Dye in Minecraft Background

Dye in Minecraft

September 29, 2022
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Your leather armor doesn't have enough style? Or you want your flock of sheep to be like a fluffy rainbow? No problem!

Minecraft dye: Where to get it and what to do with it!

In Minecraft, you can color many of your items to make your game exactly the way you like it. Here, we'll show you how to get the different dyes and what you can do with them.

These are the different Minecraft dyes

You can buy all the different dyes from a traveling merchant, who gives you three dyes for the cost of one emerald. The merchants also sell cocoa beans, lapis lazuli, and ink bags for the same price. However, if your inventory boxes are already overflowing with content, you'll probably want to know how to make white dye in Minecraft, for example. In the table below, we have collected all you need to know about all dyes in Minecraft. It also shows you all dye colors in Minecraft, including the recipes for natural ingredients. Note here, that some are easier to work out than others. For example, it gets complicated with white dye, which is made from bone meal. Outside of combat, Minecraft only gives bone meal to the player if they fill up the composter completely. Besides that, some colors are only available by mixing others.

What you can do with the dyes

Wool Dye

Minecraft allows the player to change the color of wool blocks with dyes. If you process the wool into clothing, it will retain its color. This way, you can customize your clothes.
Even more practical than dyeing the finished blocks of wool is to combine the color with the sheep. This allows you to collect two to three blocks of dyed wool from each sheep and you don't even have to dye the blocks individually. Certain colors also occur naturally in sheep, but black, gray, and light gray sheep are rare, and brown sheep are even rarer. Pink sheep are so rare that they have less than a 0.2% chance of spawning! If you want colored wool, why not make your flock of white sheep into a big rainbow? If you've collected wool with all dye colors, Minecraft will also award you the Rainbow Collection achievement.


Dye objects and materials

Besides wool, you can also dye ceramics or glass by placing the blocks right next to a dye block. If you want stained glass, you have to go through the process, since you can't make or find glass in other colors. Items that you can dye, besides wool, also include beds and candles, which you can recolor as many times as you want. If you have already visited the end, you can also change taken Shulker boxes with the dye so that they exactly fit into your cozy home. By the way, the same applies to the collars of dogs and cats that you have tamed. Through your colorants, the collars can take on any of the 16 different colors. Thus, you can completely match them to the appearance of your animal companion.

In addition, there are individual patterns on certain objects. With the help of dyes you can decide the pattern on signs and on banners according to your taste. Display your tribe's banner and make a big impression on the other inhabitants of the world! If you want to celebrate your success, then fireworks are a must. Just like the banners, you can change the colors of a firework star with the dyes to create unique patterns. If you don't want any stress with the Minecraft dyes, you can also use the Minecraft Color Codes.

Some dyes have additional benefits, for example green dye. Minecraft veterans like to use a farm that produces this dye to collect XP quickly and easily.

How to dye leather armor

The object that players like to dye the most is certainly the leather armor. This is mainly due to the incredibly high number of possible combinations. Dyeing a leather armor is quite simple, you just have to put it in a Craftsman field together with the desired dye. If you use an already dyed leather armor again, the result is not just a leather armor in the new color. Instead, the armor will gain a mixed color of the two dyes. This results in over 4 million unique combinations. Grab a few colors with our tips and experiment a bit with your leather armor. You may soon find just the right shade to adorn yourself with as you see fit.

By the way, if you want to change the color completely or you just want to go back to the basic look, you can easily clean the leather armor by putting it in a cauldron of water. This will automatically make the armor lose all color. And if your armor is enchanted, don't worry. Enchantments are not removed by the water. If you dye all 4 different pieces of leather armor at the same time, you will also receive the „Tie Dye Outfit" achievement.

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