Villages in Minecraft Background

Villages in Minecraft

October 25, 2022
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For the experienced player, the Minecraft village isn’t new anymore, but perhaps a rarity. After all, it can prove difficult to find one - despite the fact that the villages are part of Minecraft since 2010.

Minecraft Villages

Since then, the Minecraft village has been a social hub in the game, where you would otherwise only encounter mobs in single mode. There you can trade and loot as you please. In 2019, the major update 1.14 'Village & Pillage' dealt intensively with the Minecraft village. Now you'll find suitably designed villages spread throughout all biomes, so what are you waiting for? Go and discover Minecraft villages of all different varieties!

Why Do You Need the MC Village?

Do you still have doubts whether you should look for a Minecraft village? In any case, it can't do any harm. The advantages speak for themselves: in and around villages, animals, chests, stray cats (Cats blog) and villagers await you. These peaceful mobs want to trade with you and with a bit of luck and patience will offer you one or two small treasures. You shouldn't miss this opportunity! Apart from that, a Minecraft village is a perfect base for your adventures. Cross your fingers and you might even find an abandoned mineshaft under your village. You have to admit that a trip to a village sounds tempting now, doesn’t it? Last but not least, of course, aesthetics play a role in the game. So if you don't want to build your house lonely and abandoned in the forest, an adjacent village nearby can make a big difference. You immediately have neighbors, fields or animal enclosures nearby. Besides, a whole village is easier to find again than a small shelter in the middle of nowhere.

How to Find a Minecraft Village

Now you know that the search for Minecraft villages is worthwhile. The only question that remains is how to find a Minecraft village. The most exciting solution would be to grab a boat and set off on your journey. If you look for smoke, you might find a village. Relatively often they are located near water. If you don't want to cruise through the pampas, there are of course other ways to find a Minecraft village. If you're looking for a specific village, for example, seeds will definitely help you. So, if you are thinking about starting a new world, you might just try one of these:


Woodland Mansions are rare and highly sought after. What could make them even more amazing? In this seed, you'll find a Mansion with individual huts of a village located around it, both underground and above ground. So explore this place and grab the loot from all the chests!


For trying to set a new speedrun record, this seed is perfect! You spawn near a fortress, can loot it, and there is an endportal that already has five Ender Eyes. You certainly won’t find a better shortcut!


The jungle village: Minecraft’s dream location for many players. If you follow this seed, you will at least come across a village that has jungle-style villagers. Even better, though, is that there's a jungle temple towering right next door. Go ahead and loot it for all it's worth!

Of course, besides this small selection, all other options are up to you. The website has proven itself. There you can use the ‘village finder' to display a map with coordinates of all villages in your vicinity with the help of your individual seed. Color-coded on this map are not only the simple Minecraft village in all its different biomes, but also the next zombie village. Minecraft loves a spooky twist.

Adventure 'Minecraft Village’

Which brings us to the 'Zombie Villages'. Minecraft offers this place you may also know as an abandoned village. Whatever you call them, they are dangerous at night. The villagers are zombies and hide from the sun. Either you face them in battle, or you turn them back into peaceful villagers. So, the MC village offers not only a place to trade, but also opportunities for adventure. At some point, you might come across a pillager outpost. Battles and rewards await you there as well. So always be well prepared during your travels! And if you do face the pillagers, be on the lookout for a cage full of allays, the friendly helper spirits from 'Wild' Update 1.19. If you free them, you'll benefit from it!

So how about you grab your friends, equip your boats with chests, and off you go on your quest to find the fanciest Minecraft village! Go wild on a Minecraft server from G-Portal! Have fun exploring!

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