Genre: Open-World-Survival
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
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Color codes in Minecraft

Color codes in Minecraft allow you to color text, signs, and fabrics, as well as change team colors. Even chat messages can be colored. Here you’ll learn how to use color codes and what you need to keep in mind.

Minecraft stands for freedom and customizability: From the play style to the architecture of your buildings to basic game elements, almost everything can be adjusted to your wishes – not least thanks to the extensive mod support. The colors of the texts you enter are no exception.

Minecraft Color Codes or Minecraft Dye?

The first decision is what you want to color. If it’s a text element such as signs, books or chat messages, you should use Minecraft color codes. If you’d rather color individual items in the middle of the game to make your house more colorful, make your flock of sheep shine like a rainbow or empty your inventory a bit, the keyword is Minecraft dye. This method works differently and can be used without codes. With the self-made dyes you can color wool, materials like glass and ceramics, different patterns or leather armor, among other things.

If you want to learn more about dyeing as part of your gaming experience, check out our blog section and learn all about Minecraft dye!

Minecraft color codes on signs and in books

The easiest way to use Minecraft color codes is on elements that can be labeled directly in the game. This applies to books and quill, for example. To color your entered text, you just need to put the §-character at the beginning and append the code of the desired color. To color text on signs, Unicode is used instead of the §-code, but is also inserted right before the text.

List of Minecraft color codes

Here you can find a list of all color codes:

§1\u00A71dark blue
§2\u00A72dark green
§3\u00A73dark aqua
§4\u00A74dark red
§5\u00A75dark purple
§8\u00A78dark grey
§d\u00A7dlight purple
§g minecoin gold

Minecraft chat colors

Chat messages are not so easy to colorize by now. The §-character can no longer be inserted and unicodes also have no effect in ordinary chat messages. To use Minecraft color codes in chat messages, you need the /tellraw command:

 "/tellraw @player{"text": "YOUR TEXT", "color": "COLOR"}"

Colorize chat messages via server console

Administrators can send colored messages via the server console. To do this, navigate to the “Log and Chat” window in the server console. In the corresponding input line, all commands can be executed without a preceding slash, and the use of color codes works without any problems.

Other text formatting options in Minecraft

In addition to color codes, there are other formatting options available to you. For example, you can use the code “§k” to obfuscate writing so that the characters change constantly and thus become unreadable. With the command “§l” you can write bold, with the command “§o” italic and with “§n” you can underline your text.

Text formatting in Minecraft

Here is a list of more codes for text formatting in Minecraft: 


We hope we could give you a useful insight into the use and functionality of Minecraft color codes. Now it’s up to you to add color to your Minecraft text input. With a Minecraft server from G-Portal, you won’t be the only one to enjoy it either.

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