Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Skin Changer

If you don’t want to roam the Minecraft world as Steve or Alex any longer, look for a Minecraft skin. If you want to change your skin regularly and not interrupt the game every time, you will benefit from a Minecraft Skin Changer mod. Learn everything there is to know about Minecraft Skin Changer here.

Overview Minecraft Skin Changer:

  • Name for various mods with similar functions.
  • Function: Change skin in the running game
  • Mostly via commands
  • Does not work with every older version

Minecraft Skin Changer: A Variety

Unlike popular modpacks or well-known mods like Minecraft pixelmon, the name Minecraft skin changer does not stand alone for a specific mod. Players from all over the world design mods, i.e. game add-ons that are supposed to improve the gaming experience, and make them available to other players. This sometimes results in several small mods with similar functions being available. So be it under the names Minecraft skin Changer, Skin Swapper Minecraft or Minecraft Skinchanger, they all and many more offer the player basically the same functions with small differences. However, these differences usually relate more to the way they work than to the result.

This Is What A Minecraft Skin Changer Does

Despite numerous different names and variations in handling, the mods that we group together under the name Minecraft skin changer are similar in their main function. These mods allow the player to change his skin in the running game to that of another player, or to another skin, which was previously integrated into the server. Often, they can also be used to change other players’ skins. The majority of these Minecraft skin changers include capes or even elytra as well. So the biggest advantage is that changing skins no longer involves quitting the game.

How to Use A Skin Changer Minecraft Mod

Due to the large number of Minecraft skin changers, it is difficult to determine how a particular mod works. However, if you look at the different possibilities, two principles clearly emerge on how to change the Minecraft skin:

  • via commands in the chat
  • via a special settings window of the mod

In most cases, the change is done via commands in the chat. Since individual mods are created by players, they sometimes differ in the syntax and details of their chat commands. However, the exact commands or modalities of a Minecraft skin changer can be quickly gleaned from its description.

Some such Minecraft skin changers also work via an extra settings window to change your skin. Sometimes a preview of what the skin will look like is part of the mod. On the Internet, you can find not only numerous mods, but also videos in which the developers explain or demonstrate them. Especially in the case of a Minecraft skin changer with an extra window instead of commands, such a tutorial can be particularly helpful. Overall, however, these variants are much rarer and most Minecraft skin changers work on the principle of chat commands.

Keep in Mind for A Minecraft Mod: Skin Changer

In order to change a skin in the running game, you as a player are not only dependent on a mod, but also on its compatibility with the game itself. Especially lovers of older game versions therefore have to make sacrifices with some mods. The situation is similar to the Minecraft skin changer. Depending on the game version and the installed mod, there may be delays or incorrect displays. Rarely, it even comes to the point that a new skin can not be displayed at all. Therefore, you should look at several mods before choosing one and then being confronted with one of these problems:

  • The mod version is not matched to the game version and does not work.
  • A game version before 1.7.9 shows black pixels on the arms. These versions do not support slim skins yet.
  • Depending on the version and mod, the display of the new skin is delayed and does not happen immediately.
  • With some mods, players in multiplayer will only see your changed skin if they also have the same Minecraft skin changer installed. 
  • Game versions prior to 1.3 do not support the skin change and it is not displayed at all.
  • Some downloaded or self-designed skins are not allowed in every mod, but must be approved by Mojang.

If you rather stick to the latest game versions, graphical errors should occur only rarely. Whether a skin is also available in multiplayer depends entirely on the Minecraft skin changer you choose.

On Your Way to A Minecraft Skin Changer

A Skin Changer Minecraft mod is in fact quickly installed and ready for use. If this Minecraft mod is not the first one you integrate into the game, you can follow the familiar system. Depending on which mod loader you use, you will of course need the right mod version. In the following guide we explain the process with the forge mod loader, one of the most used ones.


If you play via a Minecraft server from G-Portal, you can simply follow our video tutorial and find out how to make the right settings on the server.

Requirements for A Minecraft Skin Changer

If you have just recently joined the Minecraft community or have never dealt with mods before, you must first make sure that the requirements are met to install a mod:

  1. Install Java.
  2. Install forge.

Attention! The forge version must match your game version.

Once these two conditions are met, nothing stands in the way between you and your mod. Java ensures that you can use mods via the forge mod loader without complications and that you can use it at all.

Installing A Minecraft Skin Changer

Now, before you can install the appropriate mod, you have to decide on one. If you work with forge, the site curseforge.com is a good choice. There you will find a variety of mods for Minecraft with their respective explanations. To install the mod, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find a mod on Curseforge.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Start the Minecraft launcher and start the game with the forge version.
  4. Click on „Mods“.
  5. Click on “Open Mod Folder” in the bottom left corner.
  6. Drag the mod file into the mod folder.
  7. Close the folder, click “Done” and quit the game.
  8. Restart the Minecraft launcher.

Note: The mod version must match the forge version you are using. Some mods may require additional programs like OptiFine.

After restarting the launcher, the Minecraft skin changer is part of the game, which works together with the forge version. If you start the game, the number of mods is displayed in the bottom left corner and by clicking on “Mods” again, you can make sure that the Minecraft skin changer has been successfully installed.

Conclusion Minecraft Skin Changer

Although it is not possible to clearly say which mod with this function is the right one for which player, a Minecraft skin changer provides more individuality, interaction and joy in the game. Spontaneous appearance changes become possible and you don’t have to leave the game every time to change a skin. Of course, this can be easily tested on a Minecraft server from G-Portal!

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