Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Mobs

It’s night and you are walking around Minecraft. Suddenly, you hear an eerie rustling sound. You turn and scream at the bush in panic, “Who’s there?”. But there is no answer. You’re facing a Minecraft mob. Those creatures (often also called monsters) come in numerous variations and designs.

What Are Minecraft Mobs?

Minecraft Mobs are entities in the game that are considered either alive or undead. “Mob” is short for “mobile” and thus simply means that the creatures of the block world can move around. You can meet them in all shapes, biomes and nearly every time of the day. Whether or not a certain mob will spawn depends on several things:

Once you encounter a Minecraft mob, the game mode decides whether or not it will attack you. After all, even hostile mobs will deal less damage in easy mode. When playing in peaceful mode, they won’t even spawn (except for the ender dragon).

All Minecraft Mobs: Threats to Players

You can sort the many existing mobs by several criteria. There is a number of groups like:

  • flying minecraft mobs
  • illagers
  • Nether mobs
  • aquatic mobs
  • arthropods
  • breedable or not
  • undead mobs
  • animals
  • rideables
  • bosses
  • summoned

Those are just some examples. Still, they show one thing: Those categories can overlap making a clear sorting very difficult. 

Since all mobs have a certain threat level, they are sorted only by that property in the following. This threat level determines how they encounter players. From cuddly sheep to destructive zombies, there is a whole range of threatening and less dangerous Minecraft creatures. A short overview might look like this:

Passive Minecraft mobsNeutral Minecraft mobsHostile Minecraft mobs
least dangerousnever attack on their ownattack players
never attackdefend themselves when attacked or too closemay hold weapons, e.g. swords
offer advantages (trading, food, materials)

Passive Minecraft Mobs

Those are mobs you want to meet when playing peacefully and not being eager to fight to survive. They include mostly animals. In the category of passive Minecraft mobs you could still sort them even more:

animals on land/ undergroundbat, cat, chicken, cow, donkey, fox, frog, horse, mooshroom, mule, ocelot, parrot, pig, rabbit, sheep, turtle
animals in the wateraxolotl, cod, glow squid, pufferfish, salmon, squid, tadpole, tropical fish
othersallay, skeleton horse, snow golem, strider, villager, wandering trader

Neutral Minecraft Mobs

It’s better to leave neutral Minecraft mobs and not disturb them. As long as you are nice to them, they are nice to you. That’s rule number one! Still, some of them also attack when you get too close to them, so just keep your distance, or you might face those Minecraft mobs:

animals on land/ undergroundbee, cave spider, goat, llama, panda, polar bear, spider, wolf
animals in the waterdolphin
othersenderman, iron golem, piglin, zombie horse, zombified piglin

Hostile Minecraft Mobs

Prepare your armor and keep your swords, shields, bows or whatever weapon you prefer ready! Hostile Minecraft mobs outnumber passive mobs. This means, there are a lot of them! They also don’t include animals but are made out of the most bizarre creatures deserving the term „monster“:

animals on land/ undergroundblaze, chicken jockey, creeper, endermite, evoker, ghast, hoglin, hust, magma cube, piglin brute, pillager, ravager, shulker, silverfish, skeleton, slime, spider jockey, stray, vindicator, warden, witch, wither skeleton, zoglin, zombie, zombie villager
animals in the waterdrowned, elder guardian, guardian
othersphantom, vex

Minecraft Mob Bosses – Final Enemies?

Among the mobs, there are also true legends that will bring you to your knees in awe when you see them and present very special challenges. These include:

The fight against them is hard, takes a long time, and victory is excellently rewarded. Since the Warden came with the 1.19 ‘Wild’ update, players sometimes consider him a Minecraft mob boss as well. Even before that update, players sometimes thought of the elder guardian as a boss. Those categories can be complicated but according to official Minecraft sites only the ender dragon and the wither are Minecraft mob bosses.

The Benefits of different Minecraft Mobs

Although the lists above are long and seem frightening, one should remember that not all mobs are dangerous! And killing them isn’t the end of it. There is more to some mobs than simply looting them after you’ve finished them off. While animals such as chickens, pigs and sheep serve as a food source, some mobs can even be tamed and partially ridden. These include horses, donkeys, mules and wolves. In addition, there are golems like the iron golem or the snow golem that you have to craft. These are especially good for protecting you from enemy mobs.

Minecraft Mobs & Minecraft Mods

As with many other game features, mobs can be influenced by certain mods. You can find numerous player-made mods online that will alter biomes or entities. Some things you can change include:

  • the number of Minecraft mobs
  • the behavior of the mobs
  • damage dealt by them
  • their appearances

If you want to try mods concerning mobs just check out some provider sites. Once you get comfortable with a mod you could also show your results to your friends on a multiplayer server.

Conclusion: Minecraft Mobs

Presenting a complete list with all Minecraft mobs is difficult. With every Update, more Minecraft creatures are included in the game. Still, it’s helpful to have a little list just to be sure whether some weird looking entity might want to kill you. And even if so, fight them, loot them or catch them. Go on a mob safari with your friends on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and get to know the whole variety of Minecraft mobs.

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