Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Rent a server
Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

SMP Minecraft

SMP – Meaning and Distinctions

SMP simply means “Survival Multiplayer”. Survival has been a basic aspect of Minecraft from the very beginning. Minecraft SMP servers are a classic and popular way to explore, create, and survive new block worlds with friends or strangers. Here you can learn more about the different types of Minecraft SMP servers.

Survival multiplayer in Minecraft offers endless game variants

Creative mode, mods and plugins aside, Minecraft is a survival game at its core. You have to feed yourself, build protective structures, and defend yourself against mobs. Even though there are now numerous communities with different ways of playing, survival multiplayer is still very popular. Gather your friends on a server, build a base, defy creepers and witches. Play together until your big fight against the Ender Dragon. Do you prefer something more realistic and difficult? Try a new plugin or a survival mod! Minecraft is a game full of possibilities and hardly sets any limits in this aspect.

These are the types of SMP servers you should know:

minecraft smp
Minecraft in SMP mode (Survival Multiplayer)

1. Vanilla Version

Vanilla is the standard version of the game without mods and plugins. This is the most common way to play Minecraft. It is an online version of the classic single player experience. But you’ll notice that just the presence of your friends and other players makes for a much more interesting game. If you want to be protected from them and just defend yourself against the world and its dangers, you can simply disable the PvP mechanic.

Vanilla VersionThe unmodified standard versions of games are usually called vanilla versions in English. In the USA, the vanilla flavor is considered the most unspectacular and ordinary type of ice cream. However, the term has established itself in many different contexts (e.g. gaming).

2. Modded – Minecraft Mods

It’s impossible to summarize how Minecraft plays on servers with mods, as there are endless ways you can customize your game. Want to trade among your friends and wage wars against each other? You will find what you are looking for! Is there a game mechanic that annoys you? There’s probably a mod that will remove it. Alternatively, you can add new survival mechanics to make survival more challenging.

Learn more now about Mods in Minecraft!

3. Minecraft Anarchy Mode

Anarchy servers are characterized by the absence of rules. This gives you a lot of freedom, but also has its disadvantages. You may be at the mercy of griefers (people who try to make the game less fun for other players), who cause some players too much frustration. Nevertheless, there are many lovers of limitless possibilities. Anarchy servers can be found in all conceivable forms, with and without mods.

4. Factions

Factions is a popular plugin that allows you to form groups, compete for land and resources, and fight battles. On these servers, the PvE (player versus environment) element is less important. Other players will probably pose a greater threat to you.

5. Hardcore Mode in Minecraft

Hardcore is actually a separate game mode in Minecraft. The essential feature is that your death in the game is permanent and the difficulty level is not adjustable. It’s a special challenge for players who want to be punished for mistakes and thrive under pressure. Especially popular among hardcore gamers is the mod RLCraft.

minecraft skyblock
Minecraft Skyblock

Conclusion Minecraft Game Variants

Apart from vanilla games and modded games, these categories can be combined. There are still more ways to play SMP, such as the popular Skyblock Challenge, which is all about managing to survive and progress with very limited resources. Popular mods for this are SkyFactory 3 or SkyFactory 4.

This overview should give you some guidance and help you find your preferred way to play. Which Minecraft experience attracts you the most?

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