Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Fireworks

A symbol of creative possibilities

Kaboom! An explosive charge awaits you after you set off your fireworks in Minecraft. If you want to know how to make them, what effects and what benefits fireworks have in Minecraft, read on now. Because fireworks can do more than just explode in the air.

Minecraft firework overview

  • Classic firework rocket with gunpowder and paper
  • Individual fireworks with color explosions in different shapes etc. only with specially created fireworks star
  • Firing by clicking block, launcher or crossbow
  • Elytras and fireworks become a flight boost

The basics of crafting fireworks in Minecraft

Crafting a simple firework (rocket) in Minecraft is not really rocket science. Take a sheet of paper and a portion of gunpowder and mix it together at the workbench.

  • 1x gunpowder + 1x paper = fireworks

Tip: The easiest way to get gunpowder is by killing creepers.

The fireworks can then be transferred to the inventory and fired with a single click.

Firework variations

However, to shoot a more creative load of fireworks into the area, you need an additional element: the firework star. It is composed of dye, gunpowder and any ingredient. The latter determines the appearance of the individual firework.

The range of the rocket can be determined by the amount of gunpowder or firework stars. Up to three gunpowder portions are possible and up to seven firework stars. In combination up to three gunpowder portions and five firework stars.

Since there are about 2.1 trillion possible firework combinations in Minecraft, you should freely follow the motto “Just try it out” and create your fireworks the way you want. In principle, gunpowder and paper are the basic substances for a rocket and the firework star, however you design it, is the “inside” of the rocket. In other words, whatever is to determine the effect of your fireworks rocket, fill it in.

The little manual of fireworkers

For amateur fireworks, the classic color effects will suffice here, as well as possibly some basic effects (shape of the explosion). These basic effects can be achieved with e.g. feathers, creeper heads, gold nuggets or fireball. Each of these gives a different kind of explosion (ball, scatter, star…).

On top of that, you can add other effects, such as glowstone dust, diamonds, or simply both. They create an explosion path of the rocket and a crash at the explosion.

You can also add a color gradient to the firework star created. To do this, simply add dye at the workbench next to the fireworks star.

The created fireworks star is then supplemented with the basic materials for a fireworks rocket:

  • (specially created) fireworks star + paper + gunpowder (1-3) = fireworks

Firing fireworks

Fireworks can be fired in a variety of ways. On the one hand you can simply click on a block, or in the air. Alternatively, you can use the dispenser: Just put rocket into the dispenser, activate it and the rocket will take off. The most beautiful method, however, is to use the crossbow. To do this, take the firework in your left hand and the crossbow in your right hand. If the crossbow also has a multishot enchantment, it will shoot three missiles at once (for the price of one!).

If the missiles are fired at mobs, animals, or teammates, they can also take damage from them. So, if you have a bunch of zombies running at your feet again, just shoot fireworks into the crowd with a multishot crossbow (has something of a shotgun effect). However, the mobs will not be set on fire.

Fireworks and Elytra

This combination of Elytra and fireworks definitely needs to be named here. The rare Elytra lets you float through the area. If you then use fireworks, the player is “shot” in the direction where the head is pointing. The fireworks thus act as a boost to the elytra flight.

Caution: When using it, you should make sure that the flight path is clear. Also keep in mind that the elytra wear out much faster this way.

The fireworks are characteristic of Minecraft: they are quite simple to make but can be creatively designed in a huge range and offer a handful of special functions. And finally, it’s very nice to look at, fun to play with and easy to use.

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