Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Villager

You think there is only you, the enemies and a variety of animals in the vastness of the game? Then you’ll be surprised when you suddenly meet Minecraft villagers. They live, work and sleep in villages, just as you would imagine villagers to do. Each of them has a special profession, depending on the items they trade. The villagers accept only emeralds as payment. You profit from trading and can enjoy the gaming experience even more realistically.

Trading Villagers: Professions in the Minecraft World

The muttering villagers of Minecraft are mostly conscientious workers, specialized in their profession. They trade with various goods, i.e. they buy and sell. For each profession there is a job site block where the day’s workload is done. In addition, the clothing of the villagers depends on their profession and the biome in which they live. Thus, there are many signs to recognize a villager.

Minecraft Villager – All Professions at a Glance

ProfessionJob site blockClothing
Armorer Blast furnace Metal visor
ButcherSmokerRed headband + robes
CartographerCartography tableMonocle
ClericBrewing StandPurple robes + Creeper pattern
FarmerComposterStraw hat
FishermanBarrelFishing hat
FletcherFletching tableFeather hat + quiver
LeatherworkerCauldronBrown robes + gloves
LibrarianLecternReading glasses + book as a hat
MasonStonecutterBlack apron + gloves
NitwitGreen robes
ShepherdLoomBrown feather hat
ToolsmithSmithing tableBlack robes
Unemployed Biome clothing
WeaponsmithGrindstoneBlack apron + eye patch

Career levels: Rising in the Ranks of the Villagers

Not all Villagers are equal. Within their ranks, there are different career levels they can achieve. This applies even for the nitwits. Each time you trade with a villager, he gains experience and moves up a career level if possible. As his career level increases, so does his trade. The fastest way to level up villagers is to take advantage of newly added offers.

At the beginning, a villager is at the novice level. With a certain number of experience points, he moves up one level in their career and receives the following levels:

  • Apprentice (10 XP)
  • Journeyman (60 XP)
  • Expert (100 XP)
  • Master (150 XP)

Minecraft trading gets you ahead bit by bit. Instead of looking for several trading villagers, it is therefore worthwhile to look for only one contact person of each profession and to level them up specifically.

Your Villager Trading Guide – How to Trade

All villager trades can be done several times and this process is very easy if you follow the main steps.

  1. Approach the villager. If you already know what he is trading by his appearance, you can either hold emeralds or an item the villager can buy in your hand. Then he will react to you and holds the corresponding item in his hand.
  2. Open the trading menu with a right mouse click on the villager. 
  3. Now you can start trading: similar to the crafting window, there are two fields on the left and one on the right. Symbols show you which items can be traded. 
  4. Items that are still in the left fields when you end the trade will be dropped.

If you trade with a new item, the villager opens new trade levels. These levels are limited in number depending on the villager’s career level. If a trade is repeated often and reaches its limit, it will be locked. This offer cannot be traded again until it is renewed by the villager. This happens when he works on his job site block.

Not Only Trading Villagers – Special Cases of Villagers

Minecraft Zombie Villager: Friend & Enemy

Zombie villagers are similar to normal villagers in many ways. They pursue the same professions and advance to the same career levels. The crucial difference: these NPCs are hostile and try to turn other villagers into zombies. However, you can prevent that! If you encounter a zombie villager, you can heal him. This will turn him into an ordinary villager, who will keep his profession and career level. To do this, you just have to throw a potion of weakness at him and then give him a golden apple.

A Matter of Luck: Wandering Trader

Another special Villager is the wandering trader. Minecraft offers you the possibility to buy goods from this NPC. As the name suggests, it is a trader that wanders around and spawns randomly. Strictly speaking, he is not a villager, but he looks very similar to them. He also does not have career levels. His supply is randomly generated when he spawns and does not expand after trading.

Villagers Fun Facts

  • If lightning strikes near a villager, he becomes a witch
  • Villagers are afraid of the dark
  • They run faster than players at night
  • Villagers cannot use iron doors or trapdoors 
  • Each Villager has an individual relationship with you and other players, which is generated using a measurement scale (+10 to -30). So you can gain points in popularity, but losing points can also weaken your relationship with the villager. This has an effect on your trade.
  • If a villager sleeps and you destroy his job site block, he loses his profession
  • If you give a sleeping villager a job site block, he will take this profession
  • Villagers can sleep in boats
  • They can reproduce under the right conditions (beds, food & willingness)
  • You will not be rewarded with XP when trading with the wandering trader

Conclusion Minecraft Villagers

Did we help you navigate through the complex social construct of Minecraft villagers? Then you should jump right into your next adventure! On a Minecraft server from G-Portal you can level up an entire village together with your friends and get the best offers even faster.

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