Minecraft Composter Background

Minecraft Composter

September 20, 2022
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If your inventory is getting too full and you're wondering why you collected all those plants in the first place, the Minecraft composter is the perfect solution for you!

Minecraft Composters

With the Minecraft 1.14 update, the game introduced for the first time a way to put excess plants to good use. With subsequent updates, the list of usable materials grew longer and longer, offering several advantages to the player who is dedicated to the farm life.

How to Get Minecraft Composters

Is it possible to craft Minecraft composters? Hardly anyone asks themselves this question. Minecraft, after all, allows players to craft almost anything. The composter is not one of the few exceptions that you can only find, such as the Elytra. If you want to get it yourself, all you need is the Minecraft composter recipe: Arrange 7 wood slabs in a U-shape in the crafting window and there you have it: Your own composter.


If you don't have any wood slabs at hand, but you know that there's a village nearby, it's definitely worth a visit! Because even though you can craft it, that doesn't preclude you from finding a Minecraft composter as well. They are regularly found in villages. After all, they serve as a job site block for the villagers who pursue the farming profession. Therefore, chances are good that you'll also find a nice farmer to trade with right away, so let's go!

What Do I Do With My Minecraft Compost?

Maybe you already have Minecraft composters all over your fields or behind your house, but don't know what to do with them now? And anyway, what is compost? Minecraft makes it pretty easy for you: almost all plant-based materials and mushrooms serve as compost and can be recycled. So if you don't need it anymore, you can just put it in the block. It should be noted that the Minecraft composters have different levels that must be full. So you may have to fill it with materials several times. The plants that you can use can be divided into different categories. For example, some have only a 50% chance of increasing the fullness level. For others, the probability is 85% or even 100%.

When you finally have your composter in use, you can look forward to the product: bone meal. You can use it as fertilizer to grow more plants or to produce white dye. So it can be as simple as making fertilizer from superfluous materials that otherwise just waste space in your inventory. However, you should be careful, because there is also an exception! Poisonous potatoes are not Minecraft compost and can not be recycled.

Do's & Don'ts For Your Minecraft Composters

It doesn't matter if you use your composters to pave a new career path for a villager, or to support the growth of your plants. There are a few little tips that can make working with your Minecraft composters easier.

Use baked potatoes or flowering azaleas to fill your composters! With a probability of 85%, you'll manage a level change with them. Cake and pumpkin pie even have a probability of 100%. So instead of using several other materials with low chances, go for the higher numbers instead! Another do in this list: craft a redstone comparator. It will always show you the current filling level of your Minecraft composters, so you have one less question in mind.

There are two things you should avoid. Don't use the composters in Minecraft as fuel. It's possible, but it doesn't have very much use, since it only lasts for one and a half burning processes. Use it for recycling instead! Also, it pays to put wheat in the composter instead of its produce. These would cause a level change with a chance of 85%, but if you use the wheat used to make bread instead, you'll get to the next stage faster despite the lower percentage.

Now, if you feel like experimenting a bit with the composters and see which Minecraft compost works best, you should try it out on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! Have fun playing!

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