Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Building

Besides finding and mining raw materials and materials, building structures is one of the core objectives of Minecraft. But there are also buildings and structures in Minecraft that have already been created by the world itself, i.e. existing buildings. Here we introduce you to the buildings!

List of buildings in Minecraft

Some types of buildings are significantly harder to find in Minecraft biomes than others. You should keep in mind that some of them are just a place with semi-valuable materials. Other places require an adventure with numerous dangers and challenges to even enter the building.

Underground buildings

We will now introduce you to some underground buildings and structures:

Mine Shaft

These shaft systems are quite common in caves or other underground structures. They contain some good materials and there are also some chests with valuable materials in the corridors. The shafts are particularly distinctive because of their interrupted rail tracks and wooden structures to stabilize the tunnels.


Fortresses are exceptionally rare and are very deep underground. They are also the only place where a portal to the end is available. They can only be found by right-clicking on an Endereye, which will direct you to the Fortress. A number of monsters await you there and various rooms, including libraries and fountains.


Dungeons can also be found underground and contain two chests with all sorts of useful materials. However, monsters will also spawn here, so be ready for the mobs!

Above-ground buildings

Back from underground, we now introduce you to some above-ground buildings in the various biomes:

Desert Well (Desert)

A rare desert object that keeps some water blocks inside. Ideal stopover for long desert travelers!

Village (Plains, Taiga, Ice, Savanna, Desert)

One of the most famous and common above-ground building structures. The village is home to numerous villagers with whom interactions such as trade are possible. The villagers with their characteristics are also found in the typical buildings, e.g. blacksmith in a forge, clergymen in a church and other inhabitants in residential buildings. You can also find various tools in a village, including workbenches, anvils and chests.

Desert Temple (Desert)

The desert temple is a building consisting of two towers and a pyramid. Inside there are chests to loot. But be careful not to set off the TNT!

Jungle Temple (Jungle)

A small stone-shaped building type deep in the jungle. The temple is a challenge! The corridors are small and narrow and there are quite a few deadly traps waiting for you! Many of them are redstone powered and trigger automatically. Even at the chest in the heart of the temple, you have to set a proper lever position to get to it. In return, exclusive items are waiting for you there! If you like to be a real adventurer and are not afraid of taking risks, then the Jungle Temple is for you!

Witch’s Hut (Swamp)

Rather rare building in the swamp. There is a possibility to meet a witch there (so you should be prepared for it). In the hut itself there is usually a chest with potions.

Ocean Monument (Deep Ocean)

A building in the deep ocean, which rather the deep-sea divers among you will discover. The large building is flooded and protected by various monsters. A lot of chests and even a treasure chamber with gold await you here as well! The ocean monument is something for experienced divers and underwater fighters. If you are afraid of water, this expedition is not for you. We’ll tell you how to explore the underwater world in Minecraft with a long breath in our article respiration underwater.

Igloo (snow)

Comparable to a village dwelling in the snow. The igloo is only found in snowy regions and you can discover an underground cellar where a villager, zombie villager and/or a chest can be found.

Forest Palace (Covered Forest)

A large palace-like structure in the heart of the dense forest. It is teeming with monsters and chests. A fighter type will enjoy slashing and robbing, but all cautious explorers might not want to enter the place.

Nether Buildings

There are also some buildings in the Nether. We will introduce you to the Nether buildings:

Nether Fortress

A pure monster spawning place. There is only one strategy for the Nether Fortress: get in, get stuff, get out – and do it as fast as possible.

Bastion Ruin

Home of the aggressive Piglins. So put on your gold armor and attack! As befits Piglins, gold is stored everywhere and the other chests also have a lot to offer. Have fun looting and don’t get caught!

Destroyed Nether Portal (Nether and Upper World)

The portal ruin can be found on both worlds and besides decorative biomes, it also contains a chest with useful items.

Buildings in the End

You can find and loot these buildings in the End:

Obsidian Pillar

The End creates obsidian pillars on which end crystals are placed. These End Crystals must be destroyed to prevent the Ender Dragon from regenerating.

Ender Well

The End Well, or Ender Well, is the exit portal from the End back to the Upper World. As the end point of Minecraft, it is indestructible. Jumping into the Ender Well will run the credits and represents the “regular” end of the game of Minecraft.

End Gateway Portal

This structure is created after defeating the end dragon and allows to reach and explore more end islands.

End Cities

These cities are located on end islands and look like a kind of tree house that gets bigger and bigger towards the top. An end settlement can consist of several buildings, such as a single-story or multi-story house, tower, or bridges. The end cities are inhabited by numerous monsters, such as Shulker. In return, chests with very valuable contents can be found in the end cities. So if you are already in the end and have defeated the end dragon, a short trip to end cities or end settlements should not be a problem.

End Ship

End ships are usually located near end cities. Here, too, there are numerous monsters, but you should definitely not miss an exploration of the ship. The end ship has the most valuable treasures of all Minecraft buildings. In the final ship you can find elytra wings or even the head of a dragon!

Conclusion about buildings in Minecraft

Now you know quite a bit about the different buildings in Minecraft. Your exploration of buildings in Minecraft is usually rewarded with great finds. However, you have to be careful of dangers and mobs. Arm yourself now and play with your friends on a Minecraft server from GPORTAL and fight your way to the final ship. We wish you a lot of fun!

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