Foxes in Minecraft Background

Foxes in Minecraft

November 10, 2022
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Who doesn't know him, the nimble little Minecraft fox that likes to run away from you in the game? If you are still unfamiliar with it, you will get an overview here, a Minecraft fox guide, so to speak.

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The Minecraft Fox

Then you'll know what to do the next time you encounter this passive mob! But maybe you are already familiar with the nocturnal creature? That's quite possible, because it's by no means new. The fox was already introduced to us with the 1.14 update, after a vote was to be taken at Minecon 2018 for which biome would get a makeover. Perhaps it was the fox that was the deciding factor in choosing the Taiga, as it advertised the introduction of the Minecraft fox, among other things.

These Are the Versions of the Minecraft fox!

If you walk through the world of Minecraft, you're sure to constantly encounter all sorts of animals. Cows, sheep or chickens are definitely not uncommon. On coasts, you might see turtles or the familiar squid in the ocean. But away from these slow or flashy animals, you may miss a small fox. Due to their speed and habit of rather avoiding the player, it's not always easy to spot them. So, how do you recognize a Minecraft fox and where can you find them?

If we take a closer look at Minecraft foxes, it is noticeable that you can meet them in two different variants. They are not really two species, since the behavior is identical, but despite a few differences, both variants deserve to be known about. Who knows, maybe even little things like the color of the fur or the biome is something that makes one variant your favorite Minecraft fox?

The Red Fox - Minecraft Goes ‘Red’

He's the classic! You think of a fox and immediately you have the small, red, dog-like animal in your mind, right? Well, no one can blame you! The red fox is probably the most well-known type of fox. It's used in games, movies and television whenever a fox is needed. That's why it’s also represented as a Minecraft fox, of course! As already announced with the update, the red fox lives in the taiga. So next time you're out there, you can keep an eye out to see if he's hiding somewhere and sleeping away the day. Sneaking could be helpful. But don't be surprised! Despite its name, its fur looks more orange to brownish, not intensely red. But we actually know that from its counterpart in real life.

The Snow Fox - Minecraft at the North Pole

The snow fox is a master in hiding. The name says it all: The snow fox is the Minecraft version of the Arctic Fox. So it's pretty clear that this companion is encountered in snowy biomes, such as the snowy taiga. Moreover, if you look at him, you’ll notice his excellent camouflage: His fur is white, instead of orange, and makes him blend in with the environment really well. So you have to look closely when there is something moving in the snow. By the way: You should be careful that it's not a wolf. From a distance you can confuse the two dog-like animals. Well, and it does make a difference whether you follow an innocent MC fox or fall into a trap and get attacked by a decoy wolf.

Once you've spotted the white fox, you’ll notice that except for the home biome and fur color, it's just the same design as the red fox one, even if the real-life equivalents in the wild have more differences. But who's going to take it that closely?

How to Tame: Minecraft Fox Shows Difficulties

With every single mob in Minecraft, the question is whether you can breed them. With animals, there is also the question of taming. So this is of course not left out with the MC fox. Can you tame a Minecraft fox? In short, you can breed them, but not 'tame' them in the obvious way. They run away from you, so it's pretty much impossible to hold food out to them. So here's what you have to do: Become a kidnapper. This may sound a bit weird, but it's actually quite simple. Grab some sweet berries and look for foxes. Once you have found two that are nearby, feed them the berries and they will breed. Here it can help if you carefully build a fence around the foxes so they can't run away from you. Anyway, you may need patience. If there is then the little baby fox, you just have to take it on a leash and kidnap it. If you are far enough away from the parents, he will eventually start to trust you. So you've somehow 'tamed' a baby MC fox.

What You Need to Know About the Minecraft Fox

Foxes are cool animals, aren't they? Cute, dangerous, inconspicuous, the Minecraft fox has a bit of everything. The developers added a few extras that make him more like his role model on the one hand, and adapt him to the game on the other. These are the fun facts about the Minecraft fox:

  1. The MC fox can swim! So don't be surprised if there is something orange floating in the water.
  2. Baby foxes are too small to swim! When they swim, they take drowning damage.
  3. He is very fast! You don't stand much of a chance in a race, so try sneaking up on him.
  4. He can put items in his mouth. Doesn't sound special, but it's still quite good to know.
  5. If they hold a weapon in their mouth, they deal more damage when attacking. This way, they can also trigger the effects of enchantments.
  6. When they attack prey, they jump very high! They clearly copied that from their real-world relatives.
  7. They sleep hidden from light! So look for them under block ledges or blocks that dim the light, too.

So which one is your favorite Minecraft fox now? It's best to get a friend to help you trick the animals when you want to kidnap the offspring. Together, you're sure to be successful on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! Have fun searching!

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