Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft 1.19 Update

All You Need to Know about The Wild at a Glance

After the ‘Caves & Cliffs’ update, players are now looking forward to the new Minecraft Wild update.

When will Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Be Released?

Now it’s official: Minecraft 1.19 The Wild will be released on June 7, 2022 for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. In the Java version, you can already test the update in advance via snapshot.

Connection to Caves & Cliffs: Minecraft Wild Update Focuses on Existing World Generation

The focus of The Wild is to increase the quality of the gaming world. The revised world generation of the predecessor is expanded and its exploration is made more diverse. This idea is already implied in the name The Wild. The environment is to be explored and the vastness of the world is to be enjoyed in its varied presentation. Minecraft 1.19 will probably deliver just that: an exciting wilderness with new possibilities.

Minecraft 1.19: New Features at a Glance

Despite the focus on improving the world generation and its quality, enhancements to the player experience are not left out in the new Minecraft update. So fans can not only look forward to new biomes to explore: you can also expect new animal friends, blocks, enemies and an enchantment to experience the virtual world the way you want.

Wild Update: Biomes

The 1.19 Minecraft update comes up with not one, but two new biomes:

Mangroves in the Overworld

In the overworld, players will soon be able to explore the mangrove swamp. This new addition not only provides a home for new animals, but also the possibility to mine new materials. The swamp is said to look dark and gloomy, with huge mangrove trees and muddy grounds. This adds a new atmosphere to the biome and gives the player a realistic experience of a swamp landscape.

New Underground Biome

The Wild also focuses on innovations underground: Players can explore the biome the deep dark underground. In this darkness, so-called ancient cities, ruins of a long-gone civilization, await you. Here, too, new blocks and exciting possibilities are hidden. But beware: You are not alone in the shallows, because in relation to this gloomy area, a new enemy awaits you. Both above and below ground, the Minecraft update ensures excitement.

Wild Update: Mobs

 The Warden is Coming – Now Finally Here with The Wild

Finally, fans can look forward to new mobs with the warden. These monsters, that live in the dark, were already supposed to appear in Caves & Cliffs but were moved to the Wild update. Now you’ll get the chance to face the eyeless creatures in the deep dark or skillfully avoid them. Some other new features make confronting this enemy easier or more difficult, making the game experience even more exciting.

Shining frogs

On the surface, you’ll soon be able to enjoy frogs. These small animals come in three varieties. Therefore, depending on the biome in which they grow up, they differ in their own color and in the color of their ‘froglight’. Feeding frogs with magma blocks creates a glowing block, the froglight, which serves as a new light source. In this process, however, the animals do not die, which gives you the opportunity to create as many light sources as you want. Unlike already known animals in the game, frogs evolve from tadpoles, a visually differentiated form and not just reduced in size.

So if you have trouble finding frogs, you should go to the swamp and look for tadpoles. In the water you can find the little animals and catch them with a bucket. Then, you can watch the tadpoles develop into one of the three frog variants, depending on the biome. This development is a first in the game, where young animals were previously only a smaller variant of the adult version.

Allay – Your Friend and Helper

Last but not least, fans will be excited to see Allay. The fairy-like creature won in the community poll and is now available as a mob alongside players in the 1.19 Minecraft update. His task is to find and collect items. He collects dropped materials that the player forgets, or goes searching for objects of the same kind when you give him an item.

Wild Update: Materials and Blocks

Magical Mangrove Forests

With the mangrove swamp, of course, comes the question of mangroves. Players can enjoy the aesthetics of the trees, swim or walk among the huge roots or mine the plants in the classic way. Mangrove wood represents a new type of wood from which decorative elements can be made, adding variety. Another advantage of the trees: you can plant them both on land and in the water.

Dirt Blocks

Besides, mud blocks can also be found in the swamp, which give the biome its ambience. From these you can make mud bricks. The blocks, on which you sink in, can also be made yourself for the first time with the Minecraft 1.19 update by dumping a water bottle over a dirt block. On the other hand, you can also let mud blocks dry out in dripstone caves to stock up on clay instead of searching for it for a long time.

Sculk Blocks

Of course, there is also news from the deep dark: sculk blocks, divided into shriekers and catalysts. If you encounter a sculk shrieker while mining the block, it sends out a signal and attracts the warden with the sound. Completing the mining ends the signal. The sculk catalyst is a block that generates multiple sculk blocks nearby when dropped by a warden, for example.

Wild Update: Enchantments and Extras

To make exploring worlds and mining blocks easier, there is a helpful little extra coming: with the new Minecraft Wild update, chests can be placed on boats. Players can therefore collect and transport more resources than before. The chests make it easier to take along tools and items on exploration tours through the swamp and promote the game experience, especially in multiplayer mode, when several players go searching for materials.

Last but not least, there is a new feature for friends of enchantments who prefer to avoid fighting the wardens. The so-called ‘swift sneak enchantment’ provides players with the possibility to move quickly and quietly through the deep dark with special boots. The sneaking prevents the wardens from hearing footsteps and thus decreases the chance of an encounter. So far, the ancient cities in the deep dark are said to be the only location to find them.

What Won’t Be Included in Minecraft 1.19?

In addition to the long-awaited changes, such as the expanded underground and the wardens as new enemies, fans will unfortunately have to say goodbye to some ideas. Mojang announced that not all of the planned new features would make it into the final version of the update. Specifically, it’s about two things: the birch forest biome and the fireflies.

Originally, Mojang presented to fans a large, open and bright birch forest as a concept for the upcoming Minecraft update. Many players were especially looking forward to this peaceful-looking biome. Now, however, the developers announced that this concept has never gotten out of the planning phase. Thus, players can only hope that the idea will be re-used in a later update after Minecraft 1.19 and that you will be able to roam the birch forest at some point.

The developers have also displayed their desire for realism, which can be seen in the mangrove swamp biome, in the issue of fireflies. The small glowing animals were planned as a mobile source of light and food for the new frogs. However, some fans expressed that fireflies are often poisonous for frogs in reality, so they should not serve as food. Instead of just the connection between the animals, players will now have to do without fireflies completely, it seems. Still, there is also the possibility of integration in a later Minecraft update.

Play Minecraft Now and Get Ready for the Update!

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