Minecraft Mobs

You are walking in Minecraft at night and hear an eerie rustling sound. You turn your character and scream at the bush in panic, “Who’s there?”. But there is no answer. You’re facing a Minecraft mob. Whether you have to be careful or you have found a new breeding animal or mount, this article will tell you.

Minecraft mobs, creatures or monsters come in numerous variations and designs. “Mob” is short for “mobile” and thus simply means that the creatures of the block world can move around. Minecraft’s varied biomes offers the most diverse opportunities and dangers.

Minecraft mobs: Threats

All Minecraft mobs have a certain threat level that determines how they encounter the character. From cuddly sheep to destructive zombies, there is a whole range of threatening and less threatening Minecraft mobs.

Passive Minecraft mobs

The least dangerous creatures in Minecraft are the passive mobs. These include villagers and most Minecraft animals such as bats, pigs, sheep and the like. These creatures will never attack, but offer various advantages that you can take advantage of: you can trade with villagers and obtain food from pigs, for example.

Neutral Minecraft mobs

Neutral mobs never attack on their own initiative, but will defend themselves if you attack. These include spiders, endermen, and polar bears, for example. As long as you don’t need them, it is recommended to let neutral mobs in peace and not disturb them.

Hostile Minecraft mobs

These mobs or creatures certainly live up to their nickname (monsters). They attack you as soon as you look at them askance. The most famous hostile mobs are the creepers. However, the list of threatening entities is long and includes zombies, witches, shulkers, witherskeletons and many more. It is these mobs in Minecraft that make decent armor and weapons necessary.

The benefits of different Minecraft mobs

There is more to some mobs than simply looting them after you’ve finished them off. While animals such as chickens, pigs and sheep serve as a food source, some mobs can even be tamed and partially ridden. These include horses, donkeys, mules, and wolves. In addition, there are golems like the iron golem or the snow golem that you have to craft. These are especially good for protecting you from enemy mobs.

Bosses: The ultimate Minecraft mobs

Among the mobs, there are also true legends that will bring you to your knees in awe when you see them and present very special challenges. These include the Ender Dragon, the Wither and the Elder Guardian. The fight against them is hard, takes a long time, and victory is excellently rewarded.We do not present you a complete list of all Minecraft mobs here. This can be expanded in many ways with mods anyway. Rather, you now know about the basic types of mobs in Minecraft and what you can expect from them. Go on a mob safari with your friends on one of GPORTAL’s Minecraft servers and get to know the whole variety of Minecraft mobs.

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