Palworld Nails and Circuit Boards - how to get them Background

Palworld Nails and Circuit Boards - how to get them

April 17, 2024
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In the absolute survival hit called Palworld, you can make all kinds of objects yourself. These include items that require a lot of preparation, such as Nails and Circuit Boards. That's why we want to show you how to make both in the GPORTAL blog.

How to craft Nails

As soon as you have reached level 10, you can unlock Nails in the Technology Menu for 1 Technology Point. However, if you now think that you can produce Nails directly, you are unfortunately wrong. You can also unlock the Primitive Furnace in the Technology Menu from level 10 for 3 Technology Points. You need the following resources for the Primitive Furnace:

  • 50x Stone
  • 20x Wood
  • 3x Flame Organ

You can obtain stones and wood from the start in Palworld, either randomly lying on the ground or by mining them by hand. Fire Organs, on the other hand, can be obtained as loot from fire pals, found in chests or bought from traders.

Once you have made and built the Primitive Furnace, you need to set off and collect a large amount of ore. Once your bags are well filled with ores, head back to your camp and process them into ingots in the Primitive Furnace. You should make sure that you always keep a certain amount of ingots and ores in chests, as you will need both for all recipes. At the workbench, you can finally use the ingots to make Nails, the ratio is 2 to 1, i.e. you get 2x Nails from 1x Ingot.


Hint: your Pals don't just look cute or are practical in battle, you should also use them at your workstations. You can find out which Pals are suitable for the furnace or workbench, especially at the beginning, or which Pal you can use to collect ores efficiently in our blog for the best Palworld starter Pals.

How you can make Circuit Boards

Another important item are Circuit Boards, which can only be unlocked from level 35 in the Technology Menu for 2 Technology Points. However, just as with the Nails, you also need to take a few precautions for the Circuit Boards so that you can ultimately produce them on the Production Assembly Line. First, you should build the Production Assembly Line, which you can unlock from level 28 in the Technology Menu for 3 Technology Points. You will need the following resources for the Production Assembly Line recipe:

  • 100x Ingots
  • 50x Wood
  • 20x Nails
  • 10x Cement


You already know where you can get three out of four resources, but where do you get cement? Well, you'll have to put in a bit of work here too. From level 19 in the Technology Menu, you can unlock cement for 1 Technology Point. You need the following items to produce it:

  • 50x Stone
  • 1x Bone
  • 1x Pal Fluid (obtained as loot from Water Pals)

The resources and stations are all ready, so now it's time to supply the Production Assembly Line with electricity. Which brings us directly to the production of the next item: the power generator. You can unlock this from level 26 in the Technology Menu and have to sacrifice 3 Technology Points for it. You will need these resources for this:

  • 50x Ingots
  • 20x Electric Organs (available from traders or as loot from Electric Pals)


Note: to ensure that the Production Assembly Line is continuously supplied with electricity, it is important that you place a Pal with the ability to generate electricity at the power generator and assign it the work.

Now we finally come to the production of the Circuit Boards. You will need the following resources for production:

  • 4x Pure Quartz
  • 2x Polymer

Now it gets tricky. To get Pure Quartz, you have to travel to the far north and look for quartz chunks there. However, these should stand out quite well in the bright snow, because unlike other chunks of ore, the quartz chunks are almost black and have spikes sticking out of them that resemble frozen crystals. You should not only use Pals for ore mining, the area in the far north is full of strong opponents who are just waiting for youngsters who are too low in level. You should also take either a Pal that can swim with you, but a flying Pal is more advisable so that you can orient yourself well in the area and keep an overview.

Polymer is not exactly super easy to obtain either. You can unlock it from level 33 in the Technology Menu for 2 Technology Points. To make it, you need 2x High Quality Pal Oil, which you can get from traders or you can fight your way through battles against Pals such as Digtoise, Mammorest or Quivern and get it as loot from them. You can then produce Polymer with sufficient resources on the Production Assembly Line.

What you need Nails and Circuit Boards for

After you've gone through all the trouble and completed all the possible steps, the question naturally arises: what do I actually need Nails and Circuit Boards for? You mainly need Nails for furniture and decorations, but also for the above-mentioned Production Assembly Line or for weapons such as the Mounted Missile Launcher or Crossbows. Circuit boards, on the other hand, are needed for some electrical items such as fridges or heaters. However, they are also essential for all kinds of Proctuction Assembly Lines and, for example, Jetragon's Missile Launcher, which turns him into an absolutely deadly weapon. You also need the Production Assembly Lines, for example, to produce the Slabs for summoning Raid Bosses. You can find out exactly how this works in GPORTAL's summon Raid Bosses Blog.


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