Castles in Minecraft Background

Castles in Minecraft

November 8, 2022
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If a little house doesn't do you justice anymore, it's time for an upgrade.

Minecraft Castles

But why should you settle for a bigger house in Minecraft when you can also have your own Minecraft castle directly? After all, there are no rules about how big or small it should be. You decide everything yourself. So build a cozy Minecraft castle by yourself or grab some friends and switch to creative mode, where you can build your new mansion together without being bothered by monsters.

Minecraft Castle Ideas For Every Taste

There shall be no shortage of Minecraft castle ideas. If you can't picture the palace in your mind yet, you have the opportunity to get inspired by authors, game developers and the movie industry. Pop culture is bubbling over with ideas. Among the classics of the fantasy world are, of course, places like Hogwarts Castle with its countless corridors and vast lands, as well as the fortress Kaer Morhen, where the secrets of the Witchers can be fathomed alongside training apparatus and black walls. In the realm of video games, of course, there is also the Disney castle and Hyrule Castle. Both have already been designed as Minecraft castles several times, but it never hurts to have your own interpretation. Besides Minecraft, do you sometimes get lost in books or movies? Then, the names Winterfell, King's Landing or Minas Tirith should be familiar to you. Such a castle and town with a rock in the middle as a vantage point sounds quite tempting, doesn't it?

Endless Possibilities For Your Minecraft Fortress

With the versatility of ideas, you're unfortunately also cursed to make choices. You can think about and take notes about walls, towers, staircases, roofs, paths or the surroundings beforehand, but one question is always followed by another. Do you want a smooth wall around your Minecraft Castle, or do the buildings already represent the outer boundary? Do you want slopes, bridges, and towers? What do you want the towers to look like? Round, square, with pointed or flat roofs? How big should windows and doors be? Do I build stairs of wood or stone, and do they lead up the towers on the outside or on the inside? What light sources do I use and what kind of pathways do I like? It's an endless series of questions that you shouldn't worry about too much. The building process doesn't have to be planned down to the smallest detail of your Minecraft palace. The game gives you time and space to just follow your inspirations. And if you have to tear down and rebuild a wall several times because you don't like something? No one stops you! Only you decide what the Minecraft fort of your dream will look like!

First Steps to Minecraft Castles

Do you have your castle in mind, but don't know how to start? The so-called first steps are usually the hardest. We will give you four small suggestions on how to start building your castle.

  1. Find the right place! It can help if you already know whether your Minecraft castle is intended only for you and your friends in multiplayer mode, or whether it should be the center of a city with more houses. Then, you should first clear the place of plants to make room.
  2. Before building, draw a suitable castle layout. Or create it online with your friends. If you mark it out, it will be easier for you to find your way around.
  3. Decide whether you want to build individual parts of the building one by one, or let the entire Minecraft castle grow floor by floor.
  4. Start with the castle as such and build from the inside out. You should build the outer Wall last, if you want to build one. Otherwise, you might get in your own way if there is not enough space.

These suggestions are just ideas in case you have problems with starting construction. But if you find the muse in between, follow it and see where it will take you!

Tips for the perfect Minecraft castle feel:

If you really want to enjoy living in a castle and amaze your friends, check out the tips below. Little things can make a big difference. So it's certainly worth taking a look at more ideas:

  1. Iron doors with pressure plates: doors that open by themselves look majestic and magical.
  2. Fountains & Gardens: Between cold walls, plants almost look like they're from another world.
  3. Balconies: Enchant your guests with the view over the adjacent lands, pavilions and castle grounds.
  4. The village: Incorporate a village or build right next to it for the feeling that you are the lord. The town life of the villagers flourishes.
  5. Secret passages: Bushes are good for hiding secret passages in the walls, adding a mystical touch.
  6. Watchtowers: Vantage points in the wall create a fantastic picture at night when equipped with torches.
  7. Tournament field: Make it look like knights are visiting you. Banners, flags, a horse or swords on the field and it looks like you are the host of a big tournament.
  8. Forest: Don’t build your Minecraft palace on a wide plain area, but next to dense forests where you can hunt monsters at night.
  9. Stable & Armory: Decorate walls with armor and swords right next to the stable to give your Minecraft fortress the authentic atmosphere.
  10. Throne room: A huge, magnificent hall provides the necessary ‘wow’ effect when you enter the castle.

Feel free to check out our Minecraft Wiki for more tips and tricks. Otherwise, grab your friends and build your own Minecraft castle! Nowhere better than on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! Have fun!

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