Fishing in Minecraft Background

Fishing in Minecraft

December 1, 2022
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A game where you can't fish isn't a good game, so NATURALLY you can in Minecraft.

Fishing in Minecraft

You're running around the world of Minecraft, building your castles, digging trenches and killing some skeletons and spiders at night. Sure, who doesn't know that feeling? It's probably just the normal Minecraft routine. Maybe you'll take your boat out for a spin and explore the area, passing a few squid. The only question that remains is: What else do you do with these endless waters? The answer is so simple that you probably figured it out yourself ages ago: You can go fishing in Minecraft, of course! Since 2010, you can cast your line and be surprised what you have on the hook of your Minecraft fishing rod.

How to Fish in Minecraft?

As in any game, you should start with the basics. If you master them, you'll be able to enjoy running around between the blocks. So let's briefly review the basics of how to stock up useful Minecraft fish in your inventory. The first step should be to collect strings and sticks. While the latter can be made from wood pretty easily, the strings might be a bit tricky. A spider hunt at night is probably in order. After that, you already have the right equipment. Find the nearest body of water and off you go!

With the usual right click you cast your Minecraft fishing rod. Then it's time to wait. Fishing in Minecraft requires some patience as well. After a while, a fish or an object will pull your fishing rod under the water. Now all you have to do is right-click and reel in the line! The only question left is: What do you have on the hook? Who says there are only fish as a prize in Minecraft fishing? Basically, you've either landed fish, junk and trinkets, or small treasures. Of course, the odds are highest for fish, but every now and then a pair of boots, new string, or even an enchanted book doesn't sound so bad.

The Rarest Items When Fishing in Minecraft

Back to the treasures again! Sounds pretty tempting, right? Away from the seas, it can be quite complicated to get an enchanted book, or to find a name tag. If you're lucky, you might even get an enchanted fishing rod. Then, of course, you can fish for treasures in Minecraft for even longer. The funniest aspect about treasures, though, is that while they are helpful and well deserving of the name 'treasure', at the same time they are not the rarest items you can fish for in Minecraft. There are a few items that are less likely to be hooked when fishing in the game. These include damaged fishing rods, ink bags, strings, and sticks. And as you're probably just realizing, these items aren't exactly the most useful. After all, one way or another, you can find, capture or build them yourself relatively easily. After all, there is a positive side to this news: You can probably fish for treasures in Minecraft faster than you can fish for sticks or ink bags.

Tips & Tricks for More Minecraft Fish

Like so many processes in the game, you can simplify or improve Minecraft fishing. Probably the most obvious way to do this is an enchantment. 'Luck of the Sea' practically screams to be a helpful enchantment when fishing in Minecraft! Effectively, this enchantment reduces the likelihood of fishing for worthless junk. And don't forget to increase it to level three to push the probability of catching treasure. In the end, this is more than twice as high as without an enchantment. Apart from that, the enchantment 'Lure' might be useful as well. It increases the overall catch probability and also makes something catchable appear at shorter intervals.

Other than that, there's also the option of setting out with your fishing rod when it's raining. Then, the waiting time between your catches will decrease. For the very crafty ones among you, who want to stack as many Minecraft fish as easily as possible, there is also the option of the fish farm. Relatively quickly you can build such a small apparatus, so that you actually hardly have to do anything except cast your fishing rod. But somehow this takes away the fishing feeling, doesn't it?

Why Would I Want to go Fishing in Minecraft in the First Place?

Clearly, this is a valid question. You could also just loot chests or look for the right villagers in villages. In the end, however, this would somehow be more time-consuming than standing on the shore for a moment. Therefore, here are some good reasons why Minecraft fishing and the accumulation of Minecraft fish is worthwhile: Besides the advancement 'Fishy Business', which is followed by 2 more advancements, you need Minecraft fish from time to time. Pretty obvious: as food! This is especially helpful on multiplayer servers, so that you and your friends have enough supplies for your nightly adventures. Besides, you can use it to attract loyal companions on four paws and call a cat your pet. It was already clear above that you can also be rewarded with treasures that will help you brew potions, among other things. Or you may simply enjoy the peace and relaxation of this occupation. Oh! And by the way, you'll also need a decent supply of fish, in case you want to equip your home with a Minecraft aquarium.

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