Minecraft Villager

Minecraft Villagers live, work and sleep in villages. Each of them has a profession, depending on which items they trade. However, as currency, all villagers in Minecraft accept only emeralds. Here you’ll learn everything essential to know about Minecraft villagers and their jobs.

Minecraft villager: jobs

Minecraft’s muttering villagers are mostly conscientious workers who specialize in their profession, buying and selling various goods. For each profession there is a job site block where the day’s work is done. The villagers’ clothing depends on their profession and the biome they live in. The following Minecraft villager professions exist:

All villager jobs

ProfessionJob site blockClothing
FarmerComposterStraw hat
FletcherFletching tableFeather hat + quiver
LibrarianLecternReading glasses + book as a hat
FishermanBarrelFishing hat
ButcherSmokerRed headband + robes
ClericBrewing StandPurple robes + Creeper pattern
LeatherworkerCauldronBrown robes + gloves
ToolsmithSmithing tableBlack robes
CartographerCartography tableMonocle
MasonStonecutterBlack apron + gloves
ArmorerBlast furnaceMetal visor
ShepherdLoomBrown feather hat
WeaponsmithGrindstoneBlack apron + eye patch
NitwitGreen robes

Career levels of Minecraft villagers

In addition to their profession, each villager in Minecraft has a career level (including the nitwits). Each time you trade with a villager, they gain experience and move up a career level if possible. As the career level increases, so does the amount of trade offers. The fastest way to level up villagers is to take advantage of newly added offers.

Each villager starts at the novice level and advances to the apprentice career level with the tenth experience point. This is followed by journeyman (60 XP), expert (100 XP) and finally master (150 XP). So, it’s worth looking for only one villager of each profession at a time and leveling him specifically. This way, each Minecraft trade will bring you a bit further.

Special cases: Zombie villager and wandering trader

Minecraft Zombie Villager

Zombie villagers have the same professions and career levels as ordinary villagers, but they are hostile NPCs that try to turn other villagers. If you encounter a zombie villager, you can heal it, turning it into a regular villager. To do this, simply cast a Potion of Weakness on him and then give him a golden apple. He will keep his profession and career level.

The wandering trader in Minecraft

The traveling merchant spawns randomly and is therefore not strictly speaking a villager, but looks very similar to them. He also does not have a career level. His supply is randomly generated when he spawns and does not expand after trading.

Fun Facts about Villagers

If lightning strikes near a villager, the villager becomes a witch.

Villagers are afraid of darkness.

Villagers cannot use iron doors or trapdoors. 

Each Villager has an individual relationship with you or with individual players, which is weighted on a scale (+10 to -30). So you can gain plus points in popularity, but minus points can also weaken your relationship with the villager. The popularity has an effect on your trade.

Conclusion Minecraft Villagers

We hope we were able to help you navigate the complex social structure of Minecraft villagers. On a Minecraft server from G-Portal you can also level up an entire village together with your friends and get the best offers even faster.

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