 16, 2022
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Winter sports have arrived in Minecraft!

Skiing Minecraft

With the mod Skiing Minecraft, tedious descents from mountains in snowy biomes are a thing of the past. Strap the boards under your soles and enjoy the breeze. We present to you: Minecraft Skiing.

Skiing Mod Minecraft

For your digital skiing vacation, of course, you need an appropriate mod. Modder Affehund is the creator of the Minecraft Skiing mod, which allows you to throw yourself into the snowy fray with skis, snowboards and sleds. The Skiing Minecraft mod is available for the Minecraft version 1.18.1. A newer version is in the works according to the mod creator, but will take some time.

Minecraft Ski, Snowboards & Sledges

The mod is a complete package for skiing and winter sports fans. First of all, of course, the mod offers you the possibility to craft and ride skis in Minecraft. For this, you just need three wooden boards of any type of wood, which you arrange diagonally in the crafting field. The recipes for snowboards and sleds are similar. You will surely find them out on your own in the mod.

3x wooden boards = 1x skis

Minecraft Ski Sticks

For more control and speed on your Minecraft skis, you can also craft matching ski sticks. These are created from two sticks and an iron nugget. The sticks are placed in the middle of the workbench, with the iron nugget as the tip at the very bottom. The ski sticks are carried off-hand.

2x sticks + 1x iron nugget = 1x ski sticks

Minecraft Snow Shovel

To keep the slopes of your private ski run in good shape, you need the appropriate equipment, of course. With the Minecraft snow shovel you can clear an area of 3x3 blocks from snow. For this you need 2 sticks and an iron bucket.

2x sticks + 1x iron bucket = 1x snow shovel

Minecraft Pullover

To really get into the winter mood, of course, the scratchy, self-knitted sweater from grandma is still missing. You can craft the exclusive Minecraft ski sweater including fir tree motif from seven dyed wool pieces in U-shape and another dye in the middle on the workbench.

2x Dyed Wool + 1x Dye = 1 Pullover

Besides these ski lodge classics, Skiing Minecraft offers you a lot more:
Treat yourself to hot chocolate, craft a ski stand, trade with the new ski merchant, decorate your walls with wintry art. So, nothing stands in the way of your idyllic ski lodge on top of the next mountain. If you want to take your friends on a ski vacation, we recommend a Minecraft Server from G-Portal.

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