Minecraft Legends Background

Minecraft Legends

April 13, 2023
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This year, players all around the world will dive into a new story set in the world of Minecraft.

Prepare for Minecraft Legends

Go on a fantastic journey of hope, bravery and unity in Minecraft Legends. Piglins, zombies, villagers and many more mobs await you. But be careful of who is a friend or a foe. Defend those fighting side by side with you and defeat those threatening the peace. Off you go, hero!

Minecraft Legends: 2023

The Minecraft Legends release date is April 18, 2023!
First things first: Get ready to start your adventure soon. Explore Legends in Minecraft and find out who threatens the overworld. How can you become the hero the Minecraft world needs? You don’t have to wait long anymore, since April is right around the corner and we can’t wait to jump into the new Minecraft game!

What to Expect of the New Minecraft Game

Minecraft Legends isn’t the first Minecraft spin-off and hopefully won’t be the last. Still, the question arises: What will it be? Both a trailer containing cinematic footage and a gameplay trailer make it quite obvious that the new Minecraft game is a strategic one. You are the hero, you save the world! Even as the Minecraft Legends release date approaches we are still quite unsure about the importance of crafting and building. What we do know and look forward to is the chance to experience the game in an either cooperative or competitive multiplayer mode.

So, let’s recollect what we know so far:

  • strategic spin-off
  • 3rd person
  • includes combat
  • multiplayer (cooperative/competitive)
  • goal: saving the overworld
  • enemy: piglins

Now, if you wonder what the piglins got to do with it you should definitely check out the announcement trailer!

Are You Ready for Minecraft Legends?

„Legends hold great power.“

Behold, for a great adventure awaits! You are the hero in this story. But what kind of story is it? No one really knows whether or not legends are true, but they still exist. And in this particular one evil creatures attack the overworld of Minecraft Legends. Piglins enter your realm through a portal and they want to create chaos. Now, it’s up to you to fight these Nether creatures. Luckily, you aren’t alone in this quest. Who would have thought that you would one day fight side by side with hostile mobs that would normally try to kill you? Certainly not us. Consider it as being part of a greater good. In the end, you are all individuals of the overworld defending it together!

Embrace this once-in-a-lifetime chance to unite the overworld in Minecraft Legends! Piglins won’t stand a chance when you protect what is yours. Until it’s time, you might want to practice your skills or get even more familiar with mobs and possible biomes. Maybe your preparation even leads you to the Nether itself? One got to know the enemy, right? So, until Minecraft Legends is released, why not spend some more in-game time on a Minecraft Server from G-Portal? These piglins won’t know what hit them when you take a stand and become the hero you are supposed to be!