Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
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Web Displays Mod

Mods are the common way to make games easier for players or to make them more exciting by integrating new features. In this way, players significantly influence the in-game worlds of various games. Minecraft is no longer imaginable without mods either: There are numerous provider sites on the Internet, video tutorials on downloads circulate, and mod versions are collected in players’ “mod folders.” But what was denied for a long time? The game is part of the Internet, but the internet was only conditionally also part of the game. With the Minecraft web displays mod, that has changed!

Overview Minecraft Web Displays Mod

  • Allows crafting & use of in-game screens
  • Allows web searches & videos like a normal browser
  • Not available for all Minecraft versions
  • minePad as mobile in-game variant

With the Web Display Mod you can easily surf in the Minecraft game – and e.g. search in our Wiki for Minecraft tips!

What Is the Minecraft Web Displays Mod & What can It Do?

As with other mod types, you can find the web displays mod under different names. Unlike skin changer mods, for example, where there are many different variants that can be united under one collective term, you usually end up with the same web displays mod at the end of your search. So it doesn’t matter if you call it Minecraft web displays mod or, for example, Minecraft internet mod. Most often, the search ends at a particular mod in the Minecraft forum, where a player has made his created mod available for download.

By the name of the mod, it is also easy to deduce what this mod can do: With its help, you can craft Minecraft web displays. This means that you use certain materials and build a screen, just like a computer. It is operated with a mouse. If it works, you can access the internet through this screen without having to leave the game. Social media platforms, tutorials, search engines, wikis and some online games are easily accessible thanks to the web displays mod, while you continue to stand in your Minecraft world.

The Web Displays Mod Download

If you want to integrate Minecraft web displays into your game, there is one particular thing to keep in mind. Normally, you choose the mod version you want to download based on the game version you are using. With the web displays mod, you are dependent on certain game versions. So far, the mod is only compatible for a few versions. To be precise, these are:

  • Version 1.10.2
  • Version 1.12.2

The provider site Curseforge already offers the Minecraft internet mod additionally for the game version 1.18.2. So far, the well-known mod also supports only Windows operating systems.

Requirements for the Installation of the Minecraft Internet Mod

If you decide to install the most famous web displays mod, you need to meet the right conditions. In addition to the mod itself, there is also a link on the page for the correct MCEF file (Minecraft Chromium Embedded Framework). As an API, this file is essential for players to be able to use browsers in Minecraft individually. Of course, you also need forge to integrate mods. So the prerequisites for the installation look like this:

  • MCEF for 1.10.2 or 1.12.2
  • Forge for the corresponding version

If these requirements are met, you can proceed to the next step, the web displays mod download.

There should be no other mods in the “mod folder” of the game that are not compatible with the corresponding game version!

Installing the Web Displays Mod

The installation process of the web displays mod is similar to that of other mods, once the above requirements are met. You proceed as follows:

  1. Download the mod.
  2. Start the Minecraft launcher and then the game with the corresponding forge version.
  3. Go to the “Mod Folder” via “Mods” and insert the mod file.
  4. Click „Done”.
  5. Quit the game and restart the Minecraft launcher.

If you play on a Minecraft server from G-Portal, we have a video tutorial that will help you with the correct settings on the server.

How to Use Minecraft Web Displays Mod

Once the mod is installed, all of its features are available to players. First, of course, you have to restart Minecraft with the corresponding forge version. Once you are in the game, everything looks normal. Minecraft web displays, like everything else in the game, must be built first. You can quickly and easily craft your own computer in Minecraft in 4 simple steps.

Computer in Minecraft craften:

  1. Open the inventory of the mod with “E”. There you will find all the necessary items. Especially important are screen blocks, the keyboard and the linking tool.
  2. Build a screen area, i.e. a wall, from screen blocks. It must be a rectangle that is completely filled, not just a frame. Although the size is entirely up to you, it shouldn’t be too big (so, for example, don’t make it 30 blocks long).
  3. Place the keyboard some distance away so that you can see the screen clearly. You can also place it on two blocks instead of on the floor.
  4. Use the Linking Tool by right-clicking on the screen and then on the keyboard to link them

After that, the web display is ready to use! Of course, this is also a great way to have multiple web displays spread throughout your Minecraft world. Now all you have to do is start it up and get familiar with how it works.

Commands and modes of operation Minecraft Web Display

The most important commands and functions are:

Right-click on the screen (empty handed)Putting on the screen
Sneak + right-click on the screenURL-window opens; you can insert any link; e.g. the g-portal.com wiki
Clicking on typing fields + clicking on the keyboardYou can write with your normal keyboard and use keywords; e.g. to read more about villagers in the wiki

The MinePad – Mobile Feature of the Minecraft Internet Mod

With the Minecraft web displays mod, smaller, new features also come into play. The most interesting one is the so-called minePad. It is the mobile counterpart to the web displays, which have a fixed location. You can basically use the minePad in the same way as the web display. After selecting it in the hotbar, you use the familiar commands to enter a URL. The only difference is that this time you don’t make an extra click on a keyboard. After that, you can walk around with the minePad in your hand and quickly watch an explanatory video about armor before jumping into battle.

Conclusion: Web Displays Mod

Thanks to the Minecraft internet mod, players have endless possibilities both in-game and out. Now you don’t even have to leave the Minecraft world to do so. Games, search engines, videos and social media platforms: All of that is now at your fingertips. One can also quickly read the latest blog entry so as not to miss any exciting topics! Of course, you can easily test this mod on a Minecraft server from G-Portal and bring the internet to your block world thanks to the web displays.

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