V Rising Forms: everything about the shapeshifting Background

V Rising Forms: everything about the shapeshifting

May 3, 2024
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In the bloodthirsty survival game V Rising, you are of course a land-dominating vampire. But there are seven additional forms that you can take on to gain different buffs and advantages. We take a look at the different forms in the GPORTAL blog.

V Rising Wolf Form


In order to use the wolf disguise for yourself, you have to prevail against one of the first V Blood bosses: the Alpha Wolf. At level 16, it's not one of the strongest bosses you'll encounter in V Rising, but you should still be prepared, especially if you're still at the beginning of your vampire story. The Alpha Wolf reacts very aggressively to any encounter and rarely travels alone. You can find it in the Farbane forests, usually near or at the wolf den. You can find out more about the individual regions in V Rising in our GPORTAL blog. Of course, the easiest way to track the V Blood boss is to follow his bloody trail, which you can activate at the blood altar in your castle.

Once you have obtained the wolf form, you can quickly transform yourself into a real wolf via a selection menu. In addition to the impressive appearance, you also get practical features:

  • Speed buff: you can move faster with the wolf form. You are faster than when you run as a normal vampire, but you are not so fast that it would replace a horse. Nevertheless, the buff is very useful if, for example, you want to walk through areas that are heavily frequented by the sun during the day
  • Pack member: as a real wolf, you have the advantage that you can safely sneak past other wolves without being attacked by them. However, this does not apply to cursed, mutated and bandit wolves
  • Jump and howl: just like a real wolf, you can also howl in wolf form and gain a leap that allows you to leave smaller obstacles behind you without any problems

V Rising Rat Form


The rat form requires a little more effort on your part to encounter the right boss. The boss called Putrid Rat is level 30 and doesn't just walk around in the world. You have to build a vermin's nest, for which you need 360x stone and 80x bone - ideally you should use a separate room in your castle for this. Once the nest is ready, you need to collect more resources so that you can “summon” the Putrid Rat. To do this, you need 1x Twilight Snapper, 8x Grave Dust and 4x Fish Bones. You can obtain grave dust by killing undead, skeletons or other creatures in the graveyard. The twilight snapper, on the other hand, is rarer to find, so it will probably take you a while to catch the fish. You can find everything you need to know about Fishing and fish in V Rising in our blog.

Once you have collected all the materials, place them in the vermin nest and wait a few seconds for the Putrid Rat to spawn. Prepare yourself for what will probably be a short but fierce battle and pay particular attention to the other rats that the boss will summon around him. If the fight is successful, you will now receive the rat form and can benefit from the following features:

  • Stealth: as a rat, you are smaller than the actual vampire you are and can therefore sneak past enemy creatures, other NPCs and through entire camps almost undisturbed. You can also use smaller shady areas to avoid being burnt by the sun
  • Loophole: the rat form allows you to use the smallest gaps and move through them to get to places that are otherwise more difficult to reach

V Rising Bear Form


Let's move straight on to the next boss, from whom you receive another transformation, the bear form. The “Ferocious Bear”, which appears at level 36, is located in the bear cave in the eastern Farbane Woods. The best way to fight this boss is from a distance, as it launches a number of attacks, including powerful ones, at close range. Ranged combat, for example with a crossbow, is particularly suitable so that you can dodge his attacks and reduce his health. You can find an overview of the V Rising weapons in the GPORTAL blog.

If you have the bear form and have defeated the Ferocious Bear, you will receive some practical benefits from the transformation:

  • Resistances: as long as you are in bear form, you gain an additional 25% resistance. This is particularly useful when mining garlic or helps against the sun so that you don't take damage so quickly
  • Speed: in bear form, you gain a strong +15% movement speed
  • Less damage and better regeneration: to make you really tanky as a bear, you take 25% less damage and your health regenerates a little faster
  • Smash and Crush: these two abilities replace your vampire-related skills and are particularly powerful in combat and for destroying larger barriers. With the power of the bear, for example, you can also gain access to the bandit fortress of Quincey, the bandit king, without having to make explosives for it

V Rising Human Form


Transformation number 4 used to be awarded by Beatrice the Tailor as soon as you fought her in the Dunley Fields. However, this changed with the Gloomrot update for V Rising. From then on, you will receive the human form of a V Blood boss called Bane the Shadowblade. The level 47 boss can be found roaming the streets of Dunley Fields and is disguised as a human, so he will not be attacked by others, but this changes as soon as he is attacked or his disguise ends. After a successful fight against the V Blood boss, you will receive the human form and can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Stealth: in human form, you can stroll through towns almost undetected without being recognized as a vampire. However, we emphasize the word “almost”, because some people will be able to recognize you despite your disguise if you are not careful and approach priests, for example
  • Merchants: you can only speak and trade with some merchants in human form, so use them for this purpose
  • Disadvantage: however, there is also a disadvantage to human form. Your time is not infinite as soon as you are in human form, as it greatly increases your blood consumption. It is also important to know that, contrary to what you might expect, human form does not protect you from the sun

V Rising Frog Form


Well, haven't you always wanted to see the world of Vardoran through the eyes of a small and slimy frog? You can get the frog form from the Duke of Balaton, who is level 62 and can be found in the Swamp of Greed in the Cursed Forest. The V Blood boss itself is also a frog, but not the cute version. Ranged attacks are also best for this boss, as it moves rather slowly due to its size and, from a certain level of health, summons other small companions who also attack. After the battle, you receive the frog form and can use it to jump over slightly higher obstacles such as fences or walls. With this ability, you can, for example, penetrate enemy fortresses unnoticed if there are small gaps that have not been covered. However, make sure that you do not take any damage while in frog form, otherwise the transformation will cancel immediately.

V Rising Bat Form


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman! Okay, of course not quite as impressive as Batman, but the bat form in V Rising is just as cool. To add the form to your selection, you have to defeat the V Blood boss called “Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer”. He is level 76 and you can find him in the east of the Cursed Forest as he sneaks through the streets and paths. With this boss, however, you should make sure that you set off with really good equipment and an equally high level, because in addition to his powerful attacks, his agility is a big plus point with him. So if his speed is a problem for you, you can use a powerful sword in addition to a crossbow, for example.

Once you have defeated the Nightmarshal, you will receive the bat form from him and this very powerful transformation form gives you the practical benefit of being able to move high up in the air and thus overcome obstacles that would be impassable as a simple vampire, such as deep chasms. However, you must be aware that you are not immune to the sun as a bat. In addition, you cannot use the transformation while you are carrying something or are in a room, and you must make sure you have a suitable place to land if you want to get out of bat form.

V Rising Spider Form


Let's move on to the last and, above all, most up-to-date transformation that you can use in V Rising. The spider form comes with the full release on May 8th and unfortunately we don't know too much yet. But what we can definitely reveal is that in spider form you can bury yourself in the ground in front of enemy creatures and thus become virtually invisible to others. By burying yourself in the ground, you can also conveniently protect yourself from the burning sun.

Cosmetic variants of shapeshifting

In addition to the normal forms in V Rising, there are other cosmetic variants for individual transformations that are unlocked through DLCs. Below we list all cosmetic variants of the forms and below you will find a gallery with matching photos.

Founder's Pack: Eldest Bloodline

  • Wolf Form: Stygian Wolf
  • Bear Form: Stygian Bear
  • Human Form: Grandmother Variant

Castlevania DLC (with full release on May 8)

  • Wolf Form: Soul of the Wolf
  • Human Form: Glamour of Maria Renard
  • Frog Form: Guise of The Flea Man

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