The Minecraft Bridger Background

The Minecraft Bridger

March 9, 2023
3 minutes to read

You think there are no more challenges for you in Minecraft? Have you ever tried to be a Minecraft bridger? If you're thinking it couldn't be that hard to build a bridge, we agree. That's why it's even more fun when the whole endeavor is a competition, isn't it?

Oh, did you mean: Minecraft bridge?

The Upgrade to a Minecraft Bridger

How relaxing those first days in vanilla Minecraft were, when our only concern was not getting killed by creepers. With each update, new options and details were added that changed the game over and over again. Sure, this also means there are quite a few enemy mobs running around now, but we certainly know how to defend ourselves against spiders by now. And we've also learned that it's enough to stop holding wheat seeds in our hands when we're annoyed by chickens chasing us. Everyone overlooks something once in a while. Maybe you've even defeated the ender dragon and got yourself some cool elytra. But did you think that at some point the community would volunteer to go to incredible heights and risk falling? By falling, we mean really deep, to the ground and for fun.

Goodbye peaceful block life, hello Minecraft speed bridging! Just like the developers of the game, players have been idle. Variants on how to play the game in competitive mode keep popping up. We already know that PvP can certainly be fun. As a Minecraft bridger, you also have the choice of simply challenging each other or fighting afterwards. So you could also talk about the Minecraft bridger as a player in PvP. In fact, there is even a popular game variant based on quickly building bridges: Bedwars. Apart from that, of course, bridging is also a fantastic little challenge against your friends.

Minecraft Speed Bridging: Just Building Bridges?

Let's define it more precisely. Minecraft bridging, often referred to as Minecraft speed bridging, is all about building bridges really fast. As the name suggests. They don't have to look beautiful or particularly aesthetic. They're just supposed to get you across a certain distance as quickly as possible. It probably looks more like the auxiliary paths you used to build at the beginning of the game when you couldn't get anywhere. Only now you build them within a few seconds. So you can't just call yourself a Minecraft bridger if you've placed a few blocks nicely and can run across a river with them. It takes practice, but don't worry, the community has made building bridges a true art and you have the freedom to choose how you want to approach it!

Many Paths Lead the Minecraft Bridger to the Other Side

Primarily, of course, blocks lead you to the other side of a canyon. The only question is, how do you manage to place blocks especially fast without falling? In fact, the list of different techniques is quite long and it probably takes a lot of practice until you really get the hang of it. Then you move on to the next level and eventually you manage to place about 8 blocks per second.

Fortunately, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, help, and yes, tutorials for Minecraft speed bridging. Quite a few players have dedicated themselves to building bridges in Minecraft on Youtube. Some have even compiled statistics on which methods are the most efficient. On platforms, there are personal rankings of the best Minecraft bridgers and, of course, there are also special Minecraft bridging servers where you can compete with other players or simply train.

Tips on bridging methods

Now, which method is best for you, which Minecraft bridger you would include in your "Top 3" or how much fun you have in the competitions is entirely up to you. So these are the most important things you should consider:

  1. Time: It can take a long time to master a technique, so don't end up sitting in front of the screen frustrated if a method doesn't work.
  2. Sneaking: Many methods are based on sneaking, which you have to activate and deactivate repeatedly. It's best to familiarize yourself with it beforehand.
  3. Clicking: The faster you want to build, the faster you have to be able to click.
  4. Methods: There are countless Minecraft bridging methods! Moonwalk, straight, diagonal, fastened, telly and many more. However, the big goal for most players is to master the Minecraft god bridge method.

Conclusion Minecraft Bridger

The possibilities of Minecraft speed bridging are endless! Build depending on time, distance, with or without subsequent battles. The community wasn’t just idle, but created a whole new category for mini games, bridging practice servers and competitions. So if you are looking for a thrill, you can easily find out if you are a true Minecraft bridger on a Minecraft server from G-Portal with your friends! Have fun with bridging!