Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
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Minecraft Enchantments

Do you want to take the next step in Minecraft and learn about the magic side of Minecraft? Here you will learn about the basics of enchanting and the most important tips when dealing with magic in the world of bricks.

Quick info about enchantments in Minecraft

  • There are several ways to get enchanted items
  • Casting spells yourself only with magic table or spellbook + anvil.
  • Enchantments can take a lot of work off your hands and make your everyday life in Minecraft a lot easier

What can enchantments?

Enchantments in Minecraft are basically only applicable to three areas: Weapons, armor, and tools. Some smaller items can also be enchanted. All of these then have a purple-blue shimmering color gradient.

So how do you achieve an enchantment?

First, you can find enchanted items in chests or while fishing. Also, by killing monsters you sometimes get enchanted armor or weapons. A more peaceful way is to trade with villagers, who also sometimes offer you enchanted items. To actively cast spells yourself, however, you need a magic enchantment table.

Each enchantment has a level and there are three levels: Level I, II and III. These levels increase the values of the respective item. For example, an armor will strengthen, a sword can achieve higher damage and a pickaxe can mine more per blow. So, all in all, it’s a very lucrative process!

Casting spells yourself

The most active way to get enchanted items is the enchantment table. However, there are two other ways to work with enchantments. A spellbook and an anvil can also be used to enchant items. Also, two already enchanted items can be joined together on the anvil. A grindstone, on the other hand, removes enchantments of all kinds from items.

However, we will focus on the magic table, since it is probably the most important tool for creating magic items in Minecraft.

Enchantment table recipe

To build a magic table you first need the following materials:

4x obsidian + 2x diamonds + 1 book = enchantment table

Small tip: If you build 15 bookshelves around the enchantment table, it works much better!

For enchanting you need, besides a relatively high player level (30 upwards), some stones of Lapis Lazuli and the item to be enchanted itself. Then you can start!

Now open the enchantment table, insert both the item and 3 lapis lazuli stones. On the right, there are three fields that indicate the cost of the enchantment in both character level and lapis lazuli. It is advisable to pay attention to which object you invest how much.

What enchantments are there?

There are currently 38 enchantments in Minecraft. We present you five selected enchantments, but other 33 are of course also very exciting!

Enchantment “Strength”

A very popular enchantment is the one of strength. It increases the damage to the opponent when he is hit by an arrow. The enchantment is only available for the bow. Strength is available in a whole five levels and is correspondingly powerful. It also differentiates how much the bow is strung (unstrung, half strung, full strung, full strung, and crit).

We have shown you an example of the “full tension” version with all its levels:

Level ILevel IILevel IIILevel IVLevel V
+14 damage+16 damage+18 damage+20 damage+23 damage

A point of damage is half a heart in the game. If you’re a crack shot and like to pelt monsters and mobs with a powerful arrow, Strength is your tool of choice!

Enchantment “durability”

Are you also annoyed by the fact that your picks wear out so quickly when mining material? Then we strongly recommend the durability enchantment. This will make your tools last much longer!

For the durability spell there are three levels (I-III) and it increases the chance of not losing durability points when mining. For weapons and tools (armor is also possible), this chance also increases. The durability levels for weapons and tools looks like this accordingly:

Level ILevel IILevel III 

Enchantment “fire protection”

Especially for players who like to stay in the Nether or at least long in lava areas this enchantment is the absolute minimum. It protects against fire damage and is available in 4 levels (I-IV). Here is the damage reduction table:

Level ILevel IILevel IIILevel IV 

It is even possible to reach a fire protection of up to 80% with further combinations! But from 80% on it’s really over.

Enchantment “Silk touch”

Did you know that you can mine grass blocks as a whole? Or that you can mine diamond ore as a block without the diamonds falling out? Carefulness (aka Silk touch) ensures that blocks are mined carefully so that their original form remains.

Carefulness/Silk touch is aimed at pickaxes, axes, and other tools.

Enchantment “Luck”

Another very popular enchantment is that of luck. It increases the number of resources when mining ores or plants.

With the luck enchantment is used into “precious ores” and “other materials”. Precious ores include coal, diamonds, lapis lazuli, emerald, and Nether Quartz. Other materials include Redstone, Glowstone, carrots, sea lanterns, melons, nether warts, potatoes, and wheat grains.

There are three levels of luck (I-III). We show you an example of the precious ores:

Level ILevel IILevel III 
33% chance of double amount25% chance of double amount, 25% chance of triple amount20% chance of double amount, 20% chance of triple amount, 20% chance of quadruple amount

Trivia on “Luck”: In addition, a slightly higher chance of finding apples and saplings in leaves on trees is achieved. A higher wool yield is also achieved in shears.

Conclusion Minecraft Enchantment

Enchantments can make one’s game extraordinarily easier, whether better attack power, more stamina, or more block removal yield. You can have a lot of fun and make your life very easy, especially the time-consuming material removal. The only problem: the materials, as well as the effort for a magic table and the corresponding spell levels (as well as character levels) are not exactly small.

To become a wizard in Minecraft, you first have to go through some elaborate non-magical processes. But then you can get started: Spellbook and enchantment table await you, as well as all the experiences and new adventures you go through after your first enchantments. Have fun Master Magician!

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