Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Crafting

A guide on crafting basics

Making items is a basic principle of Minecraft. Without this process, it is hardly possible to play Minecraft. Due to this importance and abundance of possibilities, only a rough overview is possible here. In this Minecraft crafting guide, the basics of crafting are explained. This article is especially interesting for newcomers, who are just busy with their first steps in Minecraft.

Short information about Minecraft crafting

  • Crafting/manufacturing = transformation of raw materials to new products
  • Inventory + small crafting box for first crafting steps at the beginning of the game
  • Recipe book helps with crafting/manufacture
  • Workbench is the central tool for crafting

Minecraft Crafting Guide – How to craft

Initially, the game Minecraft is designed to mine resources and later combine them so that you can construct buildings or structures from them. However, between a resource and a finished building there are some crafting stations.

That guarantees a new product or other forms of a raw material. Does all this sound far too theoretical? No problem, here is a small example: You have cut wood from a tree and now you don’t want to pave the floor for your house with crude logs? Then insert the log in the inventory (or workbench), where it will be transformed into wooden boards. With these wooden boards you can now build your floor.

Crafting Inventory

Each player automatically has an inventory where 36 items and resources can be stored. Also there is a small crafting box where the smallest and most basic craftings can take place (e.g. changing logs to wooden boards as in the example above).

Each item can exist 64 times per slot, so you can collect 64 logs in one slot of your inventory, for example. If you wanted to fill up your entire inventory, you could store and transport 64 logs 36 times.

Recipe Book

Another help for crafting, which every player automatically has, is the recipe book. It contains all the manufacturing methods for materials that you have already learned in the game. This happens automatically as soon as you add new raw materials to your inventory. Many basic recipes can be memorized without the book, but it simplifies the crafting process and the abundance of possibilities immensely.

The Workbench

The best known and almost self-explanatory means of crafting is the workbench. Four wooden boards are enough to create the workbench. It should be created very early in the game. 

The workbench is the hub for almost every crafting process. The small crafting box in the inventory only allows you to create recipes on 2×2 block sizes, which applies to some basic and simple items. A workbench provides the necessary platform for all other recipes on 3×3 block size. Without it, virtually nothing works in the game!

The possibilities of a workbench are huge and allow you to really get going in the game. It should therefore be placed inside the house (or any other accommodation) and enjoy a certain protection. Players who like to go on expeditions are well advised to always carry a workbench with them in their inventory.

The workbench works like the small crafting box in the inventory: you insert the materials and get the corresponding products or transformations. The recipe book is of course also available here and everything else is very similar to the normal crafting process.

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