Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

The Egg of the Ender Dragon

How to get it, dismantle it, and create a new dragon

Defeating a dragon in the End and getting the rarest object in the Minecraft world – the dragon’s egg – is considered the supreme discipline of the game. How to achieve this and what tips and tricks you can use for it, you can learn here!

Where & How to the Ender Dragon Egg
Where: The dragon egg is only available once in the end: after the first victory over the ender dragon! It appears on the exit portal (end fountain).

How: Getting the egg is best done with pistons (+ redstone) and a substructure of blocks, or with the help of block mining and torches/soul sand etc.

enderdragon minecraft
You will meet the Ender Dragon in the End of Minecraft.

How to get a dragon egg

First of all, you have to enter the End. Once there, the goal is to defeat the ender dragon. This can be accomplished more easily by destroying the end crystals on the obsidian pillars (since those heal the dragon). After the dragon is defeated, the dragon egg appears on top of the exit portal. It appears only once and that is after the first successful fight against the ender dragon.

The death of the dragon releases the portal again, which allows you to return to the upper world.

end portal in minecraft
Equip the end portal with eyes of ender to get into the End and fight the ender dragon.

Getting the Dragon Egg

The egg is very special. Not only because it is unique, but also because it is gravity-dependent and also egg-shaped. So it’s no wonder that getting it is a bit different than with a normal Minecraft block. Simply mining is not possible here, you have to move the egg so that it “drops“.

egg of the ender dragon
The egg of the ender dragon

There are several methods for this, the most common one being using the help of a piston or mining of the blocks from under the egg. Whichever method you choose, you should definitely take some blocks into the end to elevate yourself to the level of the egg, and also place some blocks under the egg to prevent it from falling into the portal. We will briefly introduce you to the two methods:

Mining with piston

For this you will need a piston (and redstone). The piston is placed on a block next to the egg and activated by redstone. The piston knocks the egg over and it simply “drops” down and can be picked up.

Mining using block dismantling and torches/soul sand etc.

By dismantling the blocks under the egg you can also drop the egg, but two blocks under the egg should be torches, soul sand, or steps (non-cube shaped items). The egg will then drop onto these elements and can be picked up there as an item.

After dismantling the egg

To create another ender dragon, you will need 4 end crystals. These are placed in the center of the end portal frame.

  • Ender crystal = 7 glass + 1 ender eye + 1 ghast tear

Via rays, the crystals produce a renewed flare of the ender crystals on the obsidian columns and finally with it the dragon.

Meanwhile, the mined egg can be taken back to the overworld and displayed as an object in e.g. the apartment.

How to hatch the dragon egg?

You dream of your own winged friend and want to hatch the dragon egg? Unfortunately, this is not possible without mods. While you can display it as a testament to your victory, it has no practical use. Still, if you don’t want to give up on your dream, the modding community can help you:

Hatch dragon egg with the Dragon Mounts mod

With the mod “Dragon Mounts” by Barracuda you can hatch dragon eggs and then raise the dragons and even ride them. After your little dragon hatches, you can feed it fish, and later build a saddle that lets you glide through the air on one of eight different dragons.

How To Train Your Dragon with the Ice and Fire mod

The “Ice and Fire” mod by Alexthe666 and Raptorfarian adds numerous dragon types to the game, including ice dragons, fire dragons, lightning dragons and giant sea serpents. Female dragons drop dragon eggs upon death, which can hatch and also provide you with a tame winged friend.

minecraft dragon
Defeat the end dragon and get the dragon egg.

Conclusion of the final mission

Getting the dragon egg therefore requires a certain amount of preparation (as does defeating the ender dragon in general) and is not the easiest game mission. However: It is worth it to capture such a rare object and can also be seen as a kind of “completion” of the game!

Finally, we have a hint for you:To create a dragon in the overworld you need the following mod: “Baby Ender Dragons Add-On”..

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