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Build a community with Private Game Servers

Damian Reed
5. October 2020
5 min

Many game studios already know that communities help with the success of a new game and it’s longevity – however private game servers can take communities to a whole new level!

Build a community with private game servers

Most, if not all game studios have some kind of platform that allows players to talk about their favourite game with other players. These platforms are used to gain opinions and feedback from the players, reward them with early access DLC and generally use these platforms to enhance the fan base.

These platforms or communities are hugely important to the game life durability of a title. With a growing fan base that can talk, exchange tips and experiences with each other – they help keep the game on-topic, relevant, helping to provide a longer lasting player base.

When private game servers are used as part of the multiplayer orchestration – we see time and time again; more communities, a larger fan base and enhanced game life durability.

With a private game server, a game studio can expect communities to consist of clans, groups and clubs who love the fact that they can play their favourite game within a private (sometimes exclusive) environment. These communities can restrict who plays on their servers, how the game runs – often being able to manipulate loot, damage, day/night cycles, weather, DLC and so much more. This community will race against each other, battle each other, band together to fight various creatures and monsters, create new worlds, currencies, lore, events, leagues – all of which are driven by this community who has a passion for a game, drive a hunger to a level that is simply not possible without private game servers.

Modding community

The second community depends on the game studio and arguably has more of an impact of the game life durability and this community is the modding community.

Long live the modding community!

If a game studio allows a game to be modified, then this could have huge benefits to the success of a game. Rust, Conan Exiles, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Minecraft are some excellent examples of how a game can thrive with mods. Now mods come in all shapes and sizes and vary in quality, but consider this – you are a reasonably sized studio, who has spent the past two years slaving over a game release, your time and resources are not without limits, there is only so much you can do. A modding community can take your game to the next level – I know of several studios who have embraced this, promoting mods of their game, and even selecting some to become official mods – essentially free downloadable content. And whilst mods help further the development and evolution of a game title, they are also a community, who lean on each other for advice and expertise – who share their content and allow others to add even more – who enjoy downloading and playing these sometimes wacky extreme versions of a game. Modding communities, help keep a game fresh, and help keep a game alive.

Communities drive people to continue to talk about games, months, sometimes years after a release – they keep games relevant and if you are reading this and you don’t have private game servers, then you are missing out.

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Damian Reed

Damian is a business development manager at GPORTAL, who provide private and official game servers to game developers, studios, and gamers.

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