Sons of the Forest: Patch 10 Background

Sons of the Forest: Patch 10

September 8, 2023
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It feels like Sons of the Forest Patch 09 has just been released and already Patch 10 is knocking on the door. Let's take a closer look at the new features in the latest patch of Sons of the Forest on the GPORTAL blog.

New building options

Corner ramps

Long wished for and Endnight Games delivers: there is now finally the ability to build corner ramps and use them as roofs as well, making it finally realizable to build roofs in a diamond shape. You can even build the corner ramps in different heights of the individual log heights, which opens up whole new ways of building.


Stone floors

Tired of all the wood in Sons of the Forest? Then Endnight Games has a solution for you here too, because from now on you can build stone floors from the big rocks. Not only does it look cool and add variety, but the sound also changes when you walk on wood or stone.


Wooden railings

Also new is the ability to build a railing out of log halves. This is especially nice for the look, if you have set previous railings from whole logs, because the halves loosen up the whole scene a bit. By building railings you also have the option, for example, to build a ramp for the sled.


More wood, coziness and bomb atmosphere

With the log storages, which can hold six logs, you unfortunately do not get quite as far, especially if you have planned larger structures, and even Kelvin quickly reaches the limit with his work when the log storages are filled so quickly. The issue is history, as there are now larger log storage facilities that can hold up to 24 logs.


Winter is setting in, it is cold and you warm yourself by the fire, while in the background you can already hear the rustling of the forest again, announcing the next wave of enemy attacks. If you have already built a good base with alarm systems and traps from Sons of the Forest Patch 09, then of course you do not have to worry if enemies stray to you again. To make your base even more comfortable, you can now use the leather of the deer and place it as a carpet on the floor or on the wall.


Since patch 09, the fleshy pieces of the enemies fly merrily through the air when they are killed by explosives like a grenade. There is also the option of the time bomb, of course, but in patch 10 it became a sticky bomb, which gives you the ability to place it in all sorts of places and then have it go off.

Cannibal on fire and little sparkles

There is a new cannibal type that sets itself on fire and then comes running at you at full speed to hurt you. So you should either be able to dodge quickly and well, or have the foresight not to go near such an enemy in the first place. After the electric fences came into play in Sons of the Forest Patch 08, they now also let sparks fly as soon as they get triggered.

Apart from that, there are new different sounds, for example when throwing stones or large rocks - this is a particularly cool new feature for people who pay attention to such things and attach great importance to them. If you are heading into a cave or bunker again, you will probably notice the big black "N" at the top center of the GPS screen now. You can now navigate better by always knowing which way is north. You can check out all the other new features in Sons of the Forest Patch 10 here.


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