Wie werde ich Admin auf meinen Empyrion Server?

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Empyrion is a 3D open world, space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build, explore, fight and survive in a hostile ...

Hier in diesem Tutorial erklären wir Ihnen kurz wie Sie auf Ihren Empyrion Server sich als Administrator eintragen können.

Adminconfig.example.yaml Datei umbenennen via FTP

Connecten via Filezilla auf den FTP Server

Wir connecten via FTP auf unseren Server. Unter Meine-Server -> Ihr Empyrion Server -> Status (Etwas weiter unten)

finden Sie die FTP Zugangsdaten mit denen Sie sich mit Ihrem Gameserver verbinden können.

Sollten Sie nicht wissen wie Sie FTP benutzen finden Sie hierzu einen Beitrag in unserem Wiki Wie verbinde ich mich auf meinen FTP Server?

Adminconfig.example.yaml Speicherort im FTP

im Ordner Saves finden wir nun die Adminconfig.example.yaml und benennen diese via Rechtsklicke Umbenennen in adminconfig.yaml um

Wo finde ich meine Adminconfig.yaml Datei im KonfigurationsDatein Editor

Sie gehen hierfür in unser Webinterface unter Meine Server -> Ihr Empyrion Server -> KonfigurationsDatein -> Auswahl der Datei adminconfig.yaml -> Laden


Beispiel Datei adminconfig.yaml

# Admin Configuration

# =========================================================
# === PLEASE RENAME TO adminconfig.yaml TO BE EFFECTIVE ===
# =========================================================

#This file can contain two lists: one with elevated players with special permissions
# and one with banned players.

# 'Id' is a SteamID64 in both lists, lookup possible at https://steamid.io/
# 'Permission' is 3 for 'GameMaster', 6 for 'Moderator' and 9 for 'Admin' - other values are not allowed.
# 'Until' is the time when the ban ends.

- Id: 00000000000000000 # put the correct SteamID64 here
  Permission: 3         # make this user a GameMaster, for example
- Id: 11111111111111111
  Permission: 6

Wie finde ich meine SteamID64 herraus?

hier zeige ich Ihnen kurz auf wie Sie Ihre SteamID64 herrausfinden diese wird in Punkt 3 gebraucht. Sie gehen auf folgende Homepage steamid.co und tragen dort Ihren Steam Anzeigenamen ein.

Rust 1 steamid.png

Im Testfall hier wäre es die SteamID64 76561197994023767

Eintrag in der Datei

- Id: 76561197994023767 # put the correct SteamID64 here for Gamemaster
  Permission: 3         # make this user a GameMaster, for example
- Id: 76561197994023767 # put the correct SteamID64 here for Server Owner
  Permission: 6         # make this user a Server Owner

Admin Befehle

Please refer to this table below, to see the current commands and how to execute them (*Tip: use the "find" function (Ctrl+F or Command+F) to see which commands GameMasters or Moderators can do):

Empyrion Commands
Command Modifier Description
Help help <command> Shows you the list of available commands. Typing help and then another command after will display the Subcommands a command must/may have to continue.
[GameMaster Command]
x+, x=, u+, u= int
(Int is the number, as in Integer)
Gives the current player XP (x+), sets their XP to a specific value (x=).
Gives the current player specific amount of UP (Upgrade points), (u+) or sets their UP (u=)
[GameMaster Command]

x, y, z
<playfield name>

teleport Turns this command on or off. You can right-click on the map to teleport (You will be slightly higher than normal, so be careful for the landing!)

teleport x, y, z, Teleports you to those coordinates, only on the playfield you currently are on.
teleport '<playfield name>' Teleports you to the typed Playfield. For Playfields with spaces in them, you must use single quotes! Do note, you may need to change sectors first! (Case Sensitive)

[GameMaster Command]
create <faction> (Faction is the name)

join <faction> <playerid>
delete <faction>
allow <faction> <playerid>
deny <faction> <playerid>
remove <faction> <playerid>
entity <faction> <entityid>
list <faction>

Note: To keep this short and sweet, anything with <faction> is the name of the Faction. Anything with <playerid> is the ID assigned to you from the game. To find this, type in "di" into the console and the debugmenu will display your ID.
[Moderator Command]
ban <player name or Steam-64-id> <Duration> Bans a player for a specified amount of time. You can use h for hours, d for days and m for months.
ban 1234567890 7d
Initadmin N/A Sets a player up as the Initial Administrator of the server, if there isn't one already. (If this does not work in multiplayer, you must add yourself via config files)
[GameMaster Command]
N/A Shows or hides debug information on your screen
[Moderator Command]
N/A Enables or disables the debug menu (Press the menu and look for the debugmenu button on the right-side of the rest of the menu options. Once you've done this, a menu will appear.
(You can not spawn items to your inventory in Survival this way!)
Deco toggle


toggle Enables/disables decorations

off Turns off decorations
stats Returns some of the stats about decorations
allstats Returns all stats about decorations
destroyall destroy all decoration
grasson Turns on grass
grassoff Turns off grass

[GameMaster Command]
N/A Enables or disables Godmode for the current player. This allows you to fly, not take enemy damage and walk through walls/floors.
[Moderator Command]
destroy <id> Destroys the object id selected. Use the "Di" command to view Object IDs. *Note Base pieces that have the same IDs as each other will destroy the entire base! Be careful!
[GameMaster Command]
find 'My ship name' (The given example by the game) Finds specific structures within the Playfield and Prints the ID
[GameMaster Command]
finishbp [timer] Finishes a blueprint currently in production. You can add a time after to set it to a specific time, or just enter the command to default it to 5 seconds.
[GameMaster Command]
N/A Enables or Disables the Item Menu within Creative. Press the H key to access the menu.
[GameMaster Command]
kick <player name/SteamID> [message]

kick all [message]

Kicks a player or all players from the game. Can include an optional message.
[GameMaster Command]
list perm[issions]

list ban[ned]

Lists the players with what permissions they have (Gamemaster, Moderator, Admin)

Lists the players that are currently banned from the server.

[GameMaster Command]
N/A Lists and displays all of the resources and PoIs (Points of Interest) on the map.
Op op <structure id> Enables/Disables Offline Protection (OP) for a structure.
[GameMaster Command]
sector '<sectorname>' Jumps to a specific sector (Note: If you use this command, it is recommended that you have your ship or you have godmode,
as you will be in the Atmosphere of the planet you jumped to. (The sector.) Recommended that you use single quotes, in case the sector has spaces in the name.
[GameMaster Command]
unban <player name/SteamID> Unbans a player from your server. Do note that if you unban the player using the player name, it requires the player to be in the game.
The SteamID function will always work however.
[GameMaster Command]
setposition <id> <x,y,z> Sets the position of a Structure.
[Administrator Command]
setrole <player name or SteamID> pl[ayer]


Sets a players role based on the input.
Pl for Player,
GM for gamemaster,
Mod for moderator,
Admin for administrator.
Si si on/off Enables or disables Si
[Server Only!]
time <value (In seconds)>


Sets the time of the server (with a value input) (Example: 10 is night, 10000 is day.)

Get the current server time