Sons of the Forest Full Release: enjoy even more horror Background

Sons of the Forest Full Release: enjoy even more horror

February 23, 2024
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It has already been a year since Endnight Games celebrated great success with Sons of the Forest in Early Access. Not only fans of its predecessor The Forest were captivated by Sons of the Forest, but players who were completely new to the world of horror forests were not disappointed either. For the full release, we take a closer look at Sons of the Forest.

What awaits you in the horror forests of Sons of the Forest?

Before we take a look at what the full version of Sons of the Forest has in store for us, let's refresh your memory or explain to all new survival horror fans what Sons of the Forest is actually about.

At the beginning of the game, you start at one of the various locations and find the first items in your immediate surroundings, which you should urgently collect. You will also be able to find the first NPC nearby, injured but largely helpful: Kelvin. From now on, it's all about survival, collecting resources, crafting weapons and other tools and building one or more bases. You can find a guide for the first steps in Sons of the Forest here in our blog.

Once you have your first shelter and your first equipment together, you can either go on a discovery tour and explore the world of Sons of the Forest or you can take your GPS and go directly to the first caves and interesting places and see what and, above all, who you can find there. However, always be on your guard, because in addition to wild animals, most of which are friendly, you will also encounter all kinds of enemies such as cannibals or disgusting mutants who would prefer to see you dead.

With a few hours of play on the clock, you are sure to have some cool weapons, items, resources and strong armor in your luggage. You now have many options open to you, such as building one or more cool bases or even great fortresses, or creating all kinds of cool traps or other structures from your clever book. Endnight Games have never tired of listening to their large community and their feedback, because they have always brought new and exciting patches, which, in addition to fixes, have always provided new content and a lot of variety and fun. You can take another look at the blog for the last patch in Sons of the Forest Early Access here.

The new features for the Sons of the Forest Full Release

Some things could already be seen in the pre-release trailer and the patch notes for the 1.0 update also reveal a lot of new things, BUT even in the patch notes some things are not described in more detail for spoiler reasons. So we can be curious to see what other content Endnight has hidden in the update that we have yet to find.

But what we already know is ...

  • Raccoons: Yay! We are delighted that the raccoons have found their way back into the horror forests. Together with squirrels, they can also climb up trees, among other things
  • More cave sections: The trailer already suggested it and indeed, there are new cave sections and even various new mini-caves to explore. According to the patch notes, there is even a cave that only becomes accessible AFTER completing the main story
  • Story expansions and a new ending scene: The story of Sons of the Forest has also been expanded, as there are even more new cutscenes and, above all, a new alternative ending to see
  • Creative mode: You need to have played through the entire story of Sons of the Forest, but it's not just worth it to get to know the game better. You then unlock creative mode, which gives you a new inventory and allows you to skip building animations
  • More help with orientation: According to the patch notes, various things have been implemented in the game to make orientation easier at long distances and to draw attention to important or interesting locations. These include, for example, dying soldiers with red flares, rising campfire smoke and visible GPS signals on the map
  • New mutants: Two new mutant species can be seen in the trailer. One of them we affectionately call the thigh-slapper and the other ... well, we don't quite know what the right name for this object might be ourselves
  • Apparently you can now find a new blueprint for a glider launcher and the glider is now called a foldable glider, as you can now stow it in your inventory. If you have equipped the foldable glider and go onto the turtle shells of the built launcher with it, you will be thrown into the air and don't have to run to an elevation such as a mountain to jump from there with the glider
  • GPS for golf carts: Hell yeah! Endnight Games simply knows how to make its players happy and the trailer shows that golf carts now also have GPS
  • A mysterious object can be seen at the end of the trailer and bears a strong resemblance to the mysterious artifacts that you can collect in the game over time. However, it remains to be seen exactly what it is and what it triggers
  • There will be a series of new cutscenes, along with many new story items. The helicopters from the trailer are also set to become more prominent and can now even circle over your camp in some cases
  • There are all sorts of new structures that you can attach to existing buildings

We are extremely excited to see what the full release of Sons of the Forest version 1.0 will bring to light and can't wait to put countless hours into the game again.

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