The best Minecraft players Background

The best Minecraft players

October 27, 2022
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Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. As a result, millions of people have come into contact with the adventure game. But among all of these players, only a few can claim to be the best Minecraft players.

The best Minecraft player in the world

If you want to become one of the legendary players among millions of players, you can take a cue from these people, as each and every one of them is one of the best Minecraft players in their own unique way. But what exactly makes the best player, everyone must decide for themselves. We show you the fastest speedrunners, the strongest PvP players and the most successful Minecraft YouTuber.

The best speedrunners

Those who need only a few minutes for a complete game run are called speedrunners. Little by little, speedrun records for Minecraft have been set, but some are almost 10 minutes long, while others finish in half the time. Where exactly is the difference?

First and foremost, it makes a difference whether the seeds, which are the basic properties of the world, are random or set. Random seeds are better for players who are well adjusted to different surroundings, while set seeds guarantee the same starting conditions for all players.

With set seeds

If the seeds have been set to certain values beforehand, the results are also the most meaningful. The fastest players are currently (as of August 2022):

Hanabi, with 2:08 minutes
Rayoh with 1:56 minutes
MagneticMaybe, with 1:49 minutes


So, while other players are still building their first houses, this legend is already battling the Ender Dragon for victory.
Note with this list: New speedrun records are being set all the time, so this list may be out of date depending on its age.

With random seeds

If the seeds are left to chance, the player's ability to find new paths and explore the world comes into play much more. Since you can't really prepare for anything, these runs take much longer compared to those with fixed seeds. On the other hand, randomness can also extend the run additionally, for example, if you don't find any strongholds that can get you to the Nether or the End for a long time. Compared to the length of the runs with fixed seeds, these are very long, but in return, players also had to overcome the big hurdle of randomness, which makes their victor shine even more.

Currently (as of August 2022), the top 3 players in a randomly generated game are:

Brentilda with 11:09 minutes
EvanKea with 9:47 minutes
Cube1337 with 9:23 minutes


Regardless of the settings, these players know Minecraft inside and out, have spent a lot of time preparing, and have truly earned the fame that comes with being the fastest speedrunner. By the way, the fastest German players are logato (Set Seed) with 2:06 minutes and MinecrAvenger (Random Seed), with 10:14 minutes.

The best PvP Minecraft player

Besides the Ender Dragon, the biggest dangers you can encounter in Minecraft are, of course, the other players. Those who can make the most of the weapons and the environment are considered the best PvP players in the world. In numerous tournaments these legends have met and sharpened their skills even more. The current most successful and best PvP players are:


xNestorio is best known for his participation in major Minecraft tournaments such as Minecraft Monday and Minecraft Ultimate. In the Minecraft Monday tournament, he finished second two weeks in a row, and in Minecraft Ultimate, he and his team finished in the top 20 in the first season and even won in the second season. He also won the MCC Rising event, where his team finished in first place, and he himself finished in 9th place.


Dream is probably one of the oldest MC Championship veterans. Since the 6th tournament (now there are 22) he has participated every time. He himself has only failed to finish in the top 8 twice, and his team has always finished in the top 7. It is among veterans that he excels, winning the MC Championship All-Stars, where his team and himself battled their way to 1st place.


The Canadian fruitberries is considered one of the most successful participants of the MC Championship. With different teams, he always made it into the top ten over ten tournaments, winning once and finishing second three times. As an individual player, he was even more successful, finishing first twice and second twice. Even though he is no longer active, he has definitely left his footprint on the competitive Minecraft scene.


The most successful Minecraft YouTuber

The most successful Minecraft YouTubers have managed to win over viewers with their entertaining style. Since the release of Minecraft, many have tried to produce videos to entertain their crowd. Many have failed or turned to other projects after some time. But these three YouTubers have not lost the desire to produce Minecraft YouTube videos even after many years. The three biggest international YouTubers with Minecraft content are (October 2022):

DanTDM (24.3 million subscribers)
PopularMMOs (17.2 million subscribers)
Dream (14.5 million subscribers)


Become one of the best Minecraft players now too

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