Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Piglin

Minecraft Piglins are the pig-like inhabitants of the Nethers. How to deal with them, what are their strengths and weaknesses, we will explain it here.

Some quick facts about Minecraft Piglins

  • Human-like pig creatures with a greed for gold
  • Aggressive and can only be calmed down with gold
  • Bartering is possible
  • Can open doors and enter the upper world (where they become Zombi Piglins)

What are Piglins?

Piglins are human-looking pig creatures in the Minecraft Nether. They stand upright and have a fairly human looking physique, but still have a pig pink skin color and a pig head.

They actually live only in the Nether and are hostile creatures. Piglins usually attack a player with a crossbow or sword.

Piglins can also have baby Piglins, which are not aggressive and also have no weapons.

Characteristics of Piglins

First of all, Piglins are not resistant to fire and lava like all other Nether creatures. Piglins are quite aggressive and actively fight their “arch-enemies”, the Witherskeletons and adult Hoglins. If Piglins complete a hunt successfully, you can sometimes see them dancing with joy. 

Probably the most important characteristic of the Piglins is their love for gold. They love everything that is made of gold or that is related to gold. Piglins will drop everything for gold, even trading higher value Netherite or Diamond armor for gold armor.

Minecraft Piglins and the gold

If you’re a player with gold and you encounter a Piglin, you have a number of options. First of all, if you have gold armor, even just part of it (helmet, shoes, etc.), that automatically tunes all Piglins to be peace-neutral.

Attention: Baby Piglins can steal gold bars from you, so urgently watch out for the little ones!

However, Piglins become aggressive if you open chests, barrels, crates in front of them or dare to mine Nethergold ore or blackstone with gold content. So, if you want to take and/or mine anything containing gold: Make sure that no Piglins will catch you!

By the way, you can distract Piglins with gold. If you are attacked by one or more Piglins (by the way, Piglins have a horde-like behavior), you can simply drop some gold bars. The Piglins will pounce on them, and since they prioritize gold over everything, they forget about their enemies for a brief moment. The perfect time for you to run away!

Piglin trade

It is possible to trade with Piglins. Since Piglins will only engage in a trade at all if they are in a neutral state, you should get a gold armor piece beforehand.

Then you can throw a gold bar to the Piglin. The Piglin will grab it, throw an object on the ground, look at the bar and take it. Since the Piglin throws an object randomly, the Piglin trade is more of a “random gold exchange”. Piglins, however, only throw down a certain range of items to trade. From this range, the Piglin will randomly throw out one as a barter item in exchange for the given gold.

Item GainedIngots Needed (rounded)
Arrow (Bedrock Edition)
Spectral Arrow (Java Edition)
Crying Obsidian6
Enchanted Book with Soul Speed91
Ender Pearl15
Fire Charge11
Iron Boots with Soul Speed57
Iron Nugget2
Nether Brick2
Nether Quartz3
Potion of Fire Resistance57
Soul Sand2
Splash Potion of Fire resistance57
Water Bottle45

Piglins, the Netherworld and Zombified Piglins

Piglins have a unique property of Nether creatures: they can open doors. This also allows them to enter the upper world. There, they begin to tremble for about 20 seconds and turn into Zombified Piglins.

Piglins are afraid of Zombified Piglins, Zoglins and Soulfire. However, only Zoglins actively attack Piglins.

Piglin Inventar and picking up items

Piglins can pick up any gold item, look at it briefly, and pick it up or equip themselves with it. However, they can also pick up raw pig meat.

Piglins also have eight inventory slots. However, the player cannot access this and can only add any item to the Piglin’s inventory with the command “/replaceitem”.

Conclusion about Minecraft Piglins

The human-like Piglins are greedy for gold and aggressive against anything non-golden. Their ability to enter the overworld and open doors makes them unpleasant opponents. The Piglin trade is also more of a good luck trade and should be well considered. Now it’s up to you to make a visit to the Piglins. Have fun trading Piglins with our GPORTAL Minecraft servers! 

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