Ideas for your house in Minecraft Background

Ideas for your house in Minecraft

September 15, 2022
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In Minecraft, there is nothing to limit your imagination - especially when it comes to building a house.

Your Minecraft House - Ideas For Everyone

Fans of the game experience adventures in the wilderness, face many enemies, loot already existing buildings and discover new blocks and possibilities. You should not forget that you can also give free rein to your own ideas. As in other games, the principle of building houses has prevailed in Minecraft. What makes the Minecraft building ideas special? There are no spatial limits! No predefined walls or rooms, no visual choices and no financial problems, because no inventory item has to be paid for with virtual currencies.

In the block world you start from the bottom and decide everything yourself! The basic rule: if you can imagine it, you can build it. You just have to want to. In the nerve-racking survival mode, a house can save your life! But if you need a break from the stress, just sneak into creative mode and become your own professional architect.

5 Minecraft Building Ideas For Your Next Journey to the World of Blocks

The possibilities to make your Minecraft house ideas come to life are incredibly versatile. Where should your house be located? Which style do you prefer: medieval, modern, urban or rural idyll? Which material do you use? How do you design the interior? Is the house enough for you, or does it include the surrounding area, which you want to turn into a farm or garden?

Igloo, skyscraper, the Big Ben, the house of your favorite cartoon family or even a famous filming location of your favorite TV series and movies? Or rather castles and huge mansions? All this is within reach! To give you some inspiration, we present you 5 Minecraft house ideas in the following.

Medieval Minecraft: The Guild

If your heart beats for fantasy, the guild is the perfect option for you and your friends in multiplayer mode! Quarry stone and wood paired together create an authentic tavern atmosphere. Then add some tiles to give the roof the typical red coloring. Or you can use bright colored blocks for walls and wooden blocks for gables and welts to hold the walls. Some torches in front of the door, a window every now and then on the longish building and you can imagine your group of friends sitting together in the evening like in a tavern or even a guild and planning the next quest.

Why don't you add a second floor under the roof where your companions can rest. Or a small tower to be able to spy on possible enemies. Add a few vines or bushes here and there, a sign in front of the door, and there you have your guild headquarters in the forest!

Tarzan Would Be Jealous: The Tree House

If you've always dreamed of a big tree house, you could now make this wish come true! Find one of the giant sequoia trees in the jungle and start building! No matter if you hollow it out and add a ladder inside, or if you want your rooms to start at the top on a platform, your tree house will be spectacular! Surrounded by a porch, you can hide your little house in the treetops. Entirely in rustic wooden style, the house unfolds its charm. Do you like details? How about some plants or a waterfall through a hole in the porch?

You would surely recognize this house again and again! The shape could be unusual, not just a boring square. You still want to expand your tree house in Minecraft? Ideas range from single houses to multiple shelters connected by bridges. Make Tarzan go green with envy with your jungle tree house!

Bigger, More Colorful, More Magnificent: The Temple

You know them from movies, history lessons or even video games: ancient temples of various regions. Wouldn't you like to build a temple in Asian style? The red roofs with ornate wooden ends look fantastic on a mountain or among cherry trees! Or you can take ancient peoples like the Inca as a model and build entire temple complexes! Of course, a classical temple in the Greek style would look great on a hill too.

The bigger, the better. A temple looks huge, pompous and can't be designed excitingly enough. Whether you prefer to enjoy the gloomy ambience or build a colorful building doesn't matter. Even better in Minecraft: Decoration ideas can be implemented in a variety of colors and materials and make your temple even more individual. Maybe add a winding path through the forest which leads through a gate to the entrance and your mystical journey can begin!

Conspicuously Inconspicuous: The Rabbit Hole

How exciting would an underground house be? You can find out! Just dig into the ground and work out your own tunnel system lit with torches. Maybe you'll keep just a few rooms hidden in the dark, while adding glass ceilings to your main rooms. This will give you the light you need, and you'll always be able to find your rabbit hole even when you're wandering along the surface. You only let your friends see what you want them to see.

No one knows what you hide in your secret rooms. Is it a chaotic alchemy lab where you brew potions? Or just a quiet chamber where your bed is? Maybe your house stretches all the way to the nearest mines? No one would notice and on the surface you don’t lose space. Find your inner rabbit and let's go!

The swamp & You: The Stilt House

Want to escape the hectic life of a zombie hunter and rather spend your time relaxing while fishing? Build your house on stilts! At the water's edge you could build a small porch, add a fence, stairs on the side or a ladder that will lead you to your own little dock for your boat. Idyllic and peaceful, yet practical! At the back of the porch is your little house, cozy, true to style, made of wood. Enough room for boxes and a bed for the adventurer on a break.

Just think how great this house looks from afar! Not a boring cabin in the woods, or a concrete block on the wide open space. After a long day, you can enjoy the sunset over the water and your escape to the safety of your home would be shorter than ever.

Your Minecraft House: Inspiration found?

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