Valheim Advanced Guide - Part 2 Background

Valheim Advanced Guide - Part 2

July 5, 2023
4 minutes to read

In Part 2 of the Valheim Advanced Guide we tell you about raising animals, having your own garden, how to build boats and more impressive buildings than just huts and more.

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Breeding and taming animals

Since you need a lot of leather for armor and tools, especially in the beginning, it is advisable to tame and breed animals like wild boars, so you always have enough leather in stock. Since wild boars are very aggressive animals, you should proceed cautiously and slowly sneak up on them in order to be able to feed them and therefore tame them.

To breed wild boars or other animals such as wolves or loxes, you need two tamed animals each, which are placed in the same enclosure and have enough food available. Once everything is right for the animals, they will mate and hearts will appear above their heads.

With wolves you have to keep in mind that they have more strength and therefore need a stronger enclosure made of palisades. Once you have attracted their aggressiveness, you need to quickly run towards the enclosure and lock them in - then throw raw meat into the enclosure and wait for the taming to be successful.

Own garden and farming

You have already killed many enemies, stocked up on good armor and all kinds of items, and your house is properly furnished? Then it is time to start growing your own garden and vegetables. In order to start farming, you need a cultivator, which you can make with the forge - you only need 5x Bronze and 5x Core Wood.

Once you have chosen a nice spot with enough space near your house, you equip the cultivator and prepare your field. If you have already found a plant with white blossoms in the Black Forest and received carrot seeds from it, you can now select them in the inventory and sow them in the field. Make sure that you plant the different seeds at the right distance from each other so that they can grow properly.

Multiply seeds

Since carrot seeds in particular are rather rare to find in the Black Forest, it stands to reason that you should multiply them. To do this, you have to bury the harvested carrots again - to do this, use the cultivator in the inventory again and select the seed carrot. Now it is not a carrot sticking out of the ground, but a plant with white flowers. When you harvest the plant, you will get 3 carrot seeds and you can plant and harvest as many carrots as you want.

Which seeds are available?

  • Carrot Seeds: find them in the Black Forest as a plant with white flowers and get 3x carrot seeds from it
  • Turnip Seeds: you will find them in the Swamp, but be careful, because strong and aggressive enemies are waiting for you there. You need to look for plants with yellow flowers
  • Onions: you can only find them as seeds in abandoned huts in the Mountains.
  • Birch and Oak Seeds: not usable as food, however this will allow you to grow your own birch or oak forest and possibly use it as a source of wood


More than just a hut

Your first home in Valheim will probably be nothing more than a small, plain wooden hut, and that is perfectly fine. However, in order for you to be creative and, more importantly, to protect yourself against stronger enemies, you should unlock the Stonecutter with Iron and replace wooden walls with stone walls. You can also build whole fortresses out of stone with a lot of time and creativity - examples can be found here. More tips and a Guide to building in Valheim are also available.

A boat ride, now that's fun

In Valheim you are on a big island and that means that sooner or later you will need a boat to get everywhere you want and maybe need to go. You can repair all boats with a workbench that must be close to the water - move your boat close to the shore and you are ready to go. You can choose between three different types of transportation on the water:

  • Raft: this small boat is the first one you can build in Valheim. You only need 20x Wood, 6x Leather scraps and 6x Resin to craft it, but with its slow speed and no storage space, the raft is more suitable for short journeys
  • Karve: the "middle class" boats are already much more suitable for touring than rafts and require 80x Bronze Nails, 30x Fine Wood, 20x Resin and 10x Deer hide to craft. Thanks to the size of the Karve, you can be on the water with up to three people at the same time and the boat also offers some storage space
  • Longship: fast progress, lots of storage space and its size are immediately convincing and you cannot build a better boat in Valheim at the moment. You will need 100x Iron Nails, 40x Fine Wood, 40x Ancient Bark and 10x Deer hide. Be aware that you will need quite a lot of space when turning due to the size of the longship


Build portals for fast travel

The world in Valheim is huge and the paths are long and sometimes almost endless - in order not to strain your stamina and patience unnecessarily, Valheim offers you the possibility of fast travel by building and placing portals. For one portal you need 20x Fine Wood, 10x Greydwarf Eye and 2x Surtling Core. In order to use the portals for fast travel, you have to connect two of them with a keyword.

Place the first portal at your base and the second one at a place like the trader Haldor - a guide to Haldor can be found here - and travel comfortably back and forth. However, it is important to know that you cannot move all items through portals, for example some ores and metal ingots.


Bonemass, Moder or the Queen - defeat all bosses

Besides the countless enemy creatures you will encounter in Valheim, there are six bosses that you will have to defeat in order to progress in the game and get unique powers. Whether it is the giant and slimy Bonemass in the Swamp, the aggressive Moder Dragon Mother in the Mountains, or the Queen in the Mistlands - all bosses have their own strengths and sometimes weaknesses that you should use to your advantage.

We have a detailed Guide to the bosses here for you and additionally a Guide which weapons should be used best against which boss in stock as well.

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