Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Armor

If you want to advance in Minecraft, the right armor is essential. An armor in Minecraft consists of four parts (helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots) and protects you from different types of damage. Thus, with better armor, you can always venture a bit further into the world. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about Minecraft armor.

The world of Minecraft is full of dangers. Therefore, you should not venture into the wilderness carelessly. To protect yourself from mobs, other players, explosions, lava and cacti, you can create and wear armor. Early on in the game, you can craft leather armor that will improve your survival skills. With better tools you can mine better materials as the game progresses which can then be used to craft better armor.

How to craft armor in Minecraft

To craft an armor in Minecraft, you need the respective crafting material (leather, iron, gold or diamond). You need to arrange the materials in different ways in the crafting window to craft the armor pieces.

crafting recipe helmets
crafting recipe chestplates
crafting recipe leggings
crafting recipe boots

Minecraft armor types

There are six different armor types in Minecraft:

  • leather armor 
  • chain armor
  • iron armor
  • gold armor
  • diamond armor
  • netherite armor

With the sole exception of the chain armor, which you can only find, you have to craft all of these armors. Leather armor has the weakest protection, while diamond and netherite armor offer the best protection. To craft an armor, you must combine its namesake crafting materials for the particular piece as shown above. Theoretically, you can also craft diamond armor directly, if you manage to advance far enough to mine diamonds without any armor.

The Advantage of Minecraft Armor

Protection is the keyword. Dangers of all kinds lurk in the game. Whether it’s mobs, the environment or other players, armor not only offers simple protection, but can also be further optimized. Of course, you can also enchant armor to give you more advantages. Depending on the enchantment, you or your armor will gain speed, stamina, resistance or durability. However, each armor has its advantages on its own: long durability, resistance or easy to find crafting materials.

Your armor won’t last long, so you put on a new one before you go exploring? That’s reasonable, but you’ll end up with many nearly broken armor pieces. In the crafting window, you can craft two of these pieces into a brand new one with full durability. So instead of losing your armor in one go, just recycle it and reap the benefits!

If you prefer to be peacefully creative and don’t look for encounters with mobs, leather armor can suffice. It offers less protection than other armor, but it’s quicker to craft, since cows appear frequently in the game. It’s also the only armor whose color you can change with the help of dyes.

The best armor in Minecraft

If you call a diamond armor your own, you can upgrade it with a final step and get the most powerful armor in the game. Here’s how to make netherite armor in Minecraft! First of all, you need a smithing table. On it, you simply place a Netherite ingot and the diamond armor piece you want to upgrade. Netherite armor is even more durable and offers an advantage that can be crucial: Netherite armor floats on lava. So, should you fall into the lava and die, you’ll be able to retrieve your armor and won’t be forced to abandon it.

Minecraft Armor Stand

Your armors are jewels of craftsmanship and you don’t want to let them rot in boxes unworn? Craft an armor stand and display your armor. To craft an armor stand in Minecraft, you’ll need a smooth stone step and six sticks. Arrange them as in the following to get the armor stand:

crafting recipe armor stand

Conclusion Minecraft Armor

Now, you should be familiar with the essentials of armor in Minecraft. If you feel you are armed enough, why not test your resistance with a round of SMP on a G-Portal Minecraft server?

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