The Minecraft End Poem Background

The Minecraft End Poem

February 2, 2023
4 minutes to read

Who would expect a game like Minecraft to be poetic? One of the greatest "treasures" hides at the supposed "end" of the game.

The Minecraft End Poem

You have defeated the ender dragon and entered the exit portal. Suddenly you see the credits of the game, but they somehow look different, because what you actually see is the Minecraft end poem. If you haven't seen it before, let's describe it this way: It fulfills the expectations of Notch, who in 2011 spread via Twitter that he was looking for a writer for a "silly over-the-top out-of-nowhere text." This wish came true thanks to Julian Gough and the Minecraft end poem was created!

Minecraft Credits: Does the Game Have an Ending?

Many games follow this principle: You level up defeating mobs to fight a boss monster at the end. According to this system, these games have an end. The name „Minecraft end poem“ might suggest that this is the case here as well. Yet Minecraft is supposed to be an endless game? Yes, it is! Well, you fight the ender dragon and your trophy is the ender dragon egg, but afterwards you come back to the overworld and can continue your adventures. Only there's this poem in the Minecraft credits in between. Funny, isn't it? Minecraft combines a proven system with the addition that it continues afterwards just as before. So let's take a closer look at the Minecraft end poem, which isn't the end of the game at all.

This Is How Beautiful and Confusing the Minecraft End Poem Is

At first glance, the Minecraft end poem isn't exactly what you'd call a typical poem, but at least it was supposed to be a silly text from the start. On the screen, a text flows from the bottom to the top, in which two creatures talk in blue and green sections. Well, and what do you think they're talking about? About you! That's right, they even address you by your player name and talk about what you have accomplished in the game and what achievements you made. We don't know exactly who these beings are, but many theories say that they are two parts of the universe. They say you are at a high level and can hear their thoughts, but there are sometimes parts that you can't read yet, because your level is not high enough. So you can do even better! And they know that you are a player sitting in front of the screen reading these words.

The Minecraft End Poem Meaning?

If you were to try to interpret the Minecraft end poem, you could probably spend more time in front of the screen with it than with the actual game. One thing can be said for sure: there are already numerous interpretations and they triggered different reactions. Overall, there are some players for whom the text is simply too long. Fortunately, you can also skip it. Those who read through the entire Minecraft end poem might feel relaxed or encouraged. This is how many players feel when they can dream their way through their adventure once again. Or they may simply enjoy the peace and quiet after fighting the ender dragon or setting a new personal speedrun record.

Some players consider the text to be too philosophical and complicated. Some even think that it can be interpreted religiously. According to the author, this was not the plan, but in the end it is up to each player what to do with the small treasure at the "end" of the game. Somehow, this Minecraft poem also has an interesting kind of humor, when two beings are talking about you, but you can't join in, even though you are part of the conversation. Whatever you think of it, the last sections in particular seem incredibly uplifting!

Minecraft End Poem: Last Words at the "End"

We are in the dimension called the end, read the end poem in the Minecraft end credits, and have arrived at the supposed end of the game, which doesn't really exist. It all sounds pretty confusing. It begs the question of what to do next. That's up to each player, of course, but the Minecraft end poem gives us some really uplifting words once again. Towards the end, even the universe itself is quoted! It pushes the player once again until the last words can be confusing again:

„You are the player.
Wake up.“

Are you in a game? Are you just sitting in front of the screen? Maybe you're dreaming, too. The lines between reality and gameplay are blurred in the Minecraft end poem. So wake up and decide what you want to do next! Not so easy, is it? Maybe a quote will help you, which appears even after the Minecraft credits:

„Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.“ - unknown

The authorship of this quote may be controversial, which is why "unknown" makes sense, but that's not really the point! The quote perfectly describes the idea of Minecraft, that you should travel around and go on adventures. At the "end", or better after visiting the Minecraft end, it's up to you alone what the next adventure will bring. Who knows, maybe you're just supposed to wake up in your Minecraft bed? We'll leave that up to you, but remember: Minecraft credits are not the end of the game.

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